Suits – s07 ep 13 – “Inevitable” – Review

There was so much hype for this episode and it was so worth it.

I’ve heard from people of Twitter (that I believe have been the episode in advance), that this one was a goody.
As I’ve previously talked about in my posts (ep 11 and ep 12) and I am so ready to have Paula exit not so gracefully from the show.
I don’t understand why they keep her here, it’s messed up and I cannot wait for someone to explicitly say that dating a former patient in an ethical violation and simply wrong.
I saw some promotional photos and Donna is wearing a gorgeous dress!!! And I can’t wait for her and Rachel to have scenes together!

but in this episode… the tension, the embarrassing situation with Harvey’s mother, the girlfriend, the resignation… soooooo much happened.

Let’s start from the beginning.


He is still having sex with Sheila behind her fiancé’s back and he is still acting as his “bad man” persona.

The first scene with him puling out a gun to fight the intruder left me surprised. USA Network’s tone definitely shifted in the past year: they show more explicit stuff and they can finally swear.

And I’m so happy about it.

Gretchen confronts him and even tells Rachel what’s been happening in his life. But Louis takes it one step further by suprising Sheila at her job and guess who’s there?!


Mike And Rachel

They are arguing about their lives after the wedding, if they want the same things and yadi yadi.

suits s07e13
They have a great relationship even if they fight and I love them. I do.
But in this episode I was too concentrated on the Darvey stuff.

Harvey and Donna

This episode changed things immensely.
There was this awkward dinner between Harvey, his mom Lily and Paula.
Lily then made a terrible and unintentional gaffe, when she told Harvey that she was happy that “special someone” that convinced him to go talk to her was Paula.
But in the ever-constantly-relevant world of Gina Linetti:
1 P0D8Obq4pfLVYvEVHEpF9A
After this, the already strained relationship fell to pieces. And I couldn’t have been happier.
There were so many references to Harvey and Donna’s relationship but the one that stuck out the most was the “vanilla in the coffee” detail.
I MEAN!!!!
What angered me the most was Paula asking Harvey to fire Donna. Ok, she didn’t say it THAT, but she made him choose between the two of them.
Sure, he tried to have Stu (the investment banker? Trader? What’s that guy’s job again?) offer her a job. Which she refused. Of course.
Donna then went to see Paula directly. The so-called therapist demanded Donna assured her that something like the kiss would never happen again and when she saw the hesitation in her eyes….. It was an amazing moment. I loved every single second in that scene.
But then Donna goes and writes her letter of resignation.
And finally, after 12 episodes of being a dumb idiot, Harvey does the right thing and runs after her.
Uuuuuh! And I forgot to mention: Harvey breaks it off with Paula.
I’ve been waiting for so long for this!
And it finally happened!
I truly cannot express how released I am that she (and by “she” I mean Paula) is gone.
I am angry they have kept it up for so long and that no one has addressed the fact that she used to be his therapist.
I want that acknowledged!!!!
And… I also want a Donna/Rachel scene! They’ve been keeping them apart for three episodes.
Here it is!
Hope you liked it. I saw the preview of the next episode and it seems like it’s going to be even better!!!!! SO MUCH DARVEY!!!
Le me know what you thought of the episode! I’d love to chat about the show!

Suits – s07 ep 12 – “Bad Man” – Review

Suits is back for another episode. Only 3 episodes to the wedding!

In “Pod Save America” style… a bit of house keeping: I decided to write a review for all the Suits and Brooklyn Nine Nine episodes that are going to air in the future. Check them out and let me know your thoughts on them!

Now let’s get stated:

I was not a fan of this episode.

  • Louis

I liked present!Louis’ struggle to figure out his situation with Sheila. What I desperately hated, was the flashback. It was so bad. Like, really bad.

The acting was forced and terrible. I didn’t like the plot of the flashback. It was useless and pointless. I truly disliked it.


I’m kind of glad Sheila is back… The situation is not the best, but I’m curious to see what’s going to happen to them.

  • Mike And Rachel

Mike going head to head against Oliver, his buddy from the clinic. I loved the parallels between Mike and Harvey, and Mike and Oliver.

That was cool and interesting and the kind of stuff I am here for.

I’m disappointed by the lack of interaction between Rachel and Donna, though. I mean, they had always supported each other in times of confusion and hardship.  And they haven’t shared a single scene in two episodes.

Suffice to say, this episode only passes the bechdel test thanks to the conversation between Donna and Jessica.

  • Jessica

Jessica is (briefly) back, y’all!!!

I love her. She is my favourite character and I’m glad they are bringing her back like this. Even for a couple of seconds.

I adored her conversation with Donna. They were great partners in crime that didn’t have that much time on screen together.

  • Donna

This whole Donna / Harvey relationship is giving me a headache. It seems like they are back on track, as much as they can be. She is still helping Harvey, spending time with him and comforting him.

2018-04-07 (1).png

Why is she doing this to herself?! I want to see her happy!!

  • Harvey

Harvey irritated me as much as the Louis flashback. Irritated is not a sufficiently strong word to descrive my feelings. I fucking hate him and his actions.

He is waiting Paula to “say something” after he told her that he and Donna slept together 12 years before.

2018-04-07 (2).png

But what really made me super super mad, was that he gave Paula (his former therapist, in case you forgot it) and not Donna, the credit for his reconciliation with his mother.


She might have helped him come to term with it and with his abandonment issues but NO. NO. NO. NO.

I saw the promo for the next episode and shit is going down. The tension!!!!!

Anyway… here it is. Let me know what you thought of the episode and if Harvey made you super angry as much as he made me.



Suits – 7B Premiere – s07 ep 11 – “Hard Truths” – Review

Suits is finally back!

197 DAYS

After 197 days, the entire world is going to know what the hell happened between Harvey and Donna. I literally can’t wait.

7A ended with those two idiots kissing each other to the tune of “Waves” by Dean Lewis. ICONIC MOMENT.

And now we’re back! I sincerely hope Paula Agard (Harvey’s therapist turned lover) won’t be in this episode. Please, television Gods. Please.

Wow. This episode was gut-wrenching. I waited for months: I wanted to know what happened after the kiss and I got it.

It took me a while to digest what happened and to form an opinion on it. I was left really really disappointed at the beginning, but then I talked with a fellow Suits-lover fan and everything made a little bit more sense.

This was a very Donna and Harvey episode. It dealt with the aftermath of the kiss and I have to be honest: it was a difficult to watch.
I have no idea what’s going on inside Harvey’s brain but it’s wrong. Sure, I get he is angry because Donna made him the only thing he never wanted to be: a cheater.
But he handles it all wrong. He doesn’t tell his girlfriend (just as a reminder: she was his therapist), he confronts Donna and this goes poorly as well and at the end, he asks his girlfriend (his former therapist) to move in with him. After he “resolves” things with Donna by hugging, he decides to be 100% honest and to tell Paula that they slept together many many years before.
So yeah…. Shit went down.
Now let’s talk about some things that at the beginning left me disappointed and then I kind of understood. Emphasis on “kind of”.

Harvey giving Donna the cold shoulder wasn’t a surprise. We all knew he was going to react badly but one thing I hoped for, was Donna owning up her to her actions and moreover her feelings. 

When she followed Harvey in the lobby of the firm, she told him she didn’t feel anything when she kissed him, that she was sorry, that she had to know so she could be sure she wasn’t missing out in something.
2018-04-05 (1).png
Everything she said was a lie. Nobody believes her. NOBODY.
Only Harvey because his brain is currently outside of his body.
Speaking of Harvey, he really pissed me off.
He started talking about how their “lines had been perfectly clear for a long time”.
He flirted with her all the time, even before going to Pearson Specter Litt, when they see in the DA’s office. They kissed, they slept together and he told her he loved her.
And Donna, for once, reiterates with the truth: “Our lines are as blurry as lines can get”
Now, I want to put out an unnecessary disclaimer:
In case it wasn’t already crystal clear, I don’t care about Paula. I really don’t. I don’t care about her, her issues or her problems.
So I cringed so much when he went to talk to her. I hated it so much!
It felt like it was a sort of impulse reaction: Donna scared him, she gave him a glimpse of what they could be together and he got scared. On top of that, he knows that Donna is maybe the only was that can destroy him and tear him into pieces.
He is terrified by that.
So as a reaction to push aside those worries and fear, what does he do? He asks Paula to move in with him.
I was literally about to puke. Why would he do that?
The ending really surprised me. Harvey and Donna apologise to each other cause of all the personal and professional mess (he was so upset that he flunked an interview with a new senior partner) and..

they hug.

They had never hugged before.
Then? What does he do? He goes back to Paula and he tells her the whole truth about him and Donna: They 👏 slept 👏together 👏.
And he’s like: “Say something.”.
What do you want her to say, you idiot?
I can’t wait to see how the situation is going to evolve in the next episodes.
It’s going to be so dramatic.
Oh and Mike solves his problem with the help of Rachel, everybody is happy except from Jessica (👑👸) who took the blame for Harvey’s mistake of hiring Mike and now her reputation in NYC is in shatters.
If there weren’t the spin-off, I would have been so mad.

Hope you liked the review. Let me know if you’d like me to keep writing them week after week. (I’m doing this for all the new episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine).

Let me know what you thought of the episode.



Pretty Little Liars – Spring Premiere 2017 – Season 7 episode 11 – “Playtime” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I have reviewed a couple of episodes (ep 8, ep 9 and ep 10) of the latest season of Pretty Little Liars and I had so much fun. This show unloads so much stuff on one single episode. It’s unbelievable.

Pretty Little Liars

I have been waiting for a long time for the show to come back and finally, I can get back into the trash. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I heavily trash the show, even though I adore it. It’s so teen-angst. To get back into the show and to refresh my memory, I re-watched some of the old episodes, just to remind myself of all the nonsense that happened.

And it’s been great. To quickly recap: Noel Kahn was working with A.D, he is psychotic and got beheaded by an ax (which was stuck on the floor), Jenna pointed a gun at the girls and started shooting around. (Need I remind you that she is blind?), someone shot Spencer but as Jenna was about to pull the trigger on Spencer, Mary Drake knocked her over and while someone dragged away an unconscious Jenna, Mary revealed that SHE was Spencer’s mother. And happy with all this tragedy, the creators decided that Toby and his fianceé (whose name eludes me) had to get into a really bad car crash.

AND, in the last few seconds, it is revealed that Jenna didn’t know A.D. and wasn’t working for them. But now she is trapped (presumably) in a van with him/her.

And bear in mind that this happened in the last 10 minutes. SO MUCH INFORMATION TO GO THROUGH!

But it’s been almost a year since this episode…. Let’s not waste more time and let’s dive into it. The following things that you will read were written while watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

Right in the first two minutes the amount of information is ridiculous. Yvonne (that’s the name of Toby’s fiancée!!!) is in a medically induced coma, the liars find out about Toby and said something about Mary Drake. What I don’t know. It was so fast!

Also, Ezra comes back! In the last episode, his previous girlfriend and girl he wrote his book about, came back to life. Yes. THAT HAPPENED.

Hannah pinching Caleb to “check that he is real.”  *eye roll* COME ON. The entire conversation was a cheesy sentence after another. I wanted to puke.

Can we just talk for a minute about the fact that Alison is a teacher now? It’s absurd.


Hannah:“Did you talk about the wedding?”

Aria: “No, we didn’t.”


This whole Spencer/Cop thing is just stupid. Why is he even here? What is his point?!? So annoying.

And as you can see on the right…. Who the fuck is this guy? Holden? Where are you coming from? What’s the point of you? Meaningless people seem to be the theme of this entire episode.

It seems that for once, Veronica told Spencer the truth! Mr. Hastings had another illegitimate child! This time with Mary. But he thought she was Jessica? And Mary was in the asylum so Veronica took the baby in and adopted her as her daughter. I feel so bad for Spencer. It was completely absurd, but I really felt sorry for her.

So after her meltdown and her mother’s confession, she decided to play A.D.’s game and went to see Toby. And had an emotional heart to heart. Blah blah blah.

Then some shit with Mona and Hannah and a Senator’s daughter.  *eye roll*

Sometimes these subplots are so boring and at the same time better than any shit the show can make up. Just like this tension between Emily, Paige and Alison. I don’t really care. And it’s getting pathetic.

Anyway, as Hannah prepares to stab the game A.D. sent them, a video appears on the screen. It’s them, digging up Alison’s husband.

And as the final scene, we see Jenna asking questions to someone off camera. Obviously A.D. She says “End Game” and…. that’s the episode.

Frankly, I expected more. I was all in for a ridiculous episode like the summer finale but this one wasn’t as much fun. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. It was cheesy, stupid, ridiculous, annoying (like Ezra and fucking Nicole… COME ON!) and magnificent.

I’ll definitely try to review episode after episode until the very end, but I’m starting to live again and I’m getting slightly better and I don’t know how much time I’ll actually have 😦

Let me know if you liked the episode and your thoughts on it. I’d love to discuss it with you! BYE!