The Resident Season 1 Review

I talked about this new FOX show back in my “January Pilots – Part 2”.

I watched the entire season and now I’m here to see if my opinion of it as changed or if my first thoughts were actually correct!

Here you can check out my first impression of the pilot!

Although back in January I wasn’t that impressed with the pilot, I have kind of reconsidered. Well, not really.

The Resident (2018)

Let’s start with the positive: I really enjoyed the fact that throughout the show, there was a big plot that kept evolving episode after episode. Yes, there were subplots but what was more important was Lily’s story and her death, the patients being dosed with chemo even though they did not have cancer, the power plays that Dr Bell put in place and more.

I liked that in 14 episodes they decided to have a complete storyline and not just single episodes that somehow connect to each other.

I can’t say that I’m blown away by it. Far from it. I’m not a fan of the dialogue, I’m not a fan of the acting and the directing leaves me baffled. What I see, is a show trying to be ambitious in its directing and, in my opinion, failing. I don’t particularly like the glaring of the lenses, and the characters constantly looking into the distance.

So…. in the end….. I don’t really like it (?)… I am myself confused.

I liked the drama, the manipulation, the high stakes and the race against time to unmask Dr Hunter’s fraud.

Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in The Resident (2018)

And now unto the characters:

Even thought Emily VanCamp’s character Nic became more and more relevant and fundamental to the show, there was still something missing. Right from the beginning we know that she and Conrad have a complicated history together but what really bothered me is that we don’t get to see what happened between them that caused all this friction. We see the tension but we don’t get to see the cause of it. Not even in a flashback or a “daydream” sequence… nothing.

Speaking of Conrad, I cannot stand him. I don’t know why but he just pisses me off all the time. It might be because Matt Czuchry used to play Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore girls and I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character like I hated him, but he makes me so angry all the time.

I see him and the first thing that comes to mind is: “what a dick”.

Shaunette Renée Wilson in The Resident (2018)

I complained a little bit about Dr Okafor’s Cristina Yang-like qualities but I change my mind! Her character is actually the most interesting one of the entire show. She is such a complicated person that I hope in season two they will focus more on her.

About Dr Pravesh, I don’t have an opinion. Which is highly unusual. He is there, I think I like him… He’s a bit arrogant but you know, he’s a doctor.

So, to sum up, I actually expected it to be worse. That is not to say that I liked it. It was okay. Kind of.

I started my review a lot more positive and then it all went down. Oh well…

Even though I currently HATE FOX because of what they did to Brooklyn 99, maybe by September, I will have gotten over it.

(Spoiler Alert: I won’t.)

Anyway, the second season of “The Resident” comes back on FOX in September.

Did you watch the show? What do you think of the storylines and plot?

Let me know down here in the comments or find me on Twitter!




“Rise” Season 1 Review

I talked about “Rise” when it premiered, around 12 weeks ago.

It’s about a teacher, some drama students and their production of the musical “Spring Awakening”, a quite dark and raw play that deals with drugs, sex and other elements that are deemed “inappropriate” for a high school performance.

I wasn’t too positive in my review. I praised some great elements, like the diverse cast, the LGBTQ+ representation (especially the transgender one) and the overall themes of the series.

The acting and some choices that were made didn’t really sit well with me. As well as the dialogue.

It felt stiff and unrealistic. Like when Ted (I can’t remember his nam… Lou? Well, the guy played by Josh Radnor) tells his son: “You’re my boy” in a weird, kind of gangster way… He sounded like Schmidt from New Girl.

I looooove the message they were trying to send: you can’t censure art, you can be whoever you want to be, people can’t put you in a box, high school is hard but you have to be strong… They are all wonderful and empowering messages but the final product had glitches: the acting, the dialogue, the acting again… It felt off.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

Towards the end, it got better, or maybe I got accustomed to it. I don’t know. But I was sad it got cancelled. (NBC I still love you. You saved Brooklyn99. You da best.)

Not surprised. But sad.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

I would have probably watched another season, if they had made some changes and improved a little bit.

The songs got stuck in my head, by the way. And I definitely want to see the complete musical, but I think the adjective that sums it up and perfectly describes it, is stiff.

Something wasn’t clicking and despite the super positive and important messages, it didn’t make the cut.

Did you see “Rise”? Did you like it? Have you ever heard of “Spring Awakening”, because now I am intrigued!

Let me know! You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads and Tumblr!



“We’re Gonna Rise up” – Rise – First Impression Review (Pilot)

“Rise” aired right after a quite cheesy and easily predictable finale of “This is us”. I won’t go into it. I still haven’t processed it and it’s been more than a week since then.

The first impression I got from “Rise” was of a scrappy, not at all polished cinematography. Which is exactly what I look for in a TV show.


Josh Radnor stars as an High school English professor who takes over the theatre department. For the first 10 minutes you kind of get the idea of who the main characters are going to be.
Auli’i Cravalho plays Lilette, a shy girl who wants to get out of the town and make it into the world. (You might recognise her from “Moana”, because she was Moana. DUH.)

Damon J. Gillespie plays Robbie, one of the best athlete on the football team who also has an interest in theatre.

Auli'i Cravalho in Rise (2018)

Doesn’t this remind you of anyone? I’ll tell you later.

They get cast as lead in the musical “Spring Awakening”, a quite dark and raw play that deals with drugs, sex and other elements that are deemed “inappropriate” for a high school performance.

A nice surprise was hearing “Alexander Hamilton“ by the critically acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton. At first, I started dancing on my bed like a crazy person and then I thought crept into my mind: how can they afford to put Hamilton into this NBC TV show? Is Lin-Manuel Miranda producing it? Did he just give them the song? The scene itself looked like a very explicit product placement. But does Hamilton need publicity at all? Then I figured it out: it’s about theatre and the lead actress worked with Lin-Manuel: that’s the connection. I connected the dots a million years later.

*insert sarcasm*

gina smart b99

So Ted (it’s going to take some time before I can see Josh Radnor and not think of Ted Mosby. Sorry.) holds auditions for a musical and he decides not to go with the obvious choice and keep the two actors that have done several productions. Instead he casts as main characters Lilette and Robbie.
And they are really bad at it.
And then of course, after a poetic montage, they show emotions and some shit. I’m like, seriously?!

Josh Radnor and Rarmian Newton in Rise (2018)

And this keeps going on! 3/4 into the episode there is a another montage of the kids are rehearsing the play and in the blink of an eye, they are talented actors and singers.

That I find quite stupid and unrealistic.

Something that I truly appreciated and liked about this pilot was the transgender representation, which is something that it is usually not dealt with in cable TV. Great job, Rise!

Damon J. Gillespie in Rise (2018)

Now let’s go back. I asked you if these characters reminded you of anyone or anything. Did you guess what? Let’s see.

As I’ve told you before, my brain was basically half asleep because all of a sudden, I have this realisation: this is High School Musical.
The girl with the pretty dark hair, the football player who is also a gifted singer and rapper. Well actually, a diverse High school musical with rap…. so YAY!

Aside from it resembling a little bit “High School Musical”, I’m quite interested in it and I am sure that I will keep watching it.

I’d rather watch 20,000 pilots instead of being subjected to the pile of shit that is the 14th season of a certain medical drama. (Grey’s Anatomy, I’m talking to you.)



January Pilots – Part 2

This was supposed to be a single post, but then I realised I watched so many pilots!

I love pilots. They have to capture the audience’s attention and get us interested in watching the following episodes. It’s so confusing: you don’t know the characters, you don’t understand what’s going on and you’re trying to figure out if the show it’s actually good or just garbage.

So here are my first impressions!

The Good Place


I don’t understand why it took me so long to start warching this show. It’s produced and created by Michael Schur. A television GOD! You might have heard of some of his projects: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine Nine… COMEDY PERFECTION!

The Good Place is about a woman (Kristen Bell) who finds herself in the afterlife and tries to figure out what it means to be good.

It’s such an interesting concept! Kristen Bell’s character Eleonor arrives at the Good Place, a perfect town overseen by its architect Michael. She meets her neighbours, her supposed soul-mate and Janice, the Good Place’s personal assistant.

It’s so peculiar, weird, funny, magical and more.

I already love it! Micheal Schur, you did it again, you amazing genius.

The Good Place season 2 finale airs Feb 1st at 8:30/7:30c on NBC

The Resident


I’ve watched quite a lot of medical dramas in the past and I enjoy them. So when I saw that the great Emily Vancamp was starring in a new show, I knew that I had to watch it.

Starring Matt Czuchry as the arrogant bad boy Doctor, Manish Dayal as his new and ambitious Devin Pravesh and Emily Vancamp as Nic the Nurse.

It’s about ethic, hospital rivalry and it gives an insight on the ugly and manipulative side of the health care system.

I was expecting something more. They sidelined Emily Vancamp as a background character and love interest, the driven and skilled minority doctor (the Cristina Yang of the situation), the old doctor that doesn’t want to retire (Dr. Webber in season 6) and the careless, arrogant, fearless jeans-wearing doctor (TC from NBC’s The Night Shift).

Something that drove crazy while watching “The Resident”, was seeing Matt Czuchry’s Dr. Hawkings displaying Jess Mariano’s characteristics: Logan Huntzberger with Jess’s personality? It confused the hell out of me. It totally messed with me. I still have to wrap my mind around it.

I like it. I’ll probably keep watching.

The Resident airs on Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

Let me know your opinions on these shows! I’d love to discuss!