New Girl – s07 ep 01 – “About Three Years Later” – Review

I really wanted to watch the new episode of “New Girl”: I woke up early to download the episode and put it on my mom’s iPad.
And it didn’t work.
So I plugged in my phone and tried with that.
It didn’t work either.
So I left my house at 8:30 in the morning, episode-less.
I had an hour of train ride and I really wanted to see it!! I’ve been using the show to keep me company while I study and I’ve grown very attached to it. I am very sad this is its last season.

It’s little Ruth’s 3rd birthday and Cece and Schmidt try to throw her a feminist party with feminist icons themed drinks and a panel for any questions these little kids mix have.
It’s ridiculous. But not as stupid as Schmidt’s moustache. With its own personal comb.2018-04-11 (1).png

Nick and Jess have returned from their European book tour and they are perfectly happy with their lives: they are still living in the loft and their relationship is great.

2018-04-11 (2)
At the party, they meet again Russell, Jess’ ex boyfriend and the only man both her and Nick have loved.
There is a whole mess, she lies about being engaged to Nick. Unbeknownst to Jess, Nick is planning to propose. That night.
Last but not least, Winston and Aly are married and she is 7 months pregnant! And she hates it!

2018-04-15 (3)

Overall, the episode was great! I loved the familiarity of the character, even if their lives are not the same as they used to be.

One thing that really really really really annoyed me was the “blessing” situation. Learn a lesson from one of the two men I would ever marry, Jake Peralta.
Add photo

Why are people so obsessed with asking the father permission to marry his daughter?!? WHY?!?
Please. Can we stop doing this?!? It drives me fucking crazy.
I hate it. With all my heart.

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to the next episode.


Suits – s07 ep 13 – “Inevitable” – Review

There was so much hype for this episode and it was so worth it.

I’ve heard from people of Twitter (that I believe have been the episode in advance), that this one was a goody.
As I’ve previously talked about in my posts (ep 11 and ep 12) and I am so ready to have Paula exit not so gracefully from the show.
I don’t understand why they keep her here, it’s messed up and I cannot wait for someone to explicitly say that dating a former patient in an ethical violation and simply wrong.
I saw some promotional photos and Donna is wearing a gorgeous dress!!! And I can’t wait for her and Rachel to have scenes together!

but in this episode… the tension, the embarrassing situation with Harvey’s mother, the girlfriend, the resignation… soooooo much happened.

Let’s start from the beginning.


He is still having sex with Sheila behind her fiancé’s back and he is still acting as his “bad man” persona.

The first scene with him puling out a gun to fight the intruder left me surprised. USA Network’s tone definitely shifted in the past year: they show more explicit stuff and they can finally swear.

And I’m so happy about it.

Gretchen confronts him and even tells Rachel what’s been happening in his life. But Louis takes it one step further by suprising Sheila at her job and guess who’s there?!


Mike And Rachel

They are arguing about their lives after the wedding, if they want the same things and yadi yadi.

suits s07e13
They have a great relationship even if they fight and I love them. I do.
But in this episode I was too concentrated on the Darvey stuff.

Harvey and Donna

This episode changed things immensely.
There was this awkward dinner between Harvey, his mom Lily and Paula.
Lily then made a terrible and unintentional gaffe, when she told Harvey that she was happy that “special someone” that convinced him to go talk to her was Paula.
But in the ever-constantly-relevant world of Gina Linetti:
1 P0D8Obq4pfLVYvEVHEpF9A
After this, the already strained relationship fell to pieces. And I couldn’t have been happier.
There were so many references to Harvey and Donna’s relationship but the one that stuck out the most was the “vanilla in the coffee” detail.
I MEAN!!!!
What angered me the most was Paula asking Harvey to fire Donna. Ok, she didn’t say it THAT, but she made him choose between the two of them.
Sure, he tried to have Stu (the investment banker? Trader? What’s that guy’s job again?) offer her a job. Which she refused. Of course.
Donna then went to see Paula directly. The so-called therapist demanded Donna assured her that something like the kiss would never happen again and when she saw the hesitation in her eyes….. It was an amazing moment. I loved every single second in that scene.
But then Donna goes and writes her letter of resignation.
And finally, after 12 episodes of being a dumb idiot, Harvey does the right thing and runs after her.
Uuuuuh! And I forgot to mention: Harvey breaks it off with Paula.
I’ve been waiting for so long for this!
And it finally happened!
I truly cannot express how released I am that she (and by “she” I mean Paula) is gone.
I am angry they have kept it up for so long and that no one has addressed the fact that she used to be his therapist.
I want that acknowledged!!!!
And… I also want a Donna/Rachel scene! They’ve been keeping them apart for three episodes.
Here it is!
Hope you liked it. I saw the preview of the next episode and it seems like it’s going to be even better!!!!! SO MUCH DARVEY!!!
Le me know what you thought of the episode! I’d love to chat about the show!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05e15 – “Puzzle Master” – Review

I wrote this earlier this week and I haven’t had time to edit it or post it!

It’s finally Monday again! Weirdly enough, it has become my favourite day! I have 5 shows coming out on Sunday night!

I was so excited about a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-nine and I wasn’t left disappointed.
To be 100% honest, it wasn’t as good as the other ones. It’s slightly less perfect than the others. It’s still perfect, but I wasn’t a fan of the storyline, especially about the identity of the arsonist.

Jake and Amy investigate crimes connected to crosswords, Holt and Gina are preparing themselves for the interview to become commissioner and Terry, Rosa, Hitchcock and Scully are trying to decide who is going to get the fanciest car.

Other than that, it was great!

  • Amy becomes a Sargeant

The results of her exam to become a Sargent came in the mail and AMY SANTIAGO PASSED IT! SHE IS GOING TO BE A SARGEANT!
I was almost as proud of Jake was.

GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine-downsized_large.gif

  • Vin

Puzzle master (add name) was played by Melissa Fumero’s real life husband David Fumero!

  • Jealous!Jake

We can’t deny the fact that David Fumero, and therefore his character, is quite attractive and that didn’t go unnoticed by Jake!
He repeatedly says jealousy is an ugly emotion (which is true) and something I truly appreciated is that they didn’t make Vin an antagonist to Jake and Amy and their relationship. He was so afraid Amy was going to leave him!

  • Captain Raymond Holt & Finger Food

  • Equality

Captain Holt is confronted by a new prospective candidate who is younger than him and has more innovative idea. And she is a woman. (Yay women!)

The Captain speaks with one of the members of the committee that will decide who will become the next commissioner. He learns that they only offered her the position to pretend to care about diversity. Given that there were 2 candidates named John Kelly and all their wives look exactly the same.

So he announces that he won’t give his presentation until a new and more fair committee is assembled.

The captain is a role model for equality. I love him.

  • Captain Holt and Gina’s friendship

  • Jealous!Charles

Jake might not like being jealous, but as he has stated before, Charles has zero pride and when Vin asks Jake to join him for a puzzle night, Charles jumps right in, telling him that Jake already has a friend and he doesn’t need another.



Even if, personally, it wasn’t Brooklyn nine nine’s best episode I really really enjoyed it.
I can’t wait for next week!!! 40 uninterrupted minutes of Brooklyn99!!!!!!






New Girl Season 7!!!!

I can’t believe New Girl is finally back!

I’ve been sporadically watching the show since its late 3rd season (?) and although I lost interest along the way, it’s still a nice and familiar comedy to go back to.

I’ve been using it while studying. I need to have background noise and it’s perfect.

I was sad when they said they weren’t sure if the show was going to be renewed for a 7th season and to be fair, it would have been a great ending anyway.

Nonetheless, I am thrilled they brought it back.

Risultati immagini per new girl season 7 poster

Season 7 picks up roughly 3 years after the events in the previous season: Schmidt and Cece have a daughter called Ruth, Winston and Aly got married and she is currently expecting a baby and Nick and Jess have just come back from the european tour for “The Pepperwood’s Chronicles”.

I am really excited to see what they are up to, how they have changed and say goodbye to these characters.

Risultati immagini per new girl season 7 posterI absolutely can’t wait.

I also hope they’ll bring back some of the most important guest stars and recurring characters like Coach, Principal Foster, Ryan Geauxinue, Robby, Doctor Sam…

It’s going to be so sad leaving Jess, Nick, Winston, Cece and Schmidt…

8 more episodes of a great comedy.

Let’s go!


New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9.30/8.30c on Fox.

Will you be watching the last season of New Girl? Do you have a favourite episode or a favourite moment? Let me know!