Pretty Little Liars – s07e17 – Driving Miss Crazy – REVIEW

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the 17th episode of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. You have been warned!

I feel like my latest posts have been only about this show, but I promise: I intend to broaden my orizon and post about something else. In just a couple of weeks the entire series is coming to an end. I have to admit: I’m pretty sad. What other trashy show should I start watching? Please help me. I need my trash. (And one hour and a half of “Th Bachelorette” does not even begin to scratch the surface. ❤

Without much ado, let’s drive straight into the episode!

Right from the first shot, the tension between Aria and Ezra was palpable. That whole dancing thing was unbelievably awkward. Finally he starts asking questions: just not the right ones.

2017-06-11WAIT!! Aria has “How I Met Your Mother”‘s Ted’s red cowboy boots!!! I’m certain that under the sole there is the tag: “Property of Ted Mosby” 😂😂😂

So, let me recap: AD is blackmailing Aria because of a report she filed against Ezra when they were student and teacher. Great.

MARCO! Why are you here? Please disappear. But for the first time he asked the right question: “Why does Caleb live in a hotel?”

2017-06-11 (1).png

And Alison is in New York. Thank God, one less problem.

On a side note, when Mona said: “What did I miss?” and I started singing Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Daveed Diggs, I love you both.

2017-06-11 (2).png

Uh! Hannah’s mother is back. And Caleb lied straight to her face. Nice son-in-law…

I am so disappointed in Aria. I truly am. She was never my favourite character. I loved her relationship with Ezra, but let’s face it. She has terrible judgement.

I love Mona. Please, tells us about Emily and Alison’s baby daddy! I desperately want to know.

I am convinced Hannah is beginning to see through Aria’s bluff.
And Spencer has found the phone that Aria planted in her house!

I have been waiting 3 episode for a big fight between Aria and Ezra, or at least some kind of confrontation. AND I THINK IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING. I’m through the roof.

But they are not fighting. He is just misinterpreting everything! This is unacceptable. And now they ae hugging. Great.

2017-06-11 (3)

Why? Why are they bringing up Spencer and Caleb relationship? I have been trying to forget about it since it ever happened! Of course I basically shouted when Mary appeared on Spencer’s backseat. And really cannot care less about the entire conversation.
So Spencer’s dad and Alison’s mother tried to kill Mary with some pills. That’s it. NOBODY CARES! TELL ME ABOUT THE BABY DADDY!!


And what’s with the awkward conversation with Hannah, Caleb and Ashley? And the bullshit excuse he gives? Come on! So sappy! I want to puke. *eye roll* 🙄
WHAT?! WHAAAAAAAT?! HE PROPOSED?! In front of her mother? And the looks they gave each other? To me, it was the physical rappresentation of sadness.

2017-06-11 (6).png

But wait the surprises are not over! Aria has a weird musical dream in a prison. Every episode I tell myself that the show cannot get more ridiculous, but it does! I love it so much.
With the Elvis rock and roll music. It was so bad. Never have I see such bullshit. They did a similar thing once: Spencer having flashbacks or having black and white dreams. But they were all wearing clothes from the 40s… This show is so ridiculous. Nobody can keep the “facts” straight.

Uh! They are going to tell us the name of the baby daddy! Ehm no well, the ID number but still. Maybe by next episode we will have an answer.

2017-06-11 (7).png

I really want to storm off like Mr Hastings did! I want to yell, scream and then storm off slamming the door. I came close one day when a friend got me unbelievably upset, but I’ve never done it! And I desperately want to!

What is with Caleb and Hannah and the tent. It is not romantic. Do you know how warm it gets with two people in that small shitty tent? It’s not just that!! She took a piece of paper from the sigars and used it as fake wedding rings? I hate it. I was about to write that the tent scene was cute, but now.. EW.

Mary looked very disappointed when Spencer said she wouldn’t leave. And it was so sad when Spencer referred to Mrs Hastings has her mother in front of Mary. And she gracefully took it. She might be crazy but at least she has integrity.

2017-06-11 (8).png

Uuuuh! What is Mona hiding?
Is she AD?



This is stupid.

(Of course she is not AD. They just want to build suspence and make us think she is AD. Oldest trick in the book. Nobody is fallin for that.)

There is no doubt that my favourite trash thing in this episode was the musical/dream. Why did they think that it would be good? BECAUSE IT IS NOT.

But at the same it soooo is.

There are only three episodes left and there are so many unanswered questions. Frankly, I believe they are going to leave us hanging. It is impossible that they will wrap up all of these shenanigans in ony three 40-minutes episodes. What I really want to know is: WHO IS THE BABY DADDY? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Hope you enjoyed my rambly review. 🙂



Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 15 – In The Eye Abides The Heart – REVIEW

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the 15th episode of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. You have been warned!

The episode opens with Emily and Alison talking about the pregnancy and they decide to get some tests done and see if everything is ok.

Aria video chatting to her self was the creepiest thing ever… even creepier than the Hannah Doll in the last episode.

Lucas has gotten himself into this whole mess… From season 1 they cast a gloomy and sketchy vibe on him. He was always a bit weird and distant.

2017-04-19 (3)

Noooooo! The cop is back again! PLEASE, stop! Can we please eliminate him from the show? Uh! But he is starting to doubt Spencer… interesting. Actually not really. No. Not at all.

But let’s talk about the most hilarious thing in the episode and probably in the history of the show:
Toby and Caleb in a cabin. Fishing. WHAT. I had Homeland flashbacks with Carrie and Brody…

…. and now I’m crying.

Ezra and Aria’s awkward relationship is just… well, awkward. I can’t watch their scenes without feeling some kind of discomfort. And now she reveals information to the enemy. Aria, don’t be the weakest link. PLEASE.

My million dollar question is: who the fuck is Emily and Alison’s baby’s father? This is what I’m really interested in.

2017-06-10 (4).png

And now Hannah is ALSO thinking of having children? Wow.

So they decide to spy on Lucas and they find a comic book. Seriously. Let’s stereotype the nerds. Thank you.

2017-06-10 (2).png

Aria being a bitch is just not credible. And I’m tired of this. TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS!!!! DON’T DRAG THIS FOR ANOTHER 5 EPISODES!

Wait. Now Emily wants Alison to have the baby and raise it? Awwwwwww! I don’t think they should be together like the majority of the fandom (I prefer Emily and Paige) but this is so strange! Asking your friend to have your baby?

Now Emily wants Alison to have the baby and raise it? Awwwwwww! I don’t think they should be together like the majority of the fandom (I prefer Emily and Paige) but this is so strange! Asking your friend to have your baby?

2017-06-10 (5).png

Paige is leaving?! Nooooooo! I liked her! She is such a good character! Who made these decisions and why are they fucking everything up?

And now Ezra?! They are so going to break up their engagement. I feel sorry for them. Is it bad that I wanted them to scream at each other and yell? They should let themselves go and let their feelings out.

Oh no, the cop is sticking his nose into other people’s business. It’s his job, but he hasn’t done it for the entirety of the season and he is waking up NOW? I hate him so much.

What is Paige doing at Ali’s house? This whole interaction was gibberish. I wanted Emily with Paige and not Ali!!!!!!! I am officially disappointed.

2017-06-10 (7).png

WREN IS BACK?! And his horrible British accent. I LOVE England and the British accent but his just irritates me. It’s that too posh and with the “t” sound that drives me crazy.


Ali is having the baby. Frankly now there is almost nothing that can surprise me.

Ezra came back to the flat. And she apologises to him? How are they so calm? And most importantly why? I definitely would not have been.

A couple of sentences ago I said that nothing can surprise me anymore. But the “evil laughter” at the end of the episode proved me wrong. What the fuck was that obscenity!?!?!?!

No. No. No. No.

I love this show. It’s so trashy. Maybe I should try to watch Shadowhunters for the third time, but let’s face it.: I would have to comment on every single thing and every review would end up being a novel.

Hope you liked this post and please let me know in the comments who do you think is Ali/Emily’s baby’s father. I really want to know but I have zero intention of racking my brains.<3

Georgia 🙂