2-Year Anniversary!

It’s my 2-year anniversary here on WordPress!!!


I can’t believe it’s been 24 months since I started writing my blog. It still feels like yesterday I uploaded my first post!

I’ve had a tremendous time, connecting with amazing people and writing about the things I love.

Thank you to those who have read my rants, my reviews and my personal breakdowns. These two years have been challenging and this blog has helped me process my feelings and thoughts and it has helped me moving on.

Thank you for following my little blog.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Here is to two more years!





Barry Season 1 – Review

Bill Hader in Barry (2018)I saw the promo for the show quite some time ago and I’ve been excited to see it ever since. It looked so weird, entertaining and with the darkest humour ever.

It is written, directed, created and produced by SNL alum and master impressionist Bill Hader and produced by Alec Berg who also is the executive producer of “Silicon Valley”.

The show is about a hitman (Hader) is assigned to kill this man, and this guy belongs to a theatre group in Los Angeles. Out of the blue, this ex-marine struggling with depression and PTSD, decides he wants to become an actor and that he’s actually talented enough to be one. Which he is definitely not. He joins a theatre group and meets all kind of different people, in particular Sally and he gets infatuated by her.

Bill Hader in Barry (2018)

On top of this, Bill has amazing co-stars: Henry Wrinkler, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, D’arcy Carden and more!

I’ve watched basically every interview Bill Hader has given, and he sad that he wanted to make the killing and the shooting seem as realistic as they could. When people are shot, and bloody is shown, it isn’t supposed to look fake for a comedic effect.

They wanted to make it true. And it is.


I had caught a glimpse of his dramatic range when he played Amy Schumer’s love interest in “Trainwreck” and again in this show. He is unbelievably good. I loved his performance. He was amazing.

Still, despite all the heavy topics, the show is so funny. My favourite characters have to be the two Chechen mobsters. They were hilarious. They had the best lines and the best delivery… I laughed out loud a couple of times. So good.

I loved Fuches and Barry’s relationship. It reminds me of the one Homeland’s Peter Quinn and Dar Adal had, although theirs is somehow less creepy.

Another great quality is how fake and unbearable Sally is. We, as the audience, can see her for how she is, a self-absorbed, arrogant and pretentious actress ready to stomp on anybody to succeed; on the other hand, Barry has a completely different perspective and does not see this side of her. I love that. So much. This gave us an insight on how Barry sees the world and other people. Truly magnificent.

Bill Hader and Sarah Goldberg in Barry (2018)

It is an already very tense show and they decided to build it even further by creating a connection with the Detective in charge of investigating the murder of one of the students in the acting class.

Spoiler alert…. Barry killed him.

I cannot really stress this enough. It’s such a great show. The premises is totally weird but somehow it works.

Last but not least, I am in love with the extremely short opening title: it’s a song called “Change for the World” by Charles Bradley and I am obsessed with it. It immediately went into my “soundtracks” playlist.

Have you seen Barry? Did you like it?

I’d love to know! Let’s interact!

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The Resident Season 1 Review

I talked about this new FOX show back in my “January Pilots – Part 2”.

I watched the entire season and now I’m here to see if my opinion of it as changed or if my first thoughts were actually correct!

Here you can check out my first impression of the pilot!

Although back in January I wasn’t that impressed with the pilot, I have kind of reconsidered. Well, not really.

The Resident (2018)

Let’s start with the positive: I really enjoyed the fact that throughout the show, there was a big plot that kept evolving episode after episode. Yes, there were subplots but what was more important was Lily’s story and her death, the patients being dosed with chemo even though they did not have cancer, the power plays that Dr Bell put in place and more.

I liked that in 14 episodes they decided to have a complete storyline and not just single episodes that somehow connect to each other.

I can’t say that I’m blown away by it. Far from it. I’m not a fan of the dialogue, I’m not a fan of the acting and the directing leaves me baffled. What I see, is a show trying to be ambitious in its directing and, in my opinion, failing. I don’t particularly like the glaring of the lenses, and the characters constantly looking into the distance.

So…. in the end….. I don’t really like it (?)… I am myself confused.

I liked the drama, the manipulation, the high stakes and the race against time to unmask Dr Hunter’s fraud.

Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in The Resident (2018)

And now unto the characters:

Even thought Emily VanCamp’s character Nic became more and more relevant and fundamental to the show, there was still something missing. Right from the beginning we know that she and Conrad have a complicated history together but what really bothered me is that we don’t get to see what happened between them that caused all this friction. We see the tension but we don’t get to see the cause of it. Not even in a flashback or a “daydream” sequence… nothing.

Speaking of Conrad, I cannot stand him. I don’t know why but he just pisses me off all the time. It might be because Matt Czuchry used to play Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore girls and I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character like I hated him, but he makes me so angry all the time.

I see him and the first thing that comes to mind is: “what a dick”.

Shaunette Renée Wilson in The Resident (2018)

I complained a little bit about Dr Okafor’s Cristina Yang-like qualities but I change my mind! Her character is actually the most interesting one of the entire show. She is such a complicated person that I hope in season two they will focus more on her.

About Dr Pravesh, I don’t have an opinion. Which is highly unusual. He is there, I think I like him… He’s a bit arrogant but you know, he’s a doctor.

So, to sum up, I actually expected it to be worse. That is not to say that I liked it. It was okay. Kind of.

I started my review a lot more positive and then it all went down. Oh well…

Even though I currently HATE FOX because of what they did to Brooklyn 99, maybe by September, I will have gotten over it.

(Spoiler Alert: I won’t.)

Anyway, the second season of “The Resident” comes back on FOX in September.

Did you watch the show? What do you think of the storylines and plot?

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Black-ish Season 4 Review

Black-ish PosterI haven’t talked much about Black-ish but I’ve been watching it for around a year and I really really like it.

If you’re not familiar with it, Black-ish airs on ABC and it is about a the everyday life of an african-american family in Los Angeles.

Dre and Bow have been together for a 20 years, they have a happy marriage and at he beginning of season 4, they have just welcomed their 5th child.

Starting off with a musical episode titled “Juneteenth”, Black-ish tackles important issues and social problems with irony and laughter.

Right in episode 2, they talk about postpartum depression and the struggles new mothers go through after having a child. It’s a wonderful episode. Dre tries to help his wife come to term with the difficulties she is facing. It is something that is not often talked about and I was so glad they decided to shine a light on it.


Then a hilarious monopoly centred episode, Dre’s diabetes, having “the talk” with your children and they get a dog.

I have to mention episode 14 called “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. It’s a fantastic 20 minute deep dive on the differences between how women and men are treated regarding their sexuality and being sexually active. The reactions are literally opposite. If a boy loses his virginity, he is celebrated and he “becomes a man”, but it is a girl who becomes sexually active, it’s something shameful. In the episode they try to demystify this idiotic prejudices and send a positive message about sex.

And they render homage to Jordan Peele’s Oscar Winner movie “Get out” and its sunen place. AMAZING.

Risultati immagini per blackish get out

A great episode and I hope that, even if you don’t watch the show, you’ll give it a look.

Last but not least (although it is the end of the season), a tetralogy. The writers and producers decided to do something rather unusual in a comedy show: they created an arch of four episodes in which we see a particularly tough time in Bow and Dre’s marriage.

They show that even the strongest of relationships can go through horrible times. In the first episode, we see Dre and Bow fighting, we see them trying to make time for each other by going on date nights and miserably failing. And from here it all goes downhill. After that, they did an episode called “Blue Valentine”, based on Michelle Williams’ and Ryan Gosling’s terribly tragic movie and then, they try to keep the family together by, ironically, separating and living in two different houses.

Risultati immagini per blackish blue valentine

Eventually, Dre and Bow reconcile but it is not an easy road. It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It’s something they have to keep working on.

I absolutely loved it. It made me so sad but it was an honest portrayal of a relationship.

4 truly beautiful episodes.

I can’t wait for season 5! I’m curious to see where they are going to take show next!

Black-ish will return for a 5th season on ABC in September.

Have you seen black-ish? Did you like this season? What did you think of the teatralogy?

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P.S. I have a huuuuge crush on Tracee Ellis Ross. HUGE.