Fleabag Season 1 Review

“Fleabag” has been in my watchlist for a very long time and somehow I never picked it up!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag (2016)I don’t know why but I had always postponed watching it.
It looked like a heavy themed show and I was not in the mood for that. But I’m so glad that I finally did!
It is created, written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is also the protagonists of the show and the executive producer.


It’s about a dysfunctional, mean, unapologetic, broken, careless and angry woman who has just experienced a death in her life. She lives a complicated life, struggling in every sense of the word. She does whatever she wants regardless of the consequence. Which is admirable if that didn’t wreck her life and her relationships with friends and family.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag (2016)

Speaking of family, her interactions with her godmother-turned-stepmother are so passive aggressive that they are almost impossible to watch and the ones with her emotionally distant father make us feel that deep and raw awkwardness that is extremely funny. Olivia Coleman and Bill Paterson played it amazingly. The casting is so on-point.

As an audience, we learn what happened little by little, through flashbacks and Fleabag’s memories. She breaks the forth wall almost immediately, doing a “House of Cards” Kevin Spacey-style thing. (I’m sorry to even mention him but it’s the only example that came to mind.)
She talks to us, the audience, letting us know what she really thinks in contrast to what she says.

In true British fashion for only six episodes, each lasting 26 minutes.

It’s a beautifully made show. I loved it.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Jenny Rainsford in Fleabag (2016)

Although it deals with grief, suicide and loss, it’s a comedy. It’s fun and everybody can see themselves in her, if we are honest enough to admit it.

According to a Deadline.com, “Fleabag” will return both on BBC Three and Amazon’s Prime Video in 2019 and I cannot wait.

It reminded me of “You’re The Worst” and it has become an instant favourite. I’ll definitely be rewatching it again.

If you have the chance, give it a go. You won’t regret it.






Suits – s08 ep 04 – “Revenue Per Square Foot” – Review

Another episode!

This week flew by in the blink of an eye! We are already on episode 4! You can check out my previous reviews here! Episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3!

Now let’s get into it.


Right from the beginning Harvey came out and said: “I’m so gonna pull your pig tales at recess”

And my mind immediately went Full-Boyle:

Risultati immagini per b99 pigtails

Risultati immagini per b99 pigtails

COME ON!!! COULD THEY BE MORE OBVIOUS?!? And can I just say: Harvey admitting he misses Mike is still adorable. Up until now, they’ve mentioned him in every single episode!

And then he is a friend to Louis! And he actually helps him! You go, girl.

Now go to Donna. GO! NOW!

2018-08-09 (4).png


Donna in soft pink is a vision. And her banter with Harvey is still a strong pillar on the show. That being said,

I would happily trade this office/friendship banter with some sexy romantic Darvey flirting.

Please, writers. I’m begging you.

Robert Zane yelling at Donna angered me. SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS. Why do people not listen to her?!

And at the end, she schools Zane!!! She tells him the truth and she SLAYS!!!

The firm would have collapsed a long time ago without her.

It would have gone down in flames. NO DOUBT!


Louis and Sheila are trying to have a baby. With their really really weird foreplay.

And he gets mugged and beaten up! The guy has a gun! WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW?

2018-08-09 (2).png

And he doesn’t want to tell Robert Zane because he is afraid of appearing weak in front of this boss.

In court Louis has a flashback to the assault and has a hallucination: he sees the other lawyer pointing a gun at him and he freaks out. I was not a fan of the scene. It seemed so fake and badly shot. I’m sorry but no.

And Samantha got yelled at as well! So far, two women have been screamed at in this episode!

2018-08-09 (3).png


There was no Katrina on this episode! SAAAAAD!


She gets assigned Louis’ case, since his mugging prevented him from showing up at a meeting with a client.

And now they’re in competition but also working together? The workplace relationship on this show are confusing.



It’s kind of cute she goes to Harvey in order to help Louis! And Harvey invites him to dinner! CUUUUTE!


Alex confronts Harvey about Zane’s promise to put Samantha’s name on the wall. This poor guy. They still haven’t figured out his characters. It’s really simple.

Him and Harvey try to win a case. That’s it. Nothing more to say.

But then Alex flips! Finally some personality showing up! He is not a “Yes man”! WOOOOO!! Let’s go, Alex!!!!

I’ve said it in every single review and I will never get tired of saying it: I LOVE THEY CAN SWEAR! It is literally my favourite thing.

Overall, I was bored. I do not care one bit about Alex and his ascend to name partnership! I’m more intrigued by Samantha. She seems like an interesting character with layers and depth. Which is not what I was expecting.

Being a Darvey fan is not easy and all our hopes have been shattered multiple times and yet… I am still rooting for those two to get together.

Alright… See you next week!

Do you have any thoughts on the episode? Are you still hoping for Darvey to happen? Do you think they ever will?

Leave a comment here, find me on Twitter or you can send me an email!



Suits – s08 ep p3 – “Promises, promises” – Review

So… we’re back! I’m late, I know.

My internet started acting out and I had an emotional breakdown.

I enjoyed this episode. Mike and Rachel’s absence is noticeable but they’ve already mentioned him so many times!

Usually, when characters leave a show they move on and the audience knows they would not hear their name again. Case in point, Grey’s Anatomy.

But let’s get into the episode!


Harvey starting off by laying the cards on the table “because we’re partners”. YES!

Soft!Harvey is DA BEST!!! It feels like after that deep plunge his character development took in season 7, he is back on track!

And he is now helping the cleaning lady?! Mike’s influences is all over this bitch! Yaaaaay! Glad to see he isn’t forgotten!

2018-08-05 (1).png

Harvey’s good intent was adorable and NOW DARVEY IS IN THE COPY ROOM TOGETHER?!

Does anyone remember another lovely couple in the archive/copy room?

Risultati immagini per suits mike and rachel copy room

And now he is missing his best bud! This is so soft. I love it.

In season 1 it was all about “What would Harvey do?”, now it is “What would Mike do?” and I’m all here for it.


Finally, Donna appeared! 16 minutes into the episode! WHY SO LATE?!

Seeing Donna following Harvey around the firm made me realise that they are not office neighbours anymore?

There is so little Donna in this episode!!!! WHYYYYYYY?!

But in the scene she was in, SHE SLAYED!!! Wooooo

2018-08-05 (2).png


I love them together! This is the ACTUAL REAL FRIENDSHIP of the show, not Darvey!

Katrina’s migraines are another insight into her character and the different levels of her personality. Even though it seems like she never shows any other emotion rather than strength, I’m so glad to see her softer and more vulnerable side.


Bryan’s life at the firm has been a nightmare and he is probably the best person at Zane Specter Litt. I feel like he is the moral compass of the show.

I’m loving Bryan and Katrina’s relationship! He is married and has a baby: if they make it romantic between the two of them, I’LL RIOT.


What is the point of this divorce thing with Alex and this hateful couple? Just so that he can face off Samantha? Alright.

They have to fight to see who has the right to get their name on the door first.

(A little parenthesis: I’m so jealous of Samantha’s black and white wardrobe! She looks amazing!)

Alex got played!!! But then he grew some balls and destroyed the jackass who framed him. YES, ALEX! More of this please!

2018-08-05 (3).png

Why is Samantha so shady and so uncooperative?! She is definitely not a team player and she has a lot to learn about working as an ensemble.

Some competish between the two of them is ahead!

Well, I actually really really really really really liked this episode. I didn’t think I would. To be fair, I had extremely low expectations for this season and I have to admit I was completely wrong!

I don’t know what changed but it is definitely for the better!

I have a bone to pick: can we please, please, please, PLEASE, let Donna and Harvey be together? It is not that difficult. They have already kissed last season, there is “the other time”, they eye-fuck and frankly it’s time. It’s time for them to be together and to confront their feelings for each other.

Stringing us along, as well as the characters, it’s fucking stupid and the fact that the show-runner (who I will not name) is actively against them being together is depressing. Every single person in the world is rooting for Donna and Harvey to be together and he will not cave. It is the logical next step of the show and he will just not admit it.

Every single person in the world is rooting for Donna and Harvey to be together.

Okay, rant over. I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

Did you like Harvey is softer side? Do you think Katrina and Bryan’s relationship will evolve into something romantic? What is your opinion about Alex?

See you next week!



The Bold Type Season 1 Review

Attention! This post contains strong language because I was angry and… I can’t help myself.

This show stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy playing three girls working at a feminist fashion magazine. It’s inspired by the life of the former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

I feel like they’re trying to be feminists and not really succeeding. They’re trying to be edgy and again, they are not succeeding.

It is supposed it be a show about empowering women, showing different types of women and yet, we are facing three thin, gorgeous and beautiful ladies working at a fashion magazine. And it’s not empowering. It’s the first episode and they have had a fight, they have judged each other’s decisions and yelled at each other on a subway platform.

Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, and Katie Stevens in The Bold Type (2017)

And they call this feminism? Women empowering each other?

I’m a bit sceptical.

Of course, it’s not easy writing a feminist show and be inclusive: it’s such a broad topic with opposite views within itself. But let’s try not to mix up friendship with feminism. They are two separate things the show might be confusing and overlapping.

Just because they are friends, it doesn’t mean they are feminists.

I’m obviously invested in these women’s lives because it’s what we’re supposed to do.

But the acting is appalling and I’ve come to the conclusion it is badly written.

For example:

  • ep 02: The cliché “I’m yelling about my sex life/ my vagina and a hot guy hears me.”


  • ep 03: name dropping strong female politicians? YES! Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris! Woooo!
  • ep 04

Ok they just did an episode talking about Jane never having had an orgasm and now, literally 40 minutes later, she is reassuring Ryan about how much she enjoyed the previous night.

First of all… why??

Second, why did they resolve it so easily?! This could have been dragged for at least a couple of episode! It makes no sense!

She comes out saying she has never had an orgasm (publicly! On the fashion magazine’s website!) and with the next guy she sleeps with, she is able to climax. Not once but twice, as she highlighted.


  • ep 05: I’m having Grey’s Anatomy Amelia Sheperd’s flashbacks with the power poses!
  • ep 06: Sutton losing the necklaces made no sense. It’s 5000$. PUT IT IN YOUR PURSE! I did like how they portrayed Jane’s struggles with testing for brest cancer very early in a young woman’s life. It was good they shed a light on this.
  • ep 07: The disastrous evening at Richard was terrible in every sense. This weed plot is old. So old. Please stop now. And the Sutton broke up with Richard. I don’t care.
  • ep 09: Less Trump & more immigration talk please.


You are not the news. You’re job is not to cover him. You can protest his policies all you want. I’m super in favour of that, he is a fucking moron. But stop dropping his name! That’s what he wants!

Also, Kat buying a 11.000$ ticket to meet Adina at the airport made me so mad. Sutton was afraid of not being able to live in the city anymore and you spend this amount of money to meet Adina at the Airport because customs doesn’t let her through?

I get your doing a “romantic gesture” but it’s fucking stupid.

  • ep 10: it was so important to talk about sexual assault and rape. I’m glad they are doing it. It was an important episode. I’m not saying it was a well-executed one. But they tried. And that’s also important.

So yeah…. I am not really impressed. It’s not bad. It’s not trash but my main issue is DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FEMINIST SHOW IF YOU ARE NOT ONE.

If you’re tag line is: “Feminism is only our second favourite F-word” and this is what you put on tv, we have got a problem.

I have just started season 2 and I’ll definitely review it as well! Keep your eyes on this space!