Some Hot messes, Emotional Scenes, Great Comedy and MEH Moments – 7 Season Finale Recaps

My initial intention was to make separate reviews for each of these shows and then I got into studying, University stuff, and work and things escalated. Writing them now, more than a month after they aired would not have made sense so I'm recapping! It's been... an interesting year in television. A busy year and [...]

“Man up? Sexist!” – Brooklyn99 Week – Day 4: Social Issues

Brooklyn Nine Nine has never shied away from discussing important social topics. The show dives deep into problems in society in America and in the world. It does so in funny and ridiculous ways. But if you look behind the stupid joke and hilarious delivery, it's so important. Without further ado, here are some of [...]

“It’s Heist Time!” Brooklyn99 Week – Day 3: Halloween

If you're familiar with Brooklyn99, you know that Halloween is a big deal. Every year, the precinct gets wrapped up in stealing something and the winner will be crowned "King of the 99" and an "amazing detective / genius". These episodes are so funny, intelligent and clever. On top of that, they are just silly. [...]

“Bingpot!” Brooklyn99 Week!! Day 2: Captain Raymond Holt

After yesterday's post entirely dedicated to the amazing Gina Linetti, I felt like talking about someone completely different: Captain Raymond Holt. Played by the wonderful Andre Braugher, Captain Holt is the most stoic, uptight, strict, adorable, strong, and unintentionally funny character on Brooklyn Nine Nine. What makes the show special is its diversity and Holt [...]

“If I die, turn my tweets into a book!!” Brooklyn99 Week! Day 1: 💯

💯 Who else would I be talking about other than the marvelous and amazing Gina Linetti? Brooklyn99 comes back in a week and I decided to write a post for every single day until March 18th, the day that Brooklyn99 comes back on TV!!! I am so excited! I've been connecting with some people on [...]