2016 In TV Shows

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this, but I’ve been working all week, I spent more than 72 hours non-stop with my family and relatives and I need to talk about my love for television and not a bunch of lies about my university career.

So many horrible things have happened in 2016, but for television this has been one of the best years EVER. At least for me. So, this is my 2016 narrated through my favourite TV shows. (there are more, obviously. But there are the new ones or those that made an impression).


This was a busy months for me: I did 4 exams at Uni and my shows came back from the holiday hiatus.

And what better way to start the year with a special episode (obviously set in the victoria age. Mark Gatiss is obsessed) of Sherlock called “The Abominable bride”.

After a devastating winter finale, “Suits” came back on January and it was incredible. The tension, the drama, the unknown… I’ve been a Suits fan since season 2 or 3 (aka when I discovered it existed) and I still can’t wait for it to come back after the break. Season 5 was unforgettable. Probably the best one.

But then my friend got me into “Black Mirror” and so I watched the fist few episode… which traumatized me. Obviously I needed a pick-me-up and although the title and the trailer seemed utterly stupid, watching Mozart in the Jungle was a great decision.

FEBRUARYLast Week Tonight with John Oliver

Lots more shows came back from hiatus, but they were suddenly cast aside: I had just discovered my GOD of satiric comedy (and let’s say it: journalism): JOHN OLIVER. I absolutely adore him and his show “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”. I have watched some of his pieces so many times that I’m almost ashamed. (Can’t wait for him to come back on February 12th 2017!!!!)


Another dull month (wait until April ’cause then you’ll think I’m crazy)…  The 4th season “House of Cards” was released on Netflix (still have to finish it, BTW) and my favourite italian TV show came back for 3 episodes! Based on the books by Andrea Camilleri, “Il commissario Montalbano” is about a police inspector in Sicily who tries to solve particularly difficult cases and he is often faced with the mafia. Absolutely stunning!


Things here went downhill… I wasn’t mentally well… I hit a rough patch and I felt really really down. So of course I buried myself in tv shows.

My beloved “Game of Thronescame back for season 6 (the best one, in my opinion), HBO’s “Silicon Valley” premiered its 3rd season (LOVED IT).

I started 2 new series: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “12 Monkeys”. Despite its good reviews, I didn’t really get into Kimmy Schmidt, but for the first time I enjoyed watching a supernatural/sci-fi show that wasn’t Doctor Who. I really enjoyed “12 Monkeys” and I’m definitely going to keep watching season 3 (rumour has it, it will air in June 2017).

April was also a months of old TV shows: I started watching “Will and Grace”. And I really really liked it! It was so innovative for its time, funny and totally weird.

The only downside of April: Limitless. The CBS show was cancelled. The show was kind of a sequel to Bradley Cooper’s movie, but the amazing thing was: there was actually Bradley Cooper in it! Looking absolutely stunning! It was the weirdest TV I had seen in a long time and I didn’t immediately get why it was great. Anyway, it got unfairly cancelled, so…


May was probably one of the worst ( 😉 ) months of the year. I had a terrible breakdown, I felt like shit for days and going out of the house had the same effect of someone stabbing me in the back.

BUT I discovered a new show. You’re the worst“. And to this moment I still can’t believe how much it helped me.

Every time I was feeling depressed, I would watch season 2, get into Gretchen’s shoes and allow myself to feel nothing. When I saw the character being in the same situation that I was (although she was a lot worse than me) made me feel less alone, it made me feel like it was okay for me to be like that. Definitely one of the most honest and real portrayal of a mental illness on TV.



June means “holiday at the beach with other 6 people of my family” so I definitely packed my computer with TV shows.

Starting at home with “Unreal”, a show about the behind-the-scenes of a reality like “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”. I though it was one of the most amazing thing ever. And I still do. I hate reality shows, but this behind-the-scenes look is fantastic. Don’t know why, but I loved it. It’s so clever. (Since as I’m writing this, it’s January 3rd, I’m so going to watch the new season of the Bachelor this year!)

I downloaded the 3rd season of “The Night Shift” just for the LOLs but I actually enjoyed it. It talked about police brutality, racism, discrimination, the war in Syria… Really politically and socially relevant. Didn’t think I would, but I enjoyed it. Definitely tuning it for season 4.

I don’t usually watch BBC Dramas, but “Doctor Foster” was definitely a must. I adore Suranne Jones! She played David Tennant’s love interest in “Single Father” in 2010 and I really really like her! She is a great actress! And in this 5-episode-series, she didn’t let me down! The story, though… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Loved it. I also watched BBC’s “Thirteen”. It wasn’t as good as “Doctor Foster” but I recommend it! Very dark and obscure.

I got really really into “The Office” (the US version). I didn’t think I would, given the weaker episodes in season 1, but as soon as I got to season 2… WOW. I LOVED IT. I fell in love with John Krasinski and I truly understood Steve Carell’s brilliance. What a show!

If this list wasn’t enough, I started watching for the 5th time “Breaking Bad” and had a look at two pilots: “The Last Tycoon” (Amazon) and “Bloodline” (Netflix).

Thank God Amazon picked up”The Last Tycoon” for a full series because if not, I would have been really really pissed off. (And no more Matt Bomer in the 30s would have been a crime against ME).


After everything that happened in June, I took a step back. The brilliant “Mr Robot” premiered its second season (that I finished watching last week and it’s mind-blowing) and saw the first couple of episodes and I chose to watch the comedy “Parks and Recreation” (mainly because I was missing “The Office” and “Parks and Rec” has the same producer and some of the same writers).


Despite studying for my German exam, I got started watching almost all new series.

The only exception “Pretty Little Liars”, my guilty pleasure, that ended its 6th season. (season 7 premieres in April 2017, ICYMI.)

If you go back here on my blog, you can see my detailed reviews and opinions on these following shows: I started watching “Stranger Things” because everyone was obsessed… Meh.

For the first year I watched and really REALLY got into “The Great British Bake Off”… Obviously I started watching it and then it got cancelled and moved to channel 4, but never mind that.

Then there was ITV’s “Victoria”… Utterly enjoyed it. Jenna Coleman did a wonderful performance.

After in the middle of all of this: FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine Nine”.


TV show wise, probably the best months along with May.

Waiting for my regular shows (Modern Family, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy…) to come back I found two other series, and one of them changed me. I am obviously talking about “This is us”. And FX’s “Better Things”.

I reviewed This Is Us here on my blog, but I feel like I can’t make it justice. I think the only way is for you, yes you who is reading this now, to go watch it. It will tear you apart. I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling some of the emotions that the show evoked. A MUST of 2016.



Shittiest months of the year. Got obsessed with “Friends”. Don’t have a single regret.



The day I had been waiting for more that a year finally arrived and on November 4th I was finally able to watch “The Crown”. AND WHAT A MASTERPIECE. Matt Smith is brilliant in it! I had missed him so much!

But in late November I discovered the show that destroyed me almost (but not really) as much as “This is us”: Gilmore Girls.

After the mind-blowing discovery that Jack from “This is Us” was Jess from “Gilmore Girls” (and it took me a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time to figure that out), I was hooked. Still am actually.


Finally! The last months! This has been a never-ending post!

I got into two new Tv shows! “Westworld” and I managed to watch the first two episodes of “The Affair” even though it came out in November. (I’m still stuck on episode two, BTW).

A memorable thing that happened in December was the last three episodes of “This Is Us” that I hadn’t seen as they came out, ’cause frankly… I was not emotionally ready for them. I kid you not, I cried for three hours straight. NEVER in my life, I had ever cried this much. It was one of the most liberating feelings in the world. I hate it and loved it at the same time.

This year was bad: from terrorist attacks, to shootings, to celebrity’s deaths (George Micheal I’ll miss you) , to arrogant narcissistic bigot orange racists being elected as President of the United States Of America.

Television wise, this has been a great year. Full of amazing shows, talented NEW and diverse actors and fantastic writers.

I probably forgot a lot of series I glanced at in this past year, but apparently they weren’t worth remembering!

I hope you had a fantastic year and I wish all of you an even better one! Happy 2017!

Georgia   🙂 ❤


P.S. Definitely not going to write this in one sitting next time! Creating the “2017 in Tv shows” post right now!





Recap: Episodes I have seen this week

First of all, I thought writing a blog would be easier. I didn’t factor how time-consuming it actually is. At least for me, it takes me a long time to write a post about my favourite tv shows: grab the stills from the episode, upload them here and writing something that resemble coherency.

Since I will be starting again University in 10 days, I KNOW I will not have the same amount of time I have had in this past month. So, I decided to gather everything in a single post.

Another issue I have: I watch A LOT of shows. And I mean A LOT A LOT. And if 4 new episode come out the same day, it is pretty difficult to review every single one of them in depth.

Enough with my excuses, Here are the shows I have seen this week.

  1. First of all, on Sunday there was the ITV drama “Victoria” which I LOVE! I wrote a review of the first episode (Find it here) and episode 2 was just as great. Lord Melbourne was forced to resign from his position of Prime Minister and the Queen wasn’t having it. She fought with him and didn’t want to accept Robert Peel as substitute of her dear Lord M. Also, her uncle started to spread rumors about her mental instability, claims that were reinforced by an outburst of the Queen herself due to an infestation of rats in the palace. Just like in Downton Abbey, the downstairs servant messed with each other. Here it was about the installation of gas. The depiction of the Queen might have seem childish, but if you really think about it, she was a sheltered child who suddenly became Queen of the British Empire. Anyway, I definitely recommend it to anyone. Not just for a historical point of few, but it is actually very well made.
  2. On Tuesday, there was the Pretty Little Liars summer finale! I have talked about it on my never ending post, so go check that out! HERE

Wednesday was the big day for me. 5 episodes in one day!!!

  1. On BBC ONE there was the Great British Bake Off and this is where I stopped being diligent. After THIS review, I kinda stopped. Anyway, eventful episode: I learnt what Jaffa Cakes are!!!
  2. SUITS –  USANetworks’s Suits is one of my favourite shows EVER. I still haven’t written a blog post about it, but I will. I promise. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, it talks about a law firm in New York City. The main focus is Mike, a bike messenger with a photographic memory who was kicked out of law school. Even tough he is not allowed to practice the law, he gets hired by Harvey Specter and together with Jessica the boss, Louis the weird attorney, Donna the secretary and Rachel the paralegal, they try to survive in NYC and hid Mike’s secret from everyone. IT. IS. AMAZING. The depth of the characters, the comedy bits, Harvey’s badass attitude and Donna being Donna… It is one of the best shows EVER. I highly recommend to EVERYONE!
  3. THE NIGHT SHIFT – I started watching his 2 years ago only because Eoin Macken (Sir Gwaine from BBC’s Merlin) was in it. Like it. Thought there was a lot of room for improvement. But season 3 surprised me. In my opinion it is detached from the other two: it deals with important social issues in America such like discrimination, police attacking black people and the war in Syria. I wouldn’t consider it very good, but not even bad. Is it bad to say average? I don’t want to diss on the show, but let’s just say that I could be better.
  4. YOU’RE THE WORST – I reviewed the series in general in my first ever review on this blog (You can read it here) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. It is so real, so true, a bit racy and very open about sexuality AND I LOVE IT. But the show isn’t just a rated M romantic comedy. It talks about depression, war veterans, responsibility and so much more. It may seem like a frivolous show, but if you look behind all the sex and inappropriate jokes and comments, you will find an amazing show. Definitely in my TOP 10. And this week’s episode was everything and more than I expected. GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!
  5. MR. ROBOT – The episode (number 9 I believe) came out but I am still stuck on episode 3… I also previously review the show, but although I watched season 1 every quickly (barely understanding was as going on) I want to take some time to watch it properly. I’ll probably binge watch it as soon as all the episode have come out. I managed to stay free from spoiler, so please. Don’t say anything if you have seen it.


So, this was my TV show week.

I have been pretty busy because I had a german exam on the 30th of August and I wanted to take a few day off.

I enjoyed writing these smalls review of the shows and of the episodes and I’ll probably start doing it more. Anyway, I have a few other bit and bobs to post…

Not TV shows related!! I have been thinking about writing a “First year at Uni” post and something else that I have discovered recently.

Hope you have a nice Sunday! If you want you can follow me on Twitter or on my Goodreads page!

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Georgia    🙂

Great British Bake Off 2016 – Week 1

I had never seen before an entire episode of the Great British Bake Off. I have heard a lot about it and seen bits and pieces from past years on TV, but I never sat down and got into it.

The premises of the show is 12 amateur backers competing against each other to win the title of best backer in the UK. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the two severe and strict judges and they are properly terrifying!! At the end of this week’s episode, Mary and Paul will choose a Star Backer and the one with the lower score, will leave the Bake Off Tent.

One of the things that I loved about it, is the fact that they immediately started the game and then later introduced all the backers. This way you don’t get super bored learning about 12 strangers personal lives.

In the first episode the contestants will face three challenges:

NUMBER 1: a moist (Mary Berry specifically said it) Drizzle Cake. 

2016-08-26 (2)2016-08-26 (1)

Since this was the first challenge, is wasn’t overly complicated and luckily there wasn’t too much drama.

Everyone used different ingredients and at the end every one of them created beautiful compositions! There isn’t a lot to say about the first challenge. We didn’t know the contestants and they only had two hours to bake the cake.

NUMBER 2: 12 Jaffa Cakes 

2016-08-26 (3)

In the second challenge, all the contestants had the same ingredients and a basic recipe. This is Mary’s technical challenge and I had not idea what these weird cakes with jelly.

Britain, why? Come one. Seriously. Why? Why would you put jelly on a cake!!!

The cakes actually looked nice… If you didn’t think about the horrid jelly stuck between the cakes and the chocolate.

NUMBER 3: Mirror glaze cake.

This was my favourite! Some contestants REALLY went over the top! Just look at that! And they only had 3 hours!

2016-08-26 (5)2016-08-26 (7)2016-08-26 (9)2016-08-26 (6)

I loved how much chocolate they used!!! SO MUCH! It made me want to press pause and eat all the chocolate in my house!

But other than this, the challenge was too much for me! With the music to the 3 hours countdown and one of the contestants crying! I was on the edge of my seat, completely absorbed by the game.

The cakes were so pretty, so full of chocolate and… I DESPERATELY NEEDED CHOCOLATE!

One thing that I have noticed is how lovely each contestant was to the others: they were so nice and encouraging! The atmosphere (despite the tensions and pressure) was amazing. I absolutely loved it.
The Great British Bake Off 2016

At the end of the episode Jane was crowned STAR BAKER and Lee was eliminated from the show.

I’m so glad that she won the challenge, because she is one of my favourite.

From my first impression, I have 4 candidates that could possibly win the Great British Bake Off: Jane, Selasi, Val and Benjamina.

I’m doing a “Jimmy Kimmel The Bachelor/Bachelorette prediction” kinda of thing, so I think that Selasi will win. Let’s see at the end of the season if I am right!!!


Let me know in the comments if you have seen the first episode and which one of the contestants is your favourite!!


Georgia   🙂