The Peraltiago Wedding is Here! – Brooklyn99

I can’t believe the 20th May is already here! Ever since Brooklyn 99 came back from hiatus, I’ve been incredibly excited for the finale.


I thought I had an exam on Monday, so I wouldn’t be able to watch the show as soon as it came out… But the professor moved me to Wednesday!!!

But I have decided that before watching the wedding and the season finale, I would revisit the “best of” Jake and Amy and their relationship.

So I have compiled a list of episodes that I’ll be watching before tuning in to see Sunday’s episode!


(Season 1 episode 13)

I love this episode! It is the beginning of Jake’s feelings for Amy, at least in my opinion. It is an adorable episode they are both so cute and the concept of it, is hilarious!

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine the bet

I love their “flirty” conversation on the rooftop and the fake fight with engagement ring and… I basically love every single second of it!


(Season 2 episode 23)

Jake and Amy going undercover as a couple and having to kiss in order not to blow up their cover, is the best trope ever!

They are so cute!!! One of my favourite scenes is when Jake and Amy get asked why they fell in love with the other and he started off by joking, but then he add an honest remark at the end about Amy being the person whose opinion he values the most.

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine johnny and dora



(season 3 episode 1)

And of course, it wouldn’t be a “best of” if I didn’t include the season three premiere. On top of being absolutely perfect, Bill Hader is in it and he is marvellous! And the episode contains the best of my favourite joke on Brooklyn 99:



(Season 3 Episode 7)

Dating and working together might be complicated for a lot of people and… Jake and Amy are no exception to it!

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine the mattress

They start working together on the case, get in a fight about Jake’s lumpy mattress, and The mess up the case. But you it is an adorable episode that reminds us that they aren’t a perfect couple that never fights, that they are two extremely competitive and stubborn people.

But they love each other and they want their relationship to work out. So Amy tells her mom that she is dating Jake and he buys a nice mattress so she can stay over.



(Season 4 Episode 11)

Talking about competitiveness and fighting, taking Amy make another bet: who arrests more fugitives wins and the other one has to move into the loser’s apartment. Filled with Harry Potter references and quotes, it show us that although in love and willing to move in together they would rather spice up their relationship by getting into a life-changing bet.

They are two idiots and I love them…

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine the fugitive


(Season 05 Episode 04)

And now on to another masterpiece… Halloween! Although every single Halloween episode is amazing, this has to be the best. I love everything about it!

Jake asking Amy to be meaner to him because it turns him on, Fake-Charles and Nutriboom (Boom! Boom!), “The Handmaid’s Tale” reference and Cheddar, this episode is a so brilliant.

I cried when Jake proposed, I love how in-sync they are, how low-key his proposal was… I love it.


(Season 5 Episode 6)

This episode is all centred around Jake and Amy planning their wedding and the vulture swooping in and taking almost everything away from them.

I love the banter between them, the Harry Potter references, Nakatomi Plaza cake… They are so adorable and their wedding is going to make me cry like crazy.

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine the venue



(Season 5 episode 7),f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/qjeunmfjboqwfv55fejp.jpg

And last but not least, the Thanksgiving episode. Jake and Amy hosting a party at their house with both their respective parents is meant to be a nightmare.

And it is! They get into a weird competition regarding their parents, they make them drink too much and it’s a mess.

At the end, despite their competition and confrontation, they immediately put that aside in the moment of danger. And it turns out to be the Thanksgiving Jake always wanted as a kid.


I’m just repeating and highlighting things that I love in every single one of these episodes but the truth is… these ones are perfect. I love every single joke, they’re hilarious, they portray a healthy, loving, trusting, committed and pure relationship between two completely different people who didn’t fall in love when they met. They built a friendship, solid foundations… they knew all about each other: their flaws, their virtues, what makes them angry, what makes them happy… And on the basis of this solid friendship, they build a partnership and a romance.

And I think it’s beautiful.


I have rambled on enough. I love the show and I’ll never get tired of talking about it. These are the episodes that I’ll be watching today, in preparation for the finale.

I’m so happy Jake and Amy are getting married and I really can’t wait to see the episode.

Please let me know what your favourite Peraltiago moment.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05 ep 21 – “White Whale” – Review


Wow. Just… Wow.

It’s been a weird week, people. Brooklyn99 got cancelled and 36 hours later moved to another network and renewed for a sixth season. I wrote all about it in my post (I won’t be humble) spectacularly and accurately titled: A Rollercoaster of Emotion. AND IT WAS!

But enough with that! Let’s talk about the latest episode! (One more thing… You suck FOX).

White Whale sees Amy and Rosa trying to catch a criminal they have been chasing for years and years, Jake and Terry trying to plan the last details of the Peraltiago-Wedding and the Captain faces his current nemesis Olivia Crawford.


Hitchcock coming in and whining because people are disgusted by him when they realise he is a cop was confusing…. until Jake points out that he has had his genitals on display for the entire time… The delivery was amazing, Dirk Blocker is hilarious!

Amy and Rosa’s Friendship

Let’s get straight into it. I’ve sai it multiple times and I’ll say it again. THE FRIENDSHIPS ON THIS SHOW ARE MASTERPIECES.

Despite their opposite personalities, Amy and Rosa have always been a team, they are friends and they have each other’s back, both at work and in their personal lives.

Rosa wasn’t disappointed because Amy let the perp go, she was angry because her friend didn’t tell her the truth. The camaraderie they have is perfect.

I can’t help but compare Brooklyn99’s friendships to the Parks and Rec ones. Both shows portray amazing relationships between woman and it’s inspiring.

Also…. Amy and Rosa in the main storyline was perfect!!!

Jake’s Groom Gut

While Amy and Rosa are off fighting crime, Jake and Terry are trying to follow Amy’s overly complicated and totally adorable wedding week binder.

With the catchphrase, “Do you think I’m planning a funeral?”, the plot became even funnier.

And let’s not forget:

Jake’s Fear

I loved that they talked about what being a good husband is, and that Jake actively participated in the decisions and actually cared.

They portray men in a positive way, galaxies away from even an inch of toxic masculinity. All the men have such a rich tapestry (*) of feeling that are actually shown not as a weakness but as a strength.

I love that they rendered obsolete the trope of men not liking marriage and feeling trapped in it. Jake literally can’t wait to marry Amy, Terry is constantly talking about how much he loves his family, Holt and his husband are perfect together and Charles, even if not married, is perfectly content with Genevieve. He is the one in the relationship that wishes they would get married.

I adore that they put such a positive note on this topic, without EVER giving it a negative connotation.

Scully and Hitchcock

Them assembling Jake and Amy’s gift bag was hilarious! And then Terry feeding them candies!!!! I laughed so much!


Immagine GIF


NBC has announced the schedule for the fall and it looks like the 13 episodes of Brooklyn99’s sixth season will start airing mid-season! So probably in January 2019!

I know, it’s a bummer but at least we’ll get a new season!

I would love nothing more than to chat about Brooklyn99, the turmoil that just happened and more!

Also, I have tumblr now!! Hit me up! (it sucks and I haven’t had time to fix it, but I basically only post about B99!). I’m much more comfortable on Twitter, so follow me!

I don’t mean to promote myself like this. I really just want to chat about tv shows. It’s basically the only thing my mind can think about. 



(*) Thanks SNL’s sketch with Kristen Stewart for teaching me his word!

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

I have been really upset when they have cancelled shows I love. I was so disappointed in Amazon for not renewing “Mozart in the jungle“.


But I have never ever ever been this upset for a show in my life.
And I have cried a lot for shows but never because one of them wasn’t being picked up for a next season.

So yesterday, at 10:36 PM, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Brooklyn 99 hadn’t been picked up for six season.

My friend texted me at 10:42. I was perfectly happy, watching the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As you can imagine, I was devastated. No, screw that, even more than that. I can’t even find the words to describe how upset I am.
I simply started crying, a lot.
I was watching the Eurovision song contest and even though I love it, I immediately shut down the live stream and started looking on Twitter to find out if it was true or not.

And it was.

I don’t think I’ve tweeted this much. Ever. Through the tears, I tried to cope along with the entire fandom.

I know I sound overly dramatic and people might think it’s silly to care so much about stupid show on television, but Brooklyn 99 helped me so much my personal life. Every time was feeling down, or anxious or I simply wanted to laugh and to watch something that made me feel good, I put on Brooklyn 99.
It was like my own therapy session.
I am so sad, so devastated and I feel empty.

It wasn’t just about the stories it told, all the jokes. It’s made me realise that you need to be who you are, you need to be who you are in front of the world, you can unapologetically be who you are and… well it is hilarious.

I’ve seen the episodes thousand times. I’m not joking I might have seen every single episode at least 20 times and I still laugh out loud, I still find it funny.
Season five was amazing it was just as good as the other ones and the fact that they decided to cut it makes me so angry and so so so so so sad.

I spent Friday in a state of depression and despair. I couldn’t believe Fox would just get rid of the best show on TV. But it did.

I had almost accepted that I only had two episodes of Brooklyn99 left. I thought: we had a good run. 112 episodes of pure comedy, feminism, equality and most of all, FUN.

So you can imagine my happiness when I woke up this morning at 7 AM to an hour-old notification that said that 6 people liked a post by Dan Goor (the show’s creator) that read:


It’s true.

Brooklyn 99 has been picked up by the wonderful and magnificent NBC for 13 episodes.

In a little more than a day, Brooklyn 99 went from being cancelled to moving network and being renewed.
It’s truly a wonderful day.

I’ve always been surprised a Schur/Goor comedy was on FOX. NBC has always been their home. They created and collaborated together on “The Office”, “Parks And Recreation” and “The Good Place.”.



I am beyond thrilled. I have been smiling all day. I can’t keep a straight face.

My show is back.

I hope NBC will keep it going for more than this 6th. I am sure it will get more attention and more people will watch it.

I really can’t express what I’m feeling.

I want to say one last thing. Thanks to whoever campaigned on Twitter, to those who wrote emails to Hulu, Netflix (shame on both of you for passing on B99) and NBC, thanks to the writers, the producers, the crew and the cast.

They are truly the best.

I love you all.




p.s. Fox is dead to me.

p.p.s. Check out my Brooklyn99 Week posts: Day 1 (Gina Linetti), Day 2 (Capt. Raymond Holt), Day 3 (Halloween Episodes), Day 4 (Social Issues on B99), Day 5 (LBGTQ+), Day 6 (Guest stars and recurring characters), Day 7 (15 reasons why you should watch Brooklyn99).


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05 ep20 – “Show Me Going” – Review

Only 2 episodes until the BIG and WONDERFUL FINALE that’s definitely going to make me cry and weep for ages.

And yet, Fox hasn’t announced Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s renewal. Even thinking about doubting the merits of the show’s renewal makes me livid.

Anyway, this episodes is centred about an active shooter situation in which Rosa is involved and the entire squad is extremely worried about her. As they should!


3 OUT OF 3

The show started off perfectly normally: Jake and Charles go off to a meeting led by a supposedly cool guy but it turns out, he got in an accident and another officer is replacing him. That officer? An old buddy from the Academy who Jake accidentally injured, screwing up his depth perception.

And who plays him? None other than 1/3 of The Lonely Island, Akiva Schaffer!



The writers did an amazing job. It was a difficult episode: they had to talk about being a policeman, giving up your own life to save that of other people, how dangerous it is and on top of that, they had to make it funny. Because this is a comedy.

We don’t see anything related to the crime, we only get the squad’s perception and their feelings. They are scared, anxious and terrified that something bad might happen to their friend.


It’s in episodes like this one that we see the great character development Jake has gone through. He still fights against Holt’s order to remain in the precinct, but he does it because he cares about Rosa and he truly wants to help her.

Had this happened in season 1, Jake would have thrown himself in the middle of the action, regardless of the consequences, and just to be the hero who saves the day.

Instead, Holt’s words get to him. He is not particularly capable of dealing with emotions and he asks Jake for help. He knows there is nothing he can do. Something useful would be checking in with the others, seeing if everything is okay with them.

Jake then realises that he is getting married, he won’t be alone anymore and if something happened to him because of some dumb shit he did himself, he would hurt others. (Specifically Amy, but let’s not forget Charles.).

Another great great great episode with a fantastic message.

Moreover, the “conversation about feelings” happens between three male members of the squad. I thought it was fantastic that they showed that man can talk freely about their feelings and insecurities.


Speaking of things I love…


Sure, Amy and Jake’s “I love you” moment was adorable and perfect and cute but… CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FRIENDSHIPS?!?

I said it in the last review, but Brooklyn 99 is the best at this. People being supportive and not stabbing each other in the back is what everybody should broadcast.

Gina and Amy working super hard to fix the toilet that Rosa had asked to be fixed, Jake thinking about Rosa every single moment of the day, worrying about his friend and her safety, trying to compartmentalized his feelings and miserably failing.

It was perfect.


“Dear Beyoncé, Solange, Rihanna, someone cool that’s white, Cardi B—please bless this flush. A-woman.”


2018-05-07 (1).png




Only two episodes left!!!

Still no confirmation of a renewal from FOX, but please keep tweeting at them. I heard people both of Twitter and on Tumbr saying that by this Friday we’ll have the news.

I’m terrified. So. Fucking. Scared.

Please, tweet at “@FOXTV” and use the hashtags “#RenewB99”, “RenewBrooklyn99” and “RenewBrooklynNineNine”. We all need a 6th season and if enough people politely demand it, it is more likely to happen.

Anyway, 600 words later, I’m done! There is obviously more to talk about.

Let me know your thoughts either here or on Twitter! I’m always happy to talk about the show!!!