Silicon Valley season 5 Review

I can’t believe you’re already done with Silicon Valley!

8 weeks flew by in no time!

I loved this season. After all the drama about T.J. Miller leaving and whatnot, the writers and producers made it work even better than before. The show is even more ridiculous than ever.

Mike Judge and Alec Berg created such an interesting and absolutely hilarious show with extremely awkward characters.

Richard faces so many difficulties, with people trying to stop him from achieving his dreams. From Gavin Belson to Jian Yang and Laurie Bream, it seems like the Pied Piper guys will never manage a single second of tranquility.


The rivalry between Dinesh and Gilfoyle is one of the show’s strength and it is freaking hilarious. They are both so competitive and so mean to each other! As Jared pointed out at some point during the show, they are each other’s best friends. Even if they are constantly trying to sabotage ach other.

In this season there is the recurring theme of Dinesh’s TESLA. He bought it and he is weirdly obsessed with it! After Gilfoyle builds his own environmentally conscious car and it’s a mess.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 gilfoyle tesla

Absolutely fantastic.

And then his obsession of being the Tesla guy in the office!


Richard and his octopipers are trying to launch his new internet and he inadvertently outs one of the companies’ CEO’s christian faith. The irony is so funny. In such a liberal place like Silicon Valley, being christian is highly frowned upon.


When Richard gives Jared the job of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Jared starts crying out of happiness, my heart was so full. Jared loves Richard so much. He would literally do anything for him. He is completely and utterly devoted to him. Not to mention that Jared’s one liners are the most hilarious things on the show.


Gavin Belson not noticing his signature looks like a penis is the funniest thing ever. It was such an Silicon Valley iconic moment.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 gavin belson box

The look on the executive’s faces was priceless.

Nobody had the courage to tell him and rather than doing against him, they’d rather have genitals on their stupid box.



That was terrifying. I was terrifying by her. It was Westworld come to live. The robots are coming!!!

It stared the shit out of me.

that, and Jared’s lips.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 jared

Speaking of, his attachment to her was so creepy! He had all that emotional tension building up and needed an outlet.

With that and his emotional abuse on Holden, Richard’s new assistant and his weird habit of coming in early to clean for the custodians, Jared was the comedy pillar of this season.



BITCOINS!!! I don’t understand it! I immediately felt the need to watch John Oliver’s deep dive into the matter.

Immagine correlata

I don’t get it, it sounds extremely risky but here we go!

And this gave Monica more screen time and her friendship with Gilfoyle was hilarious!

I love this season. I loved it.

I am so glad it is nominated for outstanding comedy at the Emmys this year. I’m not so happy that Zach Woods wasn’t nominated. I’ve said it so many times in this post. I wanted him to be nominated.

Anyway, if you are not up to date, catch up on this season! It’s marvelous!

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Silicon Valley

I completely forgot Silicon Valley was coming back on TV, but I’m so glad it did. It airs on Sunday at 10PMon HBO for a total of 10 episode (season 4th finale will air on June 25th).

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a group of computer engineers trying to build a successful company in ruthless Silicon Valley.


The main character is Richard Hendrix, a socially awkward engineer who develops an algorithm that can reduce immensely file sizes. At least this is what I think it does. More than half of the technological stuff is incomprehensible to me.

Fixated on the name “Pied Piper”, Richard brings his roommates and fellow programmers onto his project and creates his company. Right from the beginning, Richard is faced with one of the hardest decisions of his life: sell his algorithm for 10 million dollars to the evil Gavin Belson or keep the company and receive fundings for his app from Peter Gregory.

Along the lines, he meets my favourite character of the entire series: Jared. He is possibly the weirdest, most awkward and uncomfortable person ever. He is so self-sacrificing, unselfish and soooo maternal, especially towards Richard. But Jared (whose real name isn’t even Jared) isn’t the only brilliant character. The never-ending feud between Gilfoy and Dinesh is HILARIOUS and the Satanist and Pakistani programmers bring the bromance aspect to the show. Their competitiveness and insults are just the best. Another completely strange person on the show is Erlich Bachman, the owner of the house where they all live. He calls it his “incubator” and he tries to be kind of mentor… while been stoned the entire time.

Two other characters are Big Head, Richard’s best friend and an utterly useless and stupid programmer that is so clueless all the time! Sometimes he is so gullible and… it’s so funny! And of course Monica, possibly the only sane person of the bunch. She works for the company which has been founding the “Pied Pieper” company.

And I almost forget Jian Yang!!! He is an app developer who lives in Erlich’s “incubator” and has no links to “Pied Piper”. The hilarious thing about him is his problem in communicating, especially with Erlich… It’s such a good dynamic and it just makes me laugh so much!!!!!

The show itself is incredibly funny, rude and sometimes stupid. But so so SO good. It’s ridiculous and completely insane.


silicon-valley-season-4daniel-clowes-posterLast Sunday, the show premiered its fourth season and I already know it’s going to be amazing. I was a little disappointed that Richard left Pied Pieper and started working on his crazy project on the new internet.

I felt like Jared at the end… I did not want to let go of Richard! I wanted the team to stay together!!! I was so sad!

But the return of Russ Hanneman definitely lifted my mood. His rant in front of the (wrong) elementary school was spectacular and sooooo embarrassing. I loved it.

I can’t wait for next Sunday for the second episode. If you’re interested in a really funny, unapologetic and often very rude comedy show, THIS is exactly what you need.

Georgia 🙂

March Favourites 2017

I haven’t had the greatest month. Not at all.

Life wise, I started studying for my driving license for the 5th time. I contacted my professors at Uni for material for my exams. I cried and freaked out about it for days, but nevermind. I’ve been anxious for weeks and not sleeping very well. And felt like shit for the longest time. But it’s okay!!! I’m not extremely sad! *said in the most sarcastic voice ever*

To get my morale up, I started writing down all of the things I like this month.  But then I happily realized that the list was longer than expected. Soooo, I’ll be splitting them in two and in this post, I’ll focus on the general stuff and the next one will be all about beauty.

Enough blabbing, let’s get on with it.

  • Stationery clips and Stabilo Pen


I got these clips at “Tiger” on September and until recently I had lost them! I basically took apart my bedroom, searched everywhere in the house and of course my dad had hidden them on top of the cabinet in the kitchen. COME ON. But I recently found them and I’ve been using them for literally everything. They are absolutely adorable and unbelievable cheap. I’m in love.

On the other hand,  I stole this pen from my sister only to figure out that it was actually my mom’s and that she was pretty angry she lost it. I’m still keeping it because it’s amazing. And I love how my handwriting turns out. I’m so going to re-purchase this and if there are, I’m without a doubt getting it in different colours.

  • Gilmore Girls Fanfictions


I’m a Fanfiction nut. I have 2 apps and I even paid 0.99€ for the premium version of one. And I have no regrets. I have almost 400 stories in my favourites and I have read A LOT OF THEM multiple times. But since I got obsessed with Gilmore Girls and in particular Jess and Rory, I’ve been basically reading the entire section on Here is a selection of the ones I’ve most enjoyed: Stop Running, They Say it isn’t easy, The Runaways, The KidThe Kid Some of them are filled with clichĂ©s and predictable plots, but honestly: who fucking cares.

  • Netflix


March marked the wonderful beginning of my relationship with Netflix. And so far, it’s been great. There are a lot of shows that are missing or aren’t complete but I’ve been loving it. I’ve binge-watched all 6 seasons of New Girl, started watching “Grace and Frankie”, skipped from one episode to another of “Friend” and I have the possibility of choosing between 7 seasons and the Year in the Life special of Gilmore Girls.

I’ve been really into stand up comedy recently and Aziz Ansari and Trevor Noah are SPECTACULAR. Highly recommend.

  • This is Us  – Last three episodes marathon

This Is Us - Season 1

I’ll be brief because I’ll start crying. I saved the last three episodes until the finale came out and then binge watched them. And then watched “The Aftershow” on Youtube. I was devastated, it has scarred me for life and I’m in love. Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore were unbelievably talented in the last episode and Sterling K Brown made me had emotions I didn’t even know human were capable of feeling. Can’t wait for season 2. I’ll be crying.

  • The Bachelor Finale

58472a417ca5765f5638b6c7_o_f_v1I spoke about this at length in a recent post and the 12 weeks I’ve spent with the bachelor nation watching the show was the weirdest, most amazing ever. It’s the most ridiculous programm I’ve seen in my life and italian television is just as bad.

  • Grey’s Anatomy s13e16: “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?”

I’ve been regularly watching Grey’s Anatomy for 3 years now and this episode finally resembled the greatness of the show’s earlier seasons. After Cristina and Derek’s departure (and previously Mark and Lexie’s) the show felt weird. But this episode was finally GOOD. Jesse Williams isn’t only a good looking person and an involved activist, he is pretty talented and he finally had the chance to shine. His presence on the screen was spectacular, captivating and graceful. I already liked him, but it was after this interview with Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” that I started appreciating him more. The episode itself was great, full of drama, love, complicated relationship. One of the best “on the character” focus-episode they have produced.

This next thing is not television related and it’s a book.

  • The Hating Game

I don’t even know how I found out about this book, but I’m so glad I did. This is exactly the chick-flic that I LOVE! It’s not dumb like most of them, there are no sexist messages, the story itself is not something revolutionary and particularly new but I read it in 2 days. To give a brief summary, the story is about Lucy and Joshua, two co-workers who despise each other but are both up for the same promotion. But as they try to win the hating game, they might discover that they don’t dislike each other that much.

At times there are clichĂ© moments and some typical romantic stuff, but I absolutely loved it. There is no bullshit insta-love, no unnecessary sexy times, no soul mate shit. If they don’t make this into a movie, Hollywood is losing a great opportunity for a brilliant brand new rom-com. PLEASE MAKE IT INTO A MOVIE! OR EVEN BETTER, A TV SERIE! PLEASE!

That’s it! These were my non-beauty related things I loved during the month of March. To see what I’ve been loving makeup-wise, here is the link for the blog post!

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a lovely day!