Brooklyn Nine Nine – s05 ep 12 – “Safe House” – Review

ATTENTION! This post contains spoilers for the entire 5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine including the latest aired episode! In case you missed it, for the past week I've been posting every day about my love for the show. I urge you to watch it and, if you like, you can read my take on it [...]

Brooklyn 99 Week – Day 7: 15 Reasons Why You Should Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The second part of season 5 of Brooklyn Nine Nine comes back today and I'm so excited. I've mentioned this show extensively in here and why not talk about it even more? Here is my list of why every single person in the world should watch this wonderful masterpiece. The Cast From the stoic Andre [...]

“Pimento is here!” – Brooklyn99 Week – Day 6: Recurring Characters & Guest Stars

Brooklyn Nine Nine has so many hilarious guest stars and recurring character! They improve an already perfect show, they disrupt the narrative and create more opportunities for the cast to show different traits and grow. Given Andy Samberg's background on SNL, a lot of them are from the show. But we can't forget Micheal Schur's [...]