Hollywood Phonies’ Awards And Racist Homophobes in Chief

4:56 PM

I’m joking, of course.

I’ve been obsessed with The Lonely Island in these past couple of days and “Threw It On the Ground” is hilarious. So that’s where “Hollywood Phonies” comes from.

The other part of the title refers to the fucking morons we might elect tonight.

I’m writing this part at 5PM so nothing has happened yet. I voted. I took my grandparents to vote (after making sure they were not voting for the Right).

Anyway, I’ll be updating this post as we go through, both talking about The Oscars and the results of our political elections.

If you’re new to Italian politics, I wrote a post about them a couple of days ago and you an read it here!

I already gave this post a title: “Hollywood Phonies’ Awards And Racist Homophobes in Chief”. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

11:29 PM

2018-03-04 (1)The First exit polls are rolling in. Shit is looking bad. I’m drinking ginger and turmeric tea and I have a bag of cheese crackers in the cupboard if I’m really desperate at 3AM.

We have this journalist, Enrico Mentana, who does TV Marathons for big elections or events. He did it for Brexit, for the 2016 Presidential Election, last year referendum and more. He stays up all night, talking to the guests in the studio, talking to the other journalists in the field and getting angry with the direction team. The correspondents are never ready, there are mistakes in the graphs. Then after a while, the guests start to leave, the camera shots are shaky and always late.

There are so many memes about him and this #MaratonaMentana and it’s hilarious.

00:48 AM

I’m falling asleep. The 5 star movement might actually win. Ew.

I saw Chelsea Peretti on the Red Carpet.

02:04 AM

I’m going to bed. This is a nightmare.

The Oscars have just started but the early results of the election made me sick to my stomach.

09:29 AM

I woke up half an hour ago and immediately yelled to my mom:

“Who won the election?!”

“Salvini and 5 Stars Movement”

And with my lovely and adorable colourful language I screamed:

“What the fuck? Are you fucking joking?”

Then I immediately felt super ashamed of my country and felt the need of hiding somewhere and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine to cheer up.

On a more positive note, Congratulations to all the Oscars winners, especially Jordan Peele. Congrats to Emily V Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani and to Gary Oldman for winning Best Actor.

(I had a huge crush on Gary Oldman when he played Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films)

So now we have some sort of “hung government”. We have two winners! Only in our idiotic and stupid country, we could have two winners in a election. The President of the Republic has to decide who to give the task to form the next government to. It’s a mess.

10.30 AM

He has just announced that he’s been “marathoning” for 12 straight hours!!! Unbelievable! With Trump, he had stopped at 11!

12.03 PM

People are resigning, others are arrogantly gloating and the country is broken. They have just created a new election reform and now we’re in deep shit.

Brooklyn Nine Nine marathon… here I come! Help me forget this nonsense.

I’m going to study now. It’s been a hell of a night. Let’s hope we’ll go voting again or that they’ll form some sort of coalition or whatever so they can stop the racists from taking over our government.



18:09 PM

I’ve already posted this and I thought I was done with this but my friend just texted me saying the Marathon is still going on! He had a break for probably a couple of hours and then came back on TV!

I opened up my cheese crackers and I’m eating my feelings. Damn, it’s depressing. It feels like the 2016 Election Night all over again.


Homeland season 7 PREMIERE – Review

SPOILER ALERT! This blog post contains spoilers for all seasons of Homeland.

Just like last year, I decided to put my thoughts on Homeland on paper and review the first episode of the show’s seventh season.

The Finale of season 6 left me devastated. I can’t believe how relevant and pertinent the show still is.

Season 6 dealt with a new president elect (A WOMAN!!! But don’t rejoy because she’s the worst), fake news, an Alex Jones’ radio host, friction with the intelligence community, islamophobia and sadly so much more.

Season 6 was painfully realistic. It resembled closely (maybe too much) the political and social landscape of today’s America. President Elect Keane’s deligimization of the intel community and other sectors of the US government.

Doesn’t that remind you of anyone? Maybe residing in the White House right in this moment.

I thought so.

Even though they shot and wrote the show before the back shit crazy events occurred (The Delegitimisation of the FBI and the intelligence community by the sitting US president, The war against reality truth and facts, and so much more), “Homeland“ pains very much divided nation, people on opposite sides fighting each other and believes that seem to come from another historical Era.
It has always been politically relevant and I’m so curious to see what they going to do with this seventh season.

In the aftermath of President Keane‘s election and wave of arrests she ordered against her own intelligence community, people are trying to navigate on which side they want to stand.

On a more personal note, Carrie is also dealing with the tragic loss she had at the end of season six (I will not talk about it because it upsets me too much), her living situation with her sister and her husband, and of course her medical condition.

On the show, the fight isn’t between Republicans and Democrats. In our reality, it is quite

clear where people stand and what they think about the events of the last year. On the show, the lines are blurred. On one side you have a president who locked up her own federal agents and is not trusted by more than half of the country. One the other side you have people fighting against her, but what they preach isn’t exactly better than what she believes in.

O’Keefe, who is the counterpart of right-wing radio show host Alex Jones, and his views increase the distrust among the American people. Him and his followers are saying to be part of “The Resistance”, just like the term the Democrats are using to fight against Trump.

So where is the parallel? Is there one?

To be perfectly candid it’s kind of hard for me to fully understand what goes on homeland, just like with “HouseOfCards”. It’s not easy to follow, especially now that’s all about political power.

And I have a couple of criticisms. Although putting a woman in the White House, as president, after the events of last years presidential election, felt like a good idea I’m now having doubts.
Hillary Clinton Was president now, maybe having a fictional and ambiguously suspicious counterpart would’ve been a good idea, but I’m afraid that showing a flawed and unprepared female president could deter people from electing one. It’s probably my naive point of you, and I am almost sure this won’t impact the publics opinion, but personally I wouldn’t have risked it.

Nonetheless I am ecstatic that “Homeland” is back. I am already planning to rewatch season four (which is probably my favourite season EVER).

I genuinely hope that you will enjoy this season and feel free to let me know your thoughts on the premiere and on the second episode.




My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

I’ve talked a little bit about my interest in American Politics in the past 2 years and a half. And I don’t even live in America.

Something else you need to know about me: I love American talk shows. I LOOOOOVE THEM.

So when Netflix sent me a notification about David Letterman’s new show, I couldn’t wait to see it.

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” is an hour-long talk show in which David interviews celebrities and activists.

Season one contains 6 episodes and they will be released one at a time every month.

And I was so excited about his first guest: the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

The interview spanned between his first day not in office, his upbringing, education, his family and more serious topics like Congressman John Lewis, importance of the March in Selma in 1965 and the attacks on US democracy.


avid also spoke directly with John Lewis and they crossed the same bridge he crossed with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to peacefully protest against segregation and to get the right to vote for African-americans.

I absolutely loved it. It was educational, moving and incredibly inspiring.

At times, it was a little bit weird: I had the sensation that the focus wasn’t solely on President Obama, but it also felt like a celebration of David Letterman and of his comeback to TV.

Aside from this detail, it was a great interview.

One of the things I appreciated the most was the lack of mention of President Trump’s name and of his despicable administration and their actions.

A fantastic interview, a throwback into his presidency and a reminder for every one of what a real president acts like. It made me remember what an interesting, intelligent and inspiring man he is.

Other guests will be: George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.

Let me know your thoughts about it!


2017 Reading Wrap-up and 2018 Reading Goals

Sooooo… it’s 2018! Personally, I don’t care whether it’s 2017 or 2018. It’s still the same. No difference whatsoever. The only exception is that my goodreads reading challenge has started again.

I’m here to do my reading wrap-up for 2017 and share some of the reading goals I want to achieve this year.

At the beginning of 2017 I set my challenge at 30 books and by June I had already accomplished it! So I set it again for 50 and I managed to read 55!

I’m quite happy about that and Booktube has motivated me so much to read and talk more about literature.

Here you can see all the stats for my 2017 reading challenge!

The second part of the year was amazing! I read some of my favourite books, both fiction and non-fiction.

2018-01-03 (1).png

I read 3 autobiographies, 5 Shakespeare plays, 2 Stephen King’s HUGE novels, 3 Harry Potter books, 3 collections of poetry, 1 Canadian, 1 russian, 1 american, 1 german and 6 british literature Classics, 3 books about US politics, 2 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie essays and a ton of contemporary literature.

Frankly I’m quite impressed. Forgive me for being a bit smug but I am proud of my list.

There are still books I wasted my time on, books I read just because I had them on my digital shelf and some books I’ve read two times because of university!

For my 2018 goals, I want to read something that has meaning. Not just the first book whose cover I fancy.

For the first part of the year, I didn’t have goals or interests. I just wanted to get back into reading. But from June to December, I read books I was genuinely interested in. I’ll try to keep that up in 2018 and DNF those books I don’t like. (and yet the first book I finished in 2018 was a horrendous, stupid and idiotic chick-lit I will be removing from my memory).

Aside from that, in 2018 I’d like to read more feminist related books: essays, poetry, collections of short stories and more.

I’d like to read more books about US politics (I have my eyes on a newly released book about collusion with the russians and I’m trying to get my mom to buy it for me).

Something else I’d like to read are books with strong female protagonist, books about mental health, about racism and sexism and about characters that are different from me.

To be specific, there are a 5 books I’m looking forward to:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, “Living History

Luke Harding, “Collusion. How Russia Helped Trump Win The Election.”

All of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s publications

Ian McEwan, “Atonement

Julia Baird, “Victoria: The Queen: An Intimated Biography of the Woman who Ruled an Empire”

Let me know what books you’ve loved this year and if you have any recommendation!