Beauty March Favourites 2017

This is part two of my march favourites and this time, it’s all about makeup.

I don’t usually have products I am obsessed with or that I am completely in love with, but this month I have re-discovered some old things, found out a few new mind-blowing tricks (at least for me) and wore some really bright lipsticks.


  • Essence “MATT MATT MATT” lipstick in 04 and Essence “Make Me Brow” eyebrow gel mascara

I saw this brand in OVS many months ago but I didn’t trust how cheap it was. How can they be so inexpensive and still be high quality? After that, I saw so many people on Youtube talking about some of the products and I decided to give it a go. And I love them. I saw BeautyWithEmilyFox reviewing these products and I immediately needed to buy them. And they are AMAZING. The lipstick is bright pink/red creamy matte, very comfortable on the lips, it lasts for at least 3 hours in perfect conditions. I have very very very dry lips so for me it’s actually impressive. I am currently trying to get my hands on other colours but so far I haven’t been able to. The brow gel is also very good. I have pretty thick and long brows (I am not touching them, only slightly plucking the hair underneath and in the uni-brow zone) and this product keeps them in place for the entire day. As soon as I’m out, I’m definitely repurchasing it.

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base in White


I bought this primer last June and I tried for ages to make it work. But I have extremely oily eyelids and this only made it worse. But then, I saw someone on Youtube applying powder on top of the primer. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE. I know that everyone probably already knew about this but who fucking cares. I’m too excited. Now my eyeshadow lasts 10 hours instead of 6 and the white base brings out the colour of the eyeshadow. I am so thrilled by this I can’t even express it. And this powder is incredible. Absolutely adore it.

  • MUA Single Eyeshadow in Copper


I bought this two years ago in London for just 1£, with no expectations or even hope that it will work. But this eyeshadow is amazing. It’s so pigmented it’s scary. There is a lot of fallout, a glitter but it’s not so overwhelming that the colour doesn’t come through. Sadly, MUA isn’t sold here in Italy so I’ll probably have to order more eyeshadows from the internet. If you live in the UK, go grab a couple of these. They are great.

(Also, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME! The shipping costs are absurd.)

  • Garnier’s Acqua Micellare


I bought this because a friend of the family recommended it to me. I was skeptical about it but it works like magic. As I said before, I have oily skin and this is very good. I have a sample of another more expensive brand that was better, but for a couple of euros, Garnier’s is great. I’m more than halfway through my first bottle and I’ll definitely repurchase it. Now I can’t live without it.

So this is it. These are my monthly favourites. I’ve actually enjoyed doing this and I was really skeptical.

Also, I had never realized how much time this took! I am not particularly happy with the photos, but I’m trying to improve.

In case you missed it, I have LITERALLY just posted a non-beauty related post about my favourites. Go check it out and let me know if you’ve enjoyed them!

🙂 🙂


Beauty Haul – March 2017

I know, I know…  It’s March 5th. But I have bought all of these things in the last couple of days and I made a promise to myself not to spend any more money on stuff I don’t really need.

But I went back to the amazing outlet where I got all my stuff from my previous haul, and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of a few great deals.


  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara / Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer


I love the waterproof version of this mascara but it dries very quickly and I wanted to see if the normal version was just as good. I haven’t tried it yet. I have a few other bottles I have to finish.

I also bought this new concealer in the shade “02 Fair” because the other one I had was 3 to 4 years old and it was disgusting. Really really gross. This one is a little bit too pinky for me, but I’ll have to try it on my face (since in the store I only swatched it on my hand).

  • Rimmel The Only 1 Matte lipstick in 700 / Maybelline 24h Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Permanent Taupeimg_6386

I have seen a couple of videos on the new products that Rimmel has recently brought and I fell in love with the lipsticks! I have 3 of the red Kate Moss line and I love them! So when I saw they came out with 9 new lipsticks and wanted them all! But let’s be frank: I have enough red lipstick but only one dark nude. And this a light brown-toned nude! I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Speaking of things I wanted to have, I’ve been looking for this eyeshadow for a long time. I wanted a darker base and also an eyeshadow that I can put on on its own.

  • Pupa Denim Jeans in 002 / Pupa Nail Polish in 222


I love Pupa’s nail polishes, but they’re so expensive! 5€ per bottle! And in some stores even more! Do they think I have a bottomless bank account?

But with only 3€, I brought them all home with me. I still find the whole “jeans denim” texture fascinating!

  • Garnier Skinactive Pure Active 3 in 1 / Lycia Hair Removal Wax

I love this product from Garnier! It’s a cleanser, a mask and a scrub! What more could you possibly want!? I never used to use facial creams or other products for the skin, but this is amazing. After I take it off, my skin is so clean and soft! I feel so refreshed everytime I use it! Definitely one of my favourite products EVER.

The hair removal wax is also a necessity. I have been grooming my eyebrows for years, never plucking them, almost never touching them but if I don’t get rid of some hair, I’ll start looking like Frida Khalo. I know everybody says you should never do your own eyebrows, but I don’t really trust the ladies at the salon. What if they mess them up? I have wanted to set an appointment for a long time, but never had the courage. So I watched A LOT of Youtube videos and I started fixing them on my own.

Please, pray to the eyebrow Gods that I NEVER mess them up.

As for now, I’m feeling quite satisfied with my make-up collection. There are a lot more things that I want, but I absolutely don’t need them!

Please let me know how I can avoid spending all of my savings!!

I have a few products that I’m getting rid of so maybe I’ll do an Empties post…

Have a nice day!

Georgia    🙂

December Kiko Make Up Haul

This is my first haul… I am kind of excited… I’m new at this, so bear with me please.

Last months I was browsing a few of my favourite make-up websites and I stumbled upon the page. And there were some incredible sales, so obviously I started putting things in the online basket like a maniac.

I spent 34,50€ (29£ / 36$) but 7€ were for an eyeliner for my mom and 12€ were spent of Christmas gifts for a couple of friends so, (if my calculations are correct) I spent 15.50€ for my self. And I bought a LOT of make-up for just 15€.


The Nail Varnishes are in the n° .

I had already tried the mascara a few years ago and I quite liked it, but my taste has change, so I am kind of excited to see if it is any good. It’s called the “Mascara Ultra Tech New Formula” and it was only 2.10€!

Similar in price, the black eyeliner “Deep Black Eye Marker” was 2.30€!!! I am used to liquid liners and I thought I could something new. The tip of the liner is a little bit too fat and chubby so I don’t really know if it’s going to work.

Then, because I hadn’t purchased enough liners, I bought a brown one! I already have one from Makeup collection but this one has glitter!! I can’t wait to use it!

I haven’t even touched the products… This is supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself by myself. And my conscience is killing me because I have spent a lot of money on makeup this year…  So, I basically have to legitimize my purchase and Christmas (even though I bought all of this stuff on November) is the perfect excuse.


But let’s not get into that… The focus of this haul are the eyeshadows. (And the lipstick they sent for free because I purchased two of the “Smart Colour Eyeshadow”)

The two on the top are “Smart Colour Eyeshadow” in n° 4 and 5. Last year (I think) Kiko revolutionized their single eyeshadows and came out with 90 old and new colours part of a line called “High Pigment Wet and Dry eyeshadow” : the only thing is: they are more expensive. 5.90€ (5£) each. I am aware that it’s not that expensive, but compared to the other line (the one on the bottom)… well, it is. But the pigmentation is amazing. It has a softer texture, it blends really well and… there are 90 colours. Which is impressive.

But Kiko was clever: they chose 32 of the most popular eyeshadow and created the “Smart” collection: they are identical to the others, but just a tiny bit smaller! And half the price! It’s such a great idea!

The second row, is from the “Infinity Eyeshadow” collection. they were on super sale at 1.40€ instead of 4.90€. What a bargain!!

From left to right: 243-270-288. img_6004

n° 243 – I kind of wanted a red eyeshadow. But not a red one because I’m not Lady Gaga or Kristen Stewart so I can’t pull that off. Believe me, I tried. But this has purple undertones so I figured it wouldn’t be an eyesore.

n° 270 – I have been looking for the perfect green eyeshadow for ages. I have 4 different shades of green and I still haven’t figured out a way to pull them off… Maybe this one will be FINALLY the right one.

n° 288 – I have loads of brown. Too many if you ask my mom. But they are my favourite colour and they suit my olive complexion… In the picture it looks blue, but it’s a grey/cold-brown colour! And since it’s winter and I love wearing dark, smokey colours I thought this was perfect.

As for the “Smart Lipstick“, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not overly excited. It’s their creamy formula, they smell a bit weird and they are cheap (3.90€). Too cheap for a lipstick to be any good. It’s in the shade 932. I’ll try it as soon as possible, but I don’t have great expectation.

I definitely hope you enjoyed this post… Let me know if you tried any of Kiko’s products and if you have any to recommend me!

Georgia   🙂