Reasons Why I got Angry at the 2019 Emmy Nominations

Contrary to what the title might suggest, I love the Emmys. I stay up all night watching the ceremony, I drink some coke or coffee to stay awake and I silently cheer when my favourite actor wins an award. That being said, there were things that annoyed me this year. And yes, it is Game [...]

100th Post! – Emilia Clarke

In honour of season 7's finale which aired last Sunday, I wanted to shed a light on Emilia Clarke and her wonderful makeup. She is such a wonderful actress and has always promoted equal pay for men and women in the cinematic industry. In an interview she said: "I have mascara on my eyes and [...]

Game Of Thrones Finale “The Winds of Winter”

I was on holiday when the episode aired, but I thought: "It will be fine! I can buy some WiFi at the bar! There will be no problems!" In Italy we say: "Le ultime parole famose". A rough translation could be: the last famous words. My phone was already on "Airplane mode" to stay a [...]