The Resident – Mid-Season 2 Review – Winter Hiatus

It has started. The time I dread more. HIATUSES.

I hate them. I spend months without any new episodes, I’m left with a cliffhanger and I hate waiting.

At the beginning of the Premiere Season, I talked about the first episode of this season and about the fact that I wasn’t sure I was going to keep watching.

I’m tired of medical shows.

Grey’s Anatomy took a toll on me and now I don’t trust anybody. I’m still mostly watching out of loyalty towards Emily Van Camp. And even if I hate to admit it, Logan Huntzberger Matt Czuchry is growing on me. I have nothing against the guy, believe me. I just HATED Gilmore Girl’s Logan with all my heart. And I still do. 

Enough rambling, let’s get into the recap!

I liked it. Was it the best thing I’ve seen on TV this year? No. But it was enjoyable. What I enjoyed about last year’s 14 episode run, was the season-long mystery. Where they going to find out about Dr. Hunter? Was Lily going to survive? Would Dr. Bell improprieties ever be discovered?

This season, however, this mystery has taken a step back and the show is focusing more on standalone episodes with some small interference of the previous storyline.

We have actress Jenna Dewan who has joined the cast as a… I don’t get what her title is, but apparently she is a representative of a company which provides medical appliances and innovative tools to the hospital. Anyway, she brings trouble for Dr. Pravesh, who cheats on his fiancé with her.

Nic and Logan Condrad… whose name is super ironic because on Emily Van Camp’s last show “Revenge“, her father-in-law was names Conrad and he was EVIL!

Let’s not diverse any further, Nic and Conrad are going strong, at least it seems like, we get a flashback of the beginning of their relationship and what it was that drove them apart (spoiler alert: a miscarriage) and we get to see more insights into their relationship.

Mina has embarked on a relationship with one of the patient and SURPRISE SURPRISE… Dr. Austin likes her.

It was pretty obvious, people.

Dr Bell is still a dick who now runs the hospital and is pushing his own personal agenda.

Now unto the Winter Finale… Dr. Pravesh’s fiancé accepted a year-long job in San Francisco and Jenna Dewan’s character Julian Lynch just quit her job following the discovery that her company is not that transparent. They claim all their products are manifactured in the US, and guess what? They’re not. They’re made in China and they switch the labels.

And Julian blows the whistle!

And she gets caught. Because she used the company phone to call the FDA.


But wait! Conrad’s dad gets sick! He has to be admitted into the hospital and then has to undergo surgery. Conrad has daddy issues and does not want to be the medical proxy of a father he barely knows.

And he tells Conrad his mother fell in love with their neighbour and their separated.

But they talk it out and have a genuine moment together, in which they show love for each other. It was nice.

And there are issues with Dr. Bell and Dr. Hunter’s bail and more stuff like that. I don’t care. I just want to see him pay for his crimes.

THEN, Devin’s mother tells him about her own affair. She had an arranged marriage to his father and she struggled with it. So she tells him to follow his heart. Is that realistic?

Then he breaks up with her, like half an hour before the wedding.

“I can’t marry you. Not when I have feelings with somebody else. You deserve someone that deserves you and only you.”


“I have real feelings for this person.”

But my girl Priya is not here for this idiot’s “little speech”. You go girl. I support you. To be fair, Devin was honest. It would have been a million times sadder had he gone through with the wedding. He would have mistreated her, and humiliated her even more.

Don’t go away, the surprised are not over yet. Conrad’s dad is rushed to emergency surgery and who gets called to perform it? None other than Dr. Bell. GREAT.

Oh, Julian gets into a car crash.

And this is how the episode ends!!!

I hate to say it because it’s exactly what they want but… DAMN, after this cliffhanger I’m definitely going to keep watching.

Overall, it’s been a good first half of the season. So much tension, drama, conflict, mystery…

What do you think about it? What do you think of Devin’s “revelation”? And what about Nic and Conrad’s relationship? Will Doctor Bell be outed?

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The Resident – s02 ep 01 – “00:42:30” – SEASON 2 PREMIERE

Let’s kick off the start of my season premieres / pilot series of reviews!!!

I am so excited! This is gonna be fun!

I have written quite a lot about “The Resident”, despite it not leaving that of a great first impression on me. I also reviewed season 1 in its entirety but I wasn’t sure I would be back for season 2.

And guess what?

I am!

To recap what happened in the first season, Condrad (Matt Czuchry), Nic (EmilyVanCamp) and Devon (Manish Dayal) uncovered Dr. Hunter’s illegal overdose of chemotherapy on her patients, Dr. Bell’s rise to President of the hospital despite his drinking, drug usage and inability to perform surgery. On top of that, Nic was being framed by Dr. Hunter for the murder of one of her patients, Lily and Conrad’s powerful father disrupts the fragile equilibrium keeping his son’s life together.

so…. DRAMAAA!!!

And season 2 starts off with Conrad and Nic having steamy sex in the shower!

You go girl! Go get it!

2018-09-25 (5).png


Dr. Hunter is actually being accused of murder, fraud and so many other things! She might even face the death penalty! I did not know the state of Georgia still had it! (Which is barberic, by the way. I’m so against this.)

We see these two little newborn babies with heart problems, their mother in the ICU and their father barely hanging on and… of course the power goes off in the middle of surgery!

2018-09-25 (2).png

Dr Okafor and Dr Austin have one of the tiny tiny babies on their table, performing heart surgery.


Resident evil old white man Dr Bell is trying to make decisions but of course, money is his first concern and it seems like he only wants to maintain his and the hospital’s reputation.

What a dick.

But turns out, it wasn’t the storm that caused the power to go off! The hospital has been attacked by hackers!

A kid, victim of a gun show wound comes into the ER and even though they are at full capacity, Conrad decides to open him up right there and then build a makeshift O.R. in the middle of the floor.

2018-09-25 (4).png

Cool and completely reckless. Conrad Hawkins’ style.


But this hacker isn’t a foreign attacker! The hit came from inside the hospital! Even more drama! I knew it was the girl, the college drop out, Nic’s patient. I knew it was her.


Power was restored, all patients were saved and all was well! (Well… almost… Dr Bell is plotting something as ush.)

I think I would have liked this story a lot more, had I not seen a similar episode on Grey’s Anatomy last season.

Although the stakes are much higher here and I was stressed for all 40 minutes. It’s a good season premiere, I was entertained.

There is still this lingering feeling that there is always something shady and carefully hidden in the background and that makes me come back to the show.

What are your thoughts on the premiere? What do you think this season is going to be about? Will we know more about Conrad and Nic’s past relationship? Will Dr Bell be exposed?

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My Personal Fall TV Line-up – September

As I’m writing this, it’s the early days of September.

I will be quite busy the next month and so I’m pre-writing some blog posts. But, by the time you read these words, my shows will have started coming back.


Mind you, it’s not like I haven’t watched anything this summer. I have basically spent it in bed.

From The Looming Tower, Killing Eve to Pose and Riverdale, my hands have been full.

As Shawn from The Good Place would say: “Enough chit chat”.

September 24th:

The Resident & The Good Doctor

Two medical shows in one night! I don’t know if I’ll be watching them as they come out. I just might wait and binge it. At least The Resident. I’m watching it out of loyalty to Emily VanCamp because I loved Revenge.

And The Good Doctor has a person with a mental condition such as Autism as protagonist. And that is quite rare. I liked the show. I was not blown away by it. Aside from Freddie Highmore, the other performances left me indifferent.

All of this to say: I won’t be glued to the screen every week. If I have time, I’ll watch them. If not, I might do it some other time. I’ll be very chill about this. 

September 25th:

This Is Us

Risultati immagini per this is us season 3 poster

It’s the final season for NBC’s most popular and most devastating and heartbreaking show. I have avoided spoilers as much as I could, but I do know that they will explore Jack’s past and this time in the Vietman war.

I’m excited to see it (despite the cheesy-ness of it) and I’m excited to have a good cry.

P.S. Am I the only one that absolutely hates this poster? I really really do not like the colours. On their own, they’d be fine. But smashed together, it looks weird.

September 26th:

Modern Family

It’s the last season! I’m so sad! I’ve been watching Modern Family for 5 years and it has been a constant in my life! A new episode every Thursday!

I have so many lovely memories of watching the show with my little sister and laughing our asses off.

It’s time but I’m still not happy to see it go.

September 27th:

Grey’s Anatomy

Ew. I don’t even know why I still watch the show. I’ve been disgusted by it since season… I can’t even remember it.

I just hate watch it and it’s hella fun. And then it’s real sad because it used to be a great show and how it’s just garbage.

Check out the trailer for this upcoming premiere and see it for yourself.

I have every single thing about it. Especially Owen. And Teddy. And the hot doctors. Ew…

September 27th:

The Good Place

Risultati immagini per the good place season 3SEASON 3, BABY!!!

I’m so excited to see it!!! I’ve been obsessed with “The Good Place The Podcast” (Marc Evan Jackson is a treasure and I love him) and I can’t wait to see what Mike Schur and the writers have come up with!

It’s going to be so much fun and so stupid.

I’m in love with the entire cast and the writers. The podcast shines a light on every single part of the production of the show! And there is so much background information and little details. Give it a listen and you’ll thank me later.

October 28th

Travels With My Father: Season 2

Risultati immagini per travels with my father season 2

Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, travel to eastern europe for another season of shenanigans and uncomfortable situations.

I had a blast watching season 1 and I was so excited they did another one! From the trailer, it even seems like he is going to meet one of my favourite Eurovision performers: Epic Sax Guy. Check out his 2017 performance because it was hilarious.

September 29th

Saturday Night Live!

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Can’t wait to see who the guest star and the musical guest are!

Season 44!

Luke Null was let go from the show, Colin Jost and Michael Che are head writers and co-hosts of Weekend Update and Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, and Melissa Villaseñor were added as repertory players!

It’s going to be great!

They’re coming back to me! It has been a long summer and I’ve explored so much this year, new shows, new discoveries and new favourites, from Pose and Killing Eve to Fleabag and Riverdale.

What are the shows you are excited to see again? Or have you discovered something new?

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Is The Bold Type a Feminist Show?

Long story short… No.

This show stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy playing three girls working at a feminist fashion magazine. It’s inspired by the life of the former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

Let me get this out immediately: I feel like they’re trying to be feminists and not really succeeding. They’re trying to be edgy and again, not succeeding.

It is supposed it be a show about empowering women, a lot of different types of women and yet, we are facing three thin, gorgeous and beautiful ladies working at a fashion magazine. And it’s not empowering. Think about the first episode: they judged each other’s decisions. Immediately.

Sure, the head of the magazine is a (white) woman, there is a lesbian Muslim photographer being imprisoned for smuggling vibrators into her country and there is a diverse staff… but is that enough?

It’s so glossy and perfect. Their outfits are always innovative, super trendy and their makeup is perfect. (I’m suddenly having intense Pretty Little Liars flashbacks.) It feels like they’re trying so hard to be edgy and also maintain that camera ready, perfect and never a hair-out-of-place vibe.

I was reading this blog entry on and the author, Jess,  is saying rather well what I am trying to convey here. She wrote: “I feel more squeemish about their portrayal of feminism than anything else. The reason I feel this way is that I feel as though the producers are trying to capitalize on feminism. Their desire to ensure that The Bold Type feels selfish, while still attempting to be “looking out” for other women. While part of me can appreciate that some of the themes and issues they’re trying to tackle are making the program “woke”, it seems behind the times on “wokeness”. In 2017, young people are far more radical than programs like The Bold Type want to portray us as.”

It feels like Freeform is trying to show how progressive and innovative it is,

the type of feminism is extremely basic.

Of course, it’s not easy writing a feminist show and be inclusive: it’s such a broad topic with opposite views within itself.

But let’s try not to mix up friendship with feminism. They are two separate things the show might be confusing and overlapping.

Just because they are friends, it doesn’t mean they are feminists.

At on point, Kat says that they are doing is “stealth feminism … It’s no longer how to please your man or woman in bed. It’s how to please yourself.”

Which is great! (Basic but great). Most people interested in feminism already know this and those who don’t life it, won’t watch the show.

But when you write a storyline like the whole orgasm thing in the first episodes of season 1. Jane has never had one, she writes about it and then magically the next day, a guy appears and voilà! It’s orgasm city up in here! So was it just about the guy? There was no exploring your sexuality, trying to “please yourself”? She just needed a guy who writes columns about sex at a men’s magazine?

This is what you call feminism? Nah, I don’t think so.

If your tag line is: “Feminism is only our second favourite F word”, you gotta deliver. Don’t come here bullshitting me around.

It’s the type of feminism for people who don’t know anything (or they know very very little) about the topic. Which is important! You have to start somewhere! Myself included! I have only approached the subject itself fairly recently and it’s been a journey of constant learning!

There are positive things about the show, obviously. Some themes they have been talking about include the importance of women sexuality, raising your voice for what you believe in, going after what you want, doing what is best for you and your career, being truthful to yourself and loving Beyoncé.

They might be vague and at times, kind of meaningless but it’s there! As I said before, there is representation (although I’m still waiting for the utterance of the word “bisexual”), one of the recurring characters is a Muslim lesbian artist, they talk about sexual harassment and rape, the importance of having your breasts check out to prevent breast cancer and the online harrassment episode was one of the show’s best.

Amazing and important topics! So yay! If the show had come out ten years ago, it would have been really important for people to watch. Now in the #MeToo, Trump and political and social awareness era, it goes unnoticed.

Speaking of the current US president, I did not like the fact they kept mentioning him and their hatred towards him. That is exactly what he wants. He loves people talking about him, he lives for attention and the show is serving all of this on a silver gold plate.

800 words later, it’s time for me to end this post.

Do you watch “The Bold Type”? Do you think its portrayal of feminism is realistic? Do you feel like any of my views are wrong?

Feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!