Pretty Little Liars – Spring Premiere 2017 – Season 7 episode 11 – “Playtime” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I have reviewed a couple of episodes (ep 8, ep 9 and ep 10) of the latest season of Pretty Little Liars and I had so much fun. This show unloads so much stuff on one single episode. It’s unbelievable.

Pretty Little Liars

I have been waiting for a long time for the show to come back and finally, I can get back into the trash. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I heavily trash the show, even though I adore it. It’s so teen-angst. To get back into the show and to refresh my memory, I re-watched some of the old episodes, just to remind myself of all the nonsense that happened.

And it’s been great. To quickly recap: Noel Kahn was working with A.D, he is psychotic and got beheaded by an ax (which was stuck on the floor), Jenna pointed a gun at the girls and started shooting around. (Need I remind you that she is blind?), someone shot Spencer but as Jenna was about to pull the trigger on Spencer, Mary Drake knocked her over and while someone dragged away an unconscious Jenna, Mary revealed that SHE was Spencer’s mother. And happy with all this tragedy, the creators decided that Toby and his fianceé (whose name eludes me) had to get into a really bad car crash.

AND, in the last few seconds, it is revealed that Jenna didn’t know A.D. and wasn’t working for them. But now she is trapped (presumably) in a van with him/her.

And bear in mind that this happened in the last 10 minutes. SO MUCH INFORMATION TO GO THROUGH!

But it’s been almost a year since this episode…. Let’s not waste more time and let’s dive into it. The following things that you will read were written while watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

Right in the first two minutes the amount of information is ridiculous. Yvonne (that’s the name of Toby’s fiancée!!!) is in a medically induced coma, the liars find out about Toby and said something about Mary Drake. What I don’t know. It was so fast!

Also, Ezra comes back! In the last episode, his previous girlfriend and girl he wrote his book about, came back to life. Yes. THAT HAPPENED.

Hannah pinching Caleb to “check that he is real.”  *eye roll* COME ON. The entire conversation was a cheesy sentence after another. I wanted to puke.

Can we just talk for a minute about the fact that Alison is a teacher now? It’s absurd.


Hannah:“Did you talk about the wedding?”

Aria: “No, we didn’t.”


This whole Spencer/Cop thing is just stupid. Why is he even here? What is his point?!? So annoying.

And as you can see on the right…. Who the fuck is this guy? Holden? Where are you coming from? What’s the point of you? Meaningless people seem to be the theme of this entire episode.

It seems that for once, Veronica told Spencer the truth! Mr. Hastings had another illegitimate child! This time with Mary. But he thought she was Jessica? And Mary was in the asylum so Veronica took the baby in and adopted her as her daughter. I feel so bad for Spencer. It was completely absurd, but I really felt sorry for her.

So after her meltdown and her mother’s confession, she decided to play A.D.’s game and went to see Toby. And had an emotional heart to heart. Blah blah blah.

Then some shit with Mona and Hannah and a Senator’s daughter.  *eye roll*

Sometimes these subplots are so boring and at the same time better than any shit the show can make up. Just like this tension between Emily, Paige and Alison. I don’t really care. And it’s getting pathetic.

Anyway, as Hannah prepares to stab the game A.D. sent them, a video appears on the screen. It’s them, digging up Alison’s husband.

And as the final scene, we see Jenna asking questions to someone off camera. Obviously A.D. She says “End Game” and…. that’s the episode.

Frankly, I expected more. I was all in for a ridiculous episode like the summer finale but this one wasn’t as much fun. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. It was cheesy, stupid, ridiculous, annoying (like Ezra and fucking Nicole… COME ON!) and magnificent.

I’ll definitely try to review episode after episode until the very end, but I’m starting to live again and I’m getting slightly better and I don’t know how much time I’ll actually have 😦

Let me know if you liked the episode and your thoughts on it. I’d love to discuss it with you! BYE!


Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale 2016 – Season 07 episode 10 – “The Darkest Knight” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I avoided Twitter for as long as I could. I hid the App in a “Utility” folder I never open and tried to forget about it.

Before I review this episode and make it the biggest thing ever, I need to make something clear. I love Pretty Little Liars because it is an “easy” tv show. Although there are powerful elements (that I will talk about in one of my future posts) to the show, it does not have the depth of series like Game of Thrones or True Detective.

It is a series that I personally watch to have fun and get into the lives of five teenager with complicated romances with perfect hair and makeup.

But this episode is something else. I have NEVER had this much fun while watching a PLL episode. I laughed out loud for ages. The following things that you will read were written whilst watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

PLL s07e10

Let’s begin right away with  brainstorming session with all the liars (minus Hannah) and Mona and Caleb which I think was shot so that they could introduce back Mona and call 911 to say they thought Hannah had been abducted.

PLL s07e10

Hannah is still keeping Noel Khan captive and she pull out a knife to torture him… A scene that I found a bit extreme and ridiculous… But comparing this with the shit that it is about to go down, is really nothing . One thing I have noticed, though: she is still fashionable and has ripped jeans on. Because STYLE is what’s important while torturing someone.

So she cut him and goes to DNA lab with Noel’s blood to prove that he is Mary Drake’s son. AND she calls Mona to help her! And she actually does help her! She finds the famous flash drive, but Hannah isn’t happy with that! She wants to frame Noel for everything that he did to her.

PLL s07e10

So she decides to come back! And since the show is called “Pretty Little Liars”, she lies to everyone. Both the police and her friends.

Caleb takes her home and then at one point there is the whole “I know you better than yourself” speech and he says and I quote: “You won’t admit that we’re meant to spend the rest of our lives together.”

And there is kissing and sex.

I am happy that they are back together, because I have to admit… They were my favourite couple! And I found the Caleb/Spener thing disgusting.

They leave Hannah and Caleb to have sex and they go to Alison’s house.

PLL s07e10

And after a few moments she announces that SHE IS PREGNANT!!! WHAAT!?! I had the feeling she was pregnant… So… I told you so.    🙂

And she kisses Emily. A few times.

The other liar that has problems is ARIA! Ezra is still in colombia and he is coming back! BUT NOT REALLY!!! BECAUSE NICOLE IS ALIVE!!! I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT! I SAID SO!

PLL s07e10

I felt sorry for Aria… Come on, her fiancé kissing another woman on national television. It’s funny and the same time depressing.

And the detective starts hitting on Spencer… Again. I’m like: I don’t even care anymore.

PLL s07e10

But the morning she goes to see Toby and she brings him a book in french and says some shit about love. And then…

Oh Honey GIF


Ok. This is one of my favourite things… She asks him if she can kiss him… I laughed so much and said “Oh Honey!” a bunch of time, How I Met Your Mother style.


Spencer isn’t the only one with an eventful morning. There is some tension between Emily-Alison-Paige.

PLL s07e10

Also, Emily is like “I woke up like this” Beyoncé style… SO ANNOYING.

Anyway, the tests come back and Noel isn’t Mary Drake’s child!! Surprise surprise! I feel like with all of this relationship stuff, the secret child’s identity is meaningless.

They decide to go question Noel and they somehow manage to sneak away from the cops leaving a recording of them talking so they won’t get suspicious. After 7 seasons, we know the Rosewood police force is basically shit, but COME ON!!

And Noel has escaped! Obviously.

PLL s07e10

And Caleb and Mona were fooled by another girl pretending to be Jenna! SHE GOT AWAY!!

And as soon as they arrive to the place A.D. told them to when he/she texted them, who do they see? MARY FLIPPING DRAKE!

And there are speakers around the house! So Jenna can talk to them! So obviously they go upstairs and find weird typical “I’m a serial killer” stuff but Emily left the phone up there! COME ON!

Oh, and then the psychotic version of Noel Khan appears together with Jenna! And she has a gun!

PLL s07e10

But Emily and Hannah hit Noel and he falls unto his weapon and his head gets cut off from his body. AHAHAHAHAHA. COME ON!! IT WAS RIDICULOUS!

With Spencer “Can I kiss you?”, this was definitely the highlight of the episode.

BUT Jenna finds them and pulls the trigger, hitting Spencer on the chest.

PLL s07e10

Fortunately, Jenna gets tackled by Mary Drake and just after a few seconds after the other girls arrived, she tells Spencer that SHE is actually her mother. AAHAAHAHAHAAHAH. SPENCER IS MARY DRAKE’S SECOND SECRET CHILD!

And in the next scene we find out that Toby and Yvonne had a car crash!! COME ON!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?!

As final scene, we see Jenna on the floor and she asks some unknown person if they shot Spencer. Does that mean that Jenna didn’t shoot her? WHAT? I’m so confused…

2016-08-31 (16).png

Anyway, I had so much fun watching this. HILARIOUS!!!!

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on 7B… From what I have heard, the series will return on April 2017 and I am super sad about it. ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR!

Nevermind, I hope you had some fun reading this. If you have seen the episode, let me know what you think about it in the comments.


Georgia     🙂












Pretty Little Liars Review! Season 7 episode 9: The Wrath Of Khan


So……. This week’s episode was pretty eventful. Compared to episode 9 “Exes and OMGs”, in every scene of “The Wrath of Khan” a lot happened.

From Hannah’s fail/successful evil plan to Aria’s flashbacks, I didn’t even blink ’cause I was afraid I would miss clues. I took a full-page of notes! I’ll try to break down the ep character by character.

Starting with whose who didn’t appear in “The Wrath of Khan”: Erza who is in Colombia and Alison who is apparently on a field trip with her students… I’m not even commenting on this. Seriously.

2016-08-24 (1)I’m going to dive right into the Aria situation… She and Jason are trying to discover more information about Mary Drake’s baby because *of course* Aria told him everything!!! Why does she even trust him?! But after the first flashback, their weird tension was explained: they had slept together! Back when Aria had just graduated. SAY WHAAT? Wasn’t a big surprise actually… Can we just talk about his ponytail? At least do a man bun! So much better!!!

Anyway, he asked her to follow him to Ethiopia and in the second flashback, Aria tells him that she had accepted a position as an editorial assistant which *surprise surprise* is the same company that published Ezra’s book…. *wink wink*.

Jason was actually sweet, reassuring Aria that Ezra actually loves her. Long story short, she was afraid that if Nicola were alive, Ezra will choose her. AND she is convinced that he still loves her. Which is plausible. Sorry Aria.

Now let’s talk about Spencer. Detective Marco Furey appears on her door to inform her that Archer has flown to France… but this was just a stupid excuse to reveal to the audience Archer’s whereabouts and at the same time to build up some sexual tension between them. Long story short, he asks her out and she says no.

I’m not lying… I laughed.

Also the fact that they had to insert Noel Khan’s address through a red velvet cake order was ridiculous.

With that information, Spencer and Emily go to the famous cabin where he held all his parties in the high school years and find a flash drive with videos from the Doll House, implicating Noel in the matter.

PLL s07e09


But there is a thunderstorm and someone breaks into Spencer’s house and STEALS IT! Having called Detective Furey, he turns up and… some more Spencer/Marco tension!



Another character that is dealing with some relationship problems is Emily! Even though she is with Sabrina, the fact that Paige is back brings up old feelings and the connection that they had a long time ago.

PLL s07e09

While talking about how much they miss high school, Emily says something along the lines of “do you also miss having acne that won’t go away?” ACNE?!?! WHEN DID SHE EVEN HAVE ACNE?? SERIOUSLY?!? THIS IS BULLSHIT.

Ok, I need to calm down… What was I talking about? Oh yeah how much I don’t care about Emily’s relationship with Sabrina the waitress. I really don’t. I liked Emily and Paige together though. I hope they get back together. Screw you, Sabrina.

Moving on from Emily, in the last episode Hannah went rogue and tricked the liars into believing she was in New York with Lucas when instead she was hiding and plotting a plan to take down Noel Khan.

PLL s07e09

Also, yes, a hat is definitely making you unrecognizable. *rolls eyes*

She records a video, some sort of confession that possibly explains everything (she has no concrete evidence, but nevermind) that has been going on ever since after Charlotte’s murder.

But after trying (and failing) to knock down Noel with some sleeping pills, in the final seconds of the episode, she succeeds and hits him on the head.

PLL s07e09

In the last two minutes, we learn a lot.

– Noel Khan’s father was the judge that signed the adoption papers of Mary Drake’s second secret child. This leads Aria to believe that HE is the baby!

– After a weird moments when Jason kinda of hits on Aria, Ezra writes her saying that he is coming back and that they didn’t find her. Since this is Pretty Little Liars, the Nicole storyline is not over. I’m super convinced she will be back.

So, these are my thoughts on the episode. Let me know if you have seen it and if you liked it!


Georgia    🙂

Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 8 “Exes and OMGs” Review

Last Tuesday’s episode was not particularly eventful… except that Nicole might be alive, Paige comes back, Mrs Grundwall came back with a prophecy Professor Trelawney style…

It started with Hannah dreaming that the other liars didn’t shared her certainty that Noel Khan and suddenly a car ran over Caleb. ……….Sure.

PLL s07e08

On the other hand, this Nicole thing is properly bothering me. Ok, Ezra was in love with her, he wrote the flipping book with Aria, he cried because he felt the closure he needed and then what? SHE JUST COMES BACK! We are not 100% sure she is alive, but of course she is! It’s Pretty Little Liars! Literally everything can happen.

Aria also made some mature choices which (let’s face it) surprised me. As soon as Ezra came back she told him the truth about the deleted call and left him some space. And then bought him plane tickets for Columbia, even though this could jeopardize her relationship with him! Still… smart choices. Good girl, Aria.

PLL s07e08The one that wasn’t as clever as Aria, was Hannah. This whole “making-a-pact-with-the-enemy” makes no sense. And… oh, snap! The weird lady from Ravenswood predicted that “something daaaark” (Can you spot the reference? *wink wink*) is going to happen Hannah and Caleb. And surprise surprise, the Lady starts acting all weird as soon as they see Noel Khan.

Could you be more obvious? Nevermind…

Emily was offered a job as a swimming teacher by the Principal of Rosewood High. Is she even qualified to teach? Can she you get hired like that? After meeting the principal at the Coffee shop? My mentality is still too far away from the actual american reality, no matter how much I try to learn about it.

Another big thing: Emily’s ex girlfriend Paige came back! YAY!! (?). I’m still not sure if this is a good thing or not.. We’ll figure it out in the next two episode before the summer finale. At least I hope so.

Last but not least, Spencer dealt with the former OB/GYN (who is now an alcoholic) that delivered and made disappear Mary Drake’s second secret baby. Yes, “second secret baby”. SECOND! Ok, one secret child is plausible , but TWO! Seriously?!? I’m finding this storyline totally ridiculous. Plus, making Spencer and Aria go through his daughter, played by Sprague Grayden (White Collar, The Following) seemed suspicious. She is definitely gonna come back.

PLL s07e08Another thing.. Hannah saying goodbye to Caleb was actually sweet. Right from the first scene in the first “5 years later” episode, you could see that the sparkle was still there. Out of all the relationships, I have to admit that they are my favourites.

Having acknowledged that, can we now just take a moment to say how horrible Caleb and Spencer relationship was? NOT A FAN. So, I’m really glad that Hannah is getting closer to him again! I don’t know what the writers or producers where thinking with that plotline.

Alison came back to school to teach her classes but she was welcomed back by  her students all dressed in black hoodies.Ah. Ah. Ah. Very funny. Also, in true PLL style, she broke into the principal’s office to steal Noel Khan’s file. Just a normal Tuesday for Ali!

PLL s07e08

I almost forgot! There is a weird scene in which Spencer looks at an old family photo-album. My question is: is that a clue telling us about a connection with Mary Drake’s second baby? Or they just needed to fill up 20 seconds in the final sequence? I’ll be wondering until next Tuesday when the next episode comes out.

So, hope you like this post… I’ll give this episode a 7/10. Wasn’t bad, but in PLL standards nothing really happened. I’m looking forward next week’s episode: I have seen the promo and there is A LOT of action going on.


Georgia  🙂