Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05e15 – “Puzzle Master” – Review

I wrote this earlier this week and I haven’t had time to edit it or post it!

It’s finally Monday again! Weirdly enough, it has become my favourite day! I have 5 shows coming out on Sunday night!

I was so excited about a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-nine and I wasn’t left disappointed.
To be 100% honest, it wasn’t as good as the other ones. It’s slightly less perfect than the others. It’s still perfect, but I wasn’t a fan of the storyline, especially about the identity of the arsonist.

Jake and Amy investigate crimes connected to crosswords, Holt and Gina are preparing themselves for the interview to become commissioner and Terry, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully are trying to decide who is going to get the fanciest car.

Other than that, it was great!

  • Amy becomes a Sargeant

The results of her exam to become a Sargent came in the mail and AMY SANTIAGO PASSED IT! SHE IS GOING TO BE A SARGEANT!
I was almost as proud of Jake was.

GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine-downsized_large.gif

  • Vin

Puzzle master (add name) was played by Melissa Fumero’s real life husband David Fumero!

  • Jealous!Jake

We can’t deny the fact that David Fumero, and therefore his character, is quite attractive and that didn’t go unnoticed by Jake!
He repeatedly says jealousy is an ugly emotion (which is true) and something I truly appreciated is that they didn’t make Vin an antagonist to Jake and Amy and their relationship. He was so afraid Amy was going to leave him!

  • Captain Raymond Holt & Finger Food

  • Equality

Captain Holt is confronted by a new prospective candidate who is younger than him and has more innovative idea. And she is a woman. (Yay women!)

The Captain speaks with one of the members of the committee that will decide who will become the next commissioner. He learns that they only offered her the position to pretend to care about diversity. Given that there were 2 candidates named John Kelly and all their wives look exactly the same.

So he announces that he won’t give his presentation until a new and more fair committee is assembled.

The captain is a role model for equality. I love him.

  • Captain Holt and Gina’s friendship

  • Jealous!Charles

Jake might not like being jealous, but as he has stated before, Charles has zero pride and when Vin asks Jake to join him for a puzzle night, Charles jumps right in, telling him that Jake already has a friend and he doesn’t need another.



Even if, personally, it wasn’t Brooklyn nine nine’s best episode I really really enjoyed it.
I can’t wait for next week!!! 40 uninterrupted minutes of Brooklyn99!!!!!!







Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05 ep 14 – “The Box” – Review

ATTENTION! This post contains spoilers for the entire 5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine including the latest aired episode!

Another week, another Brooklyn Nine Nine episode!! I was particularly excited to see this one because…. STERLING K BROWN IS IN THE HOUSE, Y’ALL!!!!

I love Sterling. I immediately had a crush on him after watching “The People v.s. O.J. Simpson”. He is so talented and so wonderful. And now he is in my favourite show!

I’m freaking out. Not joking.

Now, a bit of house keeping! I’ve decided to review all new B99 episodes from 5B onwards, so please check out my review of ep 12 and 13. Also, here is my Brooklyn99 Week! Day 1 , Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 , Day 7 .






The episode was written, acted, edited and shot perfectly. I loved it so much. It takes place almost entirely in an interrogation room where Capt. Holt and Jake try to break a suspect (Sterling K. Brown) and make him confess to murdering his work partner.

3 Emmy winners giving a mindblowing performance.

I was especially excited to see Sterling K Brown in a comedy setting. We all know he is a wonderful dramatic actor (“American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson” and “This Is Us“) but comedy is not for everybody. But he killed it.

There were so many homages to Brooklyn99’s past episodes and to Andre Braugher’s career. (Sterling K Brown mentioned him as a role model, inspiration in his own Emmy acceptance speech)

This might be one, if not THE, best episode of all Brooklyn Nine-Nine history.

  • H-O-L-T

The show is famous for its spectacular cold opens and this one didn’t disappoint: Holt calls his husband and then spells his name to him. Who does that?!

  • The Guitar is BACK!

Jake tries to get a confession from Philip by annoying him into talking: playing his guitar and screaming into his face. CLASSIC JAKE! A nice and effective throwback to season 1 “48 Hours”. It didn’t work but it sure was funny!

  • Holt going on a tangent on the whole “doctor/doctorate/PhD”

The captain tries to get under Philip’s skins by telling him that a dentist isn’t actually a doctor. Unfortunately, this blows back in his face: Philip starts questioning the validity of professors with doctorates, diminishing the Captain’s husband’s title. This sets him off and it’s scary and at the same time so hilarious.

  • This glorious moment

  • Jake only wants the captain to be proud of him


  • Jake solves the case, Andy gives a wonderful performance

  • Sterling K Brown

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Guest star Sterling K. Brown in the "The Box" episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Sunday, April 1 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: FOX

There is nothing left to say. He is probably a better villain than a hero. Astonishing performance. I love him.

A brilliant episode. I would have to quote the entire episode but these were the best of best. At least for me.


(only because HalloVeen deserves 10/10)



Reading Wrap-up – March 2018

March has come and gone! I can’t believe tomorrow is already April.

I haven’t read that much this month. My Goodreads reading challenge is telling me I’m two books behind schedule…

Apparently, I’ve only read two books in March and to be fair… I’m quite disappointed with myself.

  • Conversations With Friends: A Novel by Sally Rooney

32187419I was excited to read this book but I had other expectations going into it and I was disappointed.
I wanted it to be so much more and I was let down.
It’s not a bad book.
It’s about these two college girls who become friends with an older married couple.
It’s a classic book about not very nice people doing not very nice things, but I wasn’t intrigued by the characters.
Rather than understanding their flaws, I only got annoyed by their actions and their personalities. I was exasperated by them.
Nick drove me up the wall. He had no spine, no personality. He was so empty and annoying. He was the worst one.
Overall a 3 stars book. It was ok. kind of.


The other book I’ve read was…

  • Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli

19547856I was planning on reading this book but as soon as I saw that the movie had come out and how much everybody was loving it, I HAD to get my hands on it.

And I’m so incredibly glad I did.

It’s about Simon, a high schooler who has been trying to deal with the difficulties of coming out as gay to his parents and his friends. He is then blackmailed by a classmate who finds one of his email to another anonymous closeted boy at his school.

It’s a great story about coming out, being accepted for who you are and actually being your true self.

I really loved it. It was amazing. It touched to many important topics and issues and it made me feel stuff.
The characters felt incredibly realistic and they represented what being a teenager is like.
And the protagonist, Simon, is adorable!
Beautiful book.
I am in awe.

I highly recommend it to ANYONE. Please read it.


Let me know if you’ve read the books or if you have any recommendation for me! I’d love to know a recent book you’ve read that made an impact on you!



“We’re Gonna Rise up” – Rise – First Impression Review (Pilot)

“Rise” aired right after a quite cheesy and easily predictable finale of “This is us”. I won’t go into it. I still haven’t processed it and it’s been more than a week since then.

The first impression I got from “Rise” was of a scrappy, not at all polished cinematography. Which is exactly what I look for in a TV show.


Josh Radnor stars as an High school English professor who takes over the theatre department. For the first 10 minutes you kind of get the idea of who the main characters are going to be.
Auli’i Cravalho plays Lilette, a shy girl who wants to get out of the town and make it into the world. (You might recognise her from “Moana”, because she was Moana. DUH.)

Damon J. Gillespie plays Robbie, one of the best athlete on the football team who also has an interest in theatre.

Auli'i Cravalho in Rise (2018)

Doesn’t this remind you of anyone? I’ll tell you later.

They get cast as lead in the musical “Spring Awakening”, a quite dark and raw play that deals with drugs, sex and other elements that are deemed “inappropriate” for a high school performance.

A nice surprise was hearing “Alexander Hamilton“ by the critically acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton. At first, I started dancing on my bed like a crazy person and then I thought crept into my mind: how can they afford to put Hamilton into this NBC TV show? Is Lin-Manuel Miranda producing it? Did he just give them the song? The scene itself looked like a very explicit product placement. But does Hamilton need publicity at all? Then I figured it out: it’s about theatre and the lead actress worked with Lin-Manuel: that’s the connection. I connected the dots a million years later.

*insert sarcasm*

gina smart b99

So Ted (it’s going to take some time before I can see Josh Radnor and not think of Ted Mosby. Sorry.) holds auditions for a musical and he decides not to go with the obvious choice and keep the two actors that have done several productions. Instead he casts as main characters Lilette and Robbie.
And they are really bad at it.
And then of course, after a poetic montage, they show emotions and some shit. I’m like, seriously?!

Josh Radnor and Rarmian Newton in Rise (2018)

And this keeps going on! 3/4 into the episode there is a another montage of the kids are rehearsing the play and in the blink of an eye, they are talented actors and singers.

That I find quite stupid and unrealistic.

Something that I truly appreciated and liked about this pilot was the transgender representation, which is something that it is usually not dealt with in cable TV. Great job, Rise!

Damon J. Gillespie in Rise (2018)

Now let’s go back. I asked you if these characters reminded you of anyone or anything. Did you guess what? Let’s see.

As I’ve told you before, my brain was basically half asleep because all of a sudden, I have this realisation: this is High School Musical.
The girl with the pretty dark hair, the football player who is also a gifted singer and rapper. Well actually, a diverse High school musical with rap…. so YAY!

Aside from it resembling a little bit “High School Musical”, I’m quite interested in it and I am sure that I will keep watching it.

I’d rather watch 20,000 pilots instead of being subjected to the pile of shit that is the 14th season of a certain medical drama. (Grey’s Anatomy, I’m talking to you.)