Suits – s07 ep 16 – “Goodbye” – Review SEASON FINALE

I’ve just posted mt review of the previous episode and I’m ready to, quoting Brooklyn99’s own Charles Boyle: “UNLEASH THE BEAST“.

I. Am. Pissed.

This finale was so disappointing. It was bad. Like, real bad.

Two major characters are leaving the show, Meghan will never be able to reprise her role as Rachel because she is becoming a Duchess. In England. In less than month.

Patrick could come back for a short cameo and I’d be so incredibly happy to see him again… but he has officially left the show.

Anyway, this won’t be a long post. You can sum up what happened in 2 lines.

Jessica tries to connect with her estranged family in Chicago while trying to fight people who are set on destroying her. They save the firm. Mike and Rachel get married.


And I’m not joking.

A pullet point list of stuff that I noticed/found somewhat interesting:

  • Jessica looks so cool and perfect and I love her
  • Jeff Malone
  • Dante from Homeland was the Mayor of Chicago
  • Mike and Rachel win their lawsuit
  • Harvey & Co save the firm from former senior partner Gordon
  • Apparently they are merging with Robert Zane? Not really sure. I was bored.
  • Choosing a cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” as soundtrack for the vows was so unoriginal and trashy that it made me want to barf. (I’m always super classy)

They basically aired the pilot for Jessica’s spin-off instead of doing an actual finale and celebrating Mike and Rachel’s history at the firm and on the show. So disappointing.

Sure, there were adorable moments like the one between Rachel and Donna.

2018-04-28 (2).png2018-04-28 (3).png

And obviously the wedding!!!

I was not a fan of the vows. There was no originality, they were ordinary and stupid. They reduced Rachel as “the wife” and it made me sad. She is a strong and badass woman and she was treated lie garbage this season.

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2018-04-28 (10).png

2018-04-28 (11).png

2018-04-28 (13).png

2018-04-28 (15).png


A bullshit episode for a bullshit finale for a bullshit season.

They have already put out a promo for season 8, airing his July, and even though I know I’ll be watching… It made me sad.

I’m not keen on having Katherine Heigl on board. I’m much more excited about Katrina (Amanda Schull) and Alex (Dulé Hill), who mysteriously disappeared and then came out of nowhere in the last episode.

What is happening on this show?

Nevermind. My only hope is that Harvey and Donna will finally get together and be a power couple.




See? I even managed to contain almost contain my anger towards the producers, show runners or whoever takes decisions in that place.

I am almost positive I didn’t even swear once!!

What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? Are you happy with the finale? Will you be watching the next season?

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See you again in July!




Suits – s07 ep 15 – “Tiny Violin” – Review SEASON FINALE

In the immortal lyrics of Adele’s song “Skyfall”:

This is the end…

It really is the end. The end of the Suits era. The last time all six original characters will be together.

Meghan Markle is becoming a Duchess so it’s impossible she’ll be able to even make an appearance in future episodes. Patrick J Adams might be coming back. Maybe just for a brief cameo. At least I hope so.

So we came to the end of this great journey that started, for me, in 2013. I’m terribly sad to see Rachel and Mike leave. The show won’t be the same without them, but I’m so glad they got the happy ending they deserved.

Enough nostalgia, let’s get into it!

Well, wasn’t it disappointing…

So basically an old senior partner wants back in. If he manages to do so, he would vote Harvey, Louis and everyone else out, taking control over everything.

2018-04-28 (1).png


He tries to fight the old partner and yadi yadi. He doesn’t really have an important storyline in the episode.


He is trying his best to argue against the suit the former senior partner is throwing at him. He does the usual Harvey-stuff: barges into people’s offices, holds envelopes he then throws on the desk, he threatens people while looking amazing…

But he also goes to visit Scottie! The fact that she is back made me roll my eyes so bad. WHY IS THE BACK AND TRYING TO FLIRT WITH HARVEY?

She didn’t even react that he went out with his former therapist! She asked him if he had fixed himself. Really, girl? And then she asked about Donna.


On top of that, he figures out Robert Zane’s partners are planning to kick him out of the firm and stab him in the back. I felt sorry for him.


Harvey and Donna

It’s driving me nuts. All this pretend friendship is making me so mad.

“It was nice just to hang out and enjoy each other’s company.”

And apparently things are now back to normal. ARGHHH!!!!!


Mike wants to help fund the Clinic he works for part-time: they are in the middle of a lawsuit against a company that caused children to get lead poisoning.

They don’t have the resources to keep fighting and Mike tries his best to help them. In the meantime he gets a job offer: running a law firm that takes on big companies who mistreat people and break the law. A job for him and Rachel.

Perfect scapegoat so that Mike and Rachel’s exit from the show is smooth.

For the rest of the episode, it’s Mike fighting the big corporate for the little guys…

You go Mike! A man with a conscience, morals and a heart.


Uh! Jessica is back! She asks Harvey to help her with a problem she has in Chicago about housing and whatever…

I love her but I’m super pissed because they spent too much time on her and not enough time saying goodbye to Mike and Rachel who are LEAVING THE SHOW.




Anyway, I need to contain some of my anger and pour it into the next post. Stay tuned ’cause I’m hella pissed off and I need to vent.

I would like to know your thoughts. Did you like the episode? Were you expecting something different? Let me know! Either here or on Twitter! My handle is @georgiasblog1!




Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 15 – In The Eye Abides The Heart – REVIEW

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the 15th episode of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. You have been warned!

The episode opens with Emily and Alison talking about the pregnancy and they decide to get some tests done and see if everything is ok.

Aria video chatting to her self was the creepiest thing ever… even creepier than the Hannah Doll in the last episode.

Lucas has gotten himself into this whole mess… From season 1 they cast a gloomy and sketchy vibe on him. He was always a bit weird and distant.

2017-04-19 (3)

Noooooo! The cop is back again! PLEASE, stop! Can we please eliminate him from the show? Uh! But he is starting to doubt Spencer… interesting. Actually not really. No. Not at all.

But let’s talk about the most hilarious thing in the episode and probably in the history of the show:
Toby and Caleb in a cabin. Fishing. WHAT. I had Homeland flashbacks with Carrie and Brody…

…. and now I’m crying.

Ezra and Aria’s awkward relationship is just… well, awkward. I can’t watch their scenes without feeling some kind of discomfort. And now she reveals information to the enemy. Aria, don’t be the weakest link. PLEASE.

My million dollar question is: who the fuck is Emily and Alison’s baby’s father? This is what I’m really interested in.

2017-06-10 (4).png

And now Hannah is ALSO thinking of having children? Wow.

So they decide to spy on Lucas and they find a comic book. Seriously. Let’s stereotype the nerds. Thank you.

2017-06-10 (2).png

Aria being a bitch is just not credible. And I’m tired of this. TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS!!!! DON’T DRAG THIS FOR ANOTHER 5 EPISODES!

Wait. Now Emily wants Alison to have the baby and raise it? Awwwwwww! I don’t think they should be together like the majority of the fandom (I prefer Emily and Paige) but this is so strange! Asking your friend to have your baby?

Now Emily wants Alison to have the baby and raise it? Awwwwwww! I don’t think they should be together like the majority of the fandom (I prefer Emily and Paige) but this is so strange! Asking your friend to have your baby?

2017-06-10 (5).png

Paige is leaving?! Nooooooo! I liked her! She is such a good character! Who made these decisions and why are they fucking everything up?

And now Ezra?! They are so going to break up their engagement. I feel sorry for them. Is it bad that I wanted them to scream at each other and yell? They should let themselves go and let their feelings out.

Oh no, the cop is sticking his nose into other people’s business. It’s his job, but he hasn’t done it for the entirety of the season and he is waking up NOW? I hate him so much.

What is Paige doing at Ali’s house? This whole interaction was gibberish. I wanted Emily with Paige and not Ali!!!!!!! I am officially disappointed.

2017-06-10 (7).png

WREN IS BACK?! And his horrible British accent. I LOVE England and the British accent but his just irritates me. It’s that too posh and with the “t” sound that drives me crazy.


Ali is having the baby. Frankly now there is almost nothing that can surprise me.

Ezra came back to the flat. And she apologises to him? How are they so calm? And most importantly why? I definitely would not have been.

A couple of sentences ago I said that nothing can surprise me anymore. But the “evil laughter” at the end of the episode proved me wrong. What the fuck was that obscenity!?!?!?!

No. No. No. No.

I love this show. It’s so trashy. Maybe I should try to watch Shadowhunters for the third time, but let’s face it.: I would have to comment on every single thing and every review would end up being a novel.

Hope you liked this post and please let me know in the comments who do you think is Ali/Emily’s baby’s father. I really want to know but I have zero intention of racking my brains.<3

Georgia 🙂