Pretty Little Liars – Spring Premiere 2017 – Season 7 episode 11 – “Playtime” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I have reviewed a couple of episodes (ep 8, ep 9 and ep 10) of the latest season of Pretty Little Liars and I had so much fun. This show unloads so much stuff on one single episode. It’s unbelievable.

Pretty Little Liars

I have been waiting for a long time for the show to come back and finally, I can get back into the trash. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I heavily trash the show, even though I adore it. It’s so teen-angst. To get back into the show and to refresh my memory, I re-watched some of the old episodes, just to remind myself of all the nonsense that happened.

And it’s been great. To quickly recap: Noel Kahn was working with A.D, he is psychotic and got beheaded by an ax (which was stuck on the floor), Jenna pointed a gun at the girls and started shooting around. (Need I remind you that she is blind?), someone shot Spencer but as Jenna was about to pull the trigger on Spencer, Mary Drake knocked her over and while someone dragged away an unconscious Jenna, Mary revealed that SHE was Spencer’s mother. And happy with all this tragedy, the creators decided that Toby and his fianceé (whose name eludes me) had to get into a really bad car crash.

AND, in the last few seconds, it is revealed that Jenna didn’t know A.D. and wasn’t working for them. But now she is trapped (presumably) in a van with him/her.

And bear in mind that this happened in the last 10 minutes. SO MUCH INFORMATION TO GO THROUGH!

But it’s been almost a year since this episode…. Let’s not waste more time and let’s dive into it. The following things that you will read were written while watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

Right in the first two minutes the amount of information is ridiculous. Yvonne (that’s the name of Toby’s fiancée!!!) is in a medically induced coma, the liars find out about Toby and said something about Mary Drake. What I don’t know. It was so fast!

Also, Ezra comes back! In the last episode, his previous girlfriend and girl he wrote his book about, came back to life. Yes. THAT HAPPENED.

Hannah pinching Caleb to “check that he is real.”  *eye roll* COME ON. The entire conversation was a cheesy sentence after another. I wanted to puke.

Can we just talk for a minute about the fact that Alison is a teacher now? It’s absurd.


Hannah:“Did you talk about the wedding?”

Aria: “No, we didn’t.”


This whole Spencer/Cop thing is just stupid. Why is he even here? What is his point?!? So annoying.

And as you can see on the right…. Who the fuck is this guy? Holden? Where are you coming from? What’s the point of you? Meaningless people seem to be the theme of this entire episode.

It seems that for once, Veronica told Spencer the truth! Mr. Hastings had another illegitimate child! This time with Mary. But he thought she was Jessica? And Mary was in the asylum so Veronica took the baby in and adopted her as her daughter. I feel so bad for Spencer. It was completely absurd, but I really felt sorry for her.

So after her meltdown and her mother’s confession, she decided to play A.D.’s game and went to see Toby. And had an emotional heart to heart. Blah blah blah.

Then some shit with Mona and Hannah and a Senator’s daughter.  *eye roll*

Sometimes these subplots are so boring and at the same time better than any shit the show can make up. Just like this tension between Emily, Paige and Alison. I don’t really care. And it’s getting pathetic.

Anyway, as Hannah prepares to stab the game A.D. sent them, a video appears on the screen. It’s them, digging up Alison’s husband.

And as the final scene, we see Jenna asking questions to someone off camera. Obviously A.D. She says “End Game” and…. that’s the episode.

Frankly, I expected more. I was all in for a ridiculous episode like the summer finale but this one wasn’t as much fun. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. It was cheesy, stupid, ridiculous, annoying (like Ezra and fucking Nicole… COME ON!) and magnificent.

I’ll definitely try to review episode after episode until the very end, but I’m starting to live again and I’m getting slightly better and I don’t know how much time I’ll actually have 😦

Let me know if you liked the episode and your thoughts on it. I’d love to discuss it with you! BYE!


Homeland Season 6 Finale


This season has been real. Some would say even too real.

The last episode of Homeland’s 6th season aired last Monday (April 10th) on Showtime and it was heart-breaking.

I reviewed the first episode and now I’m here to summon everything that has happen in the past 12 episodes: Dar is a fucking asshole, Carrie is being screwed by everybody, Dar is the worst human being on the planet, #fakenews, President-Elect, Dar is a monster, #fakenews, Dar is dickhead, #EmmyForRupert, the CIA, Claire Danes’ crying face is still here, Rupert Friend’s performance, Dar Adal is a cruel pervert. Quinn, I love you.

Homeland usually focuses on intense and real problems related to terrorism and national security and USA relationships with foreign countries and in particular Islamic terrorism.

If this didn’t seem enough real to you, this year they decided to include the topic of “fake news” and the strained relationship of Homeland’s President-Elect with its own intelligence community and with the country itself. The peaceful transition of power was not seen both in reality and in the fictional world of Homeland: people chanting “Not my president!”, islamophobia, fake news, crazy people talking shit on their own messed up shows, polluting the internet with trolls and haters and fake information.

The similarities between reality and fiction were terrifying. It’s scary when reality is far worse than anything we could possibly imagine.

But what really shocked me, was Quinn. I haven’t been a fan of him right from the beginning, but the writers were spectacular in creating such a 3-dimensional character. From the first episode of season 3, I fell in love with him. In season 4, he was probably my favourite character, he had so many layers and such depth that was exceptional. Rupert Friend, who played him, was terrific. This year’s performance was incredible. In season 5 he was tortured with chemical weapons and then had a stroke that almost ended his life. It was brutal. I wasn’t a big fan of season 5, but the ending broke my heart. I cried for at least an hour. And last Monday’s episode definitely split it into two pieces.

I know it’s a drastic thing to say, but for me, Homeland is over. I’ll definitely keep watching, but without Quinn it will never be the same. I said the same thing after Brody died, but at least I had him.

Now it’s just Carrie and Saul. Dar Adal is in prison. Quinn is dead. A possible despot is sitting in the White House.

Homeland is able to re-invent itself season after season. Plot twist after plot twist. Main character’s death after main character’s death.

Let’s face it because I’ve already changed my mind: I’ll probably watch season 7 next year.

To finish off this review: Quinn, I’ll miss you. I love you. Bye.





Bones Series Finale


I’ve been watching Bones since season 5 in the remote 2010. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years! During this time I have definitely lost interest. I’m sorry, but it got out of hand.

Let’s just start with season 5 itself. The brain tumor, Booth’s memory loss… the only great thing about this season was the 100th episode where they show us the first time Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan meets Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI. That and my adorable Lance Sweets’ annoyance was hilarious. And from there, it went downhill.

bones-sdcc-2016-fullAccording to my TV shows tracker app, I have 40 episodes left to watch. Basically 2 seasons. So yeah… I have a lot of new and more exciting series to watch and after the mixed schedule with only 13 episodes in season 7 and the absolutely ridiculous plot line of Hodgins getting super injured. Come on.

And Christine’s birth in the shed? OH GOD. JUST NO! And how could I forget that weird episode in which Dr. Brennan dreams her dead mother or has a vision about her. I don’t remember. That was ridiculous.

What I loved about Bones was the darkness of its earlier seasons: the murders, Brennan’s coldness and the gruesome of the whole thing.

I’m really sad Bones ended… I felt the same emotions when Castle ended. I loved the show. Well,  I loved season 1-2-3 and 4. Out of 8. Anyway, I have this feeling of nostalgia. Even though I didn’t watch it regularly, I knew Bones was there. I knew that I could pick it up whenever I wanted.

There are some episode I remember with great fondness (Did I just quote an interview with Emily Blunt? I think I just did…): the 100th, the episode where Mr Vincent-Nigel Murray dies, the episode with the body in the chocolate bar (I couldn’t eat one for weeks) and frankly many more.  Oh! The one where they thought they had JFK’s remains in the lab! HILARIOUS!

And can we talk about poor dear adorable shrink Lance Sweets? I believe I stopped watching the show after they killed him off. The actor needed time off for shooting a movie and they just wrote him off. I was deeply saddened by the whole thing. He was just adorable.

I can’t actually review the last few seasons because I’ve seen only a handful of episodes, but as a longtime fan of “Bones” I felt I had the duty of remembering and bidding farewell to this beloved show.

“The End in the End”

I was reading this article on and they are so right. The last episode had everything that made it the typical last episode of a cable TV show: they solved the crime, there were major life-changing discoveries, character moving on to better things and a general overview of all the other forensic team.

Bones_S12E12_-_05I quite liked it actually. Aside from the unnecessary dramatic music that at times was overwhelming and almost as loud as the dialogue.

I felt like Dr Brennan’s concussion (brain injury or whatever) was useless at the beginning, but after her powerful conversation with Booth, I definitely changed my mind. I related to it….

At the end of the episode, I was satisfied by the ending. Not totally impressed with the whole series killer/Zack situation and the subsequent explosion of the Jeffersonian. Come on, they started with the “Cam left her purse around” on the previous episode. I GET IT!

Also, if you want to check out a truly creepy serial-killer-turning-his-victims-in-marionettes, you should definitely check out Fringe’s episode “Marionette” (season 3 ep 9). Absolutely disturbing.

Anyway, I’m still sad it’s over. Bones was with me for 7 years and I’m really disappointed to see it go… But if they had renewed it for a 13th season, they would have most definitely ruined it.

Goodbye Bones. Thanks for the years we’ve spent together.





The Bachelor Season 21

What. Is. This. Show.

I’m genuinely asking. These all 12 weeks were a rollercoaster for me. Probably my first on this blog was about The Bachelorette, but I only saw the first episode and I didn’t have time to watch it. But I’ve been desperate (fear not, I still am) and I decided to give this thing a go. And boy, it was a good idea.

This show is absolutely absurd. I can’t even find the words to describe what all of this is.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the premises of the show, it’s about a guy that wants to find love. So they lock 30 of the prettiest and skinniest girls in a huge mansion and they make them go on dates with him.

This is the best story ever. Nick has been on the show 3 times and he still hasn’t managed to find love. He got his heart broken two times and now he is finally ready to settle down and find the women he is going to spend the rest of his life with. He wants to be in looooooove! This program is so trashy.

17-corinne-3-w600-h315-2xThe highlight of this season was obviously the trashy Ivanka Trump impersonator, Corinne. Definitely, the most entertaining person I have ever heard speak. Just to prove my point, here is a selection of her best quotes. (Yes, she said it on national television):

  • Make America Corinne Again
  • My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.
  • I am not a runner-up. And my sex abilities are definitely top-notch.
  • Today was just a dream come true. I stepped out of my comfort zone, many times and angles. Dad would be proud, even though I was naked.

Isn’t she wonderful!?

What I love about the show is the fundamentally American motive they attached to it: Find love. The producers want us to believe these people are here to find love, true love, a magical love. After only 12 weeks of knowing each other.

This is the best story ever. Nick has been on the show 3 times and he still hasn’t managed to find love. He got his heart broken two times and now he is finally ready to settle down and find the women he is going to spend the rest of his life with. He wants to be in looooooove! This program is so trashy.

It’s so stupid and the best thing I have seen on television this year.

I have been so fascinated with the show. Before watching the first real episode (week 2, because let’s be clear: Week 1 is just hugs and nice to meet yous), I thought: “How is it possible that people actually watch this shit?”

It’s trashy, full of clichés and completely fake.

But it’s addictive. It’s so full of bullshit about finding love and a husband.

There are these rituals, the rose ceremony, the homecoming dates, meeting the parents, the one-on-one dates, the two-on-one dates…

But it’s great television. Here in Italy there is a similar program but it’s not based on LOVE and the people are shallow, but this brings reality tv to a whole new level.

rachel-lindsay-announced-as-the-bachelorette-earlyAnd also, it took them 21 seasons to choose the first black Bachelorette? Come on, America. Speaking of Rachel, the announcement of her as the next bachelorette was done before she was kicked out of the show. WHY, ABC? WHY? YOU RUINED THE SHOW FOR US.

You can announce that one of the girls is going to be the next bachelorette before she is sent home!!! What went wrong?!?

Also, this fake empowerment of women makes me sick. To me, it feels like it’s wrong to portray women in pretty sparkly dresses whose only concern is to get married, have babies and feel complete. DO DON’T NEED ANYBODY TO FEEL COMPLETE, GIRL! COME ON! They were drunk half the time, in every single scene of the first episodes, all the girls constantly had drinks in their hands. And I really mean it. ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Aside from this, it’s great. It’s so great. I have watched some trashy tv shows in my time but nothing compares to this. I think it was impossible for people to go on television and say such stupid things. But this show celebrates this.

the-bachelor-vanessa-nick-viallPeople cry, (I’m currently watching the finale and Nick is just bawling his eyes out.) and they cry and they “fall in love”, and they cry and they tell the Bachelor that they love him… Did I mention that they cry? It’s just ridiculous.

I highly recommend you watch this season, because it has been hilarious. Corinne has been AMAZING. I want her to be my trashy friend. I need her in my life.

I’ll definitely be watching “The Bachelorette”, although I know it will be impossible for the producers to top this season.

Ah, before I forget. I would like to congratulate the person who found and produced Corinne and to declare to her/him that they are my hero and someone who deserves an award for the amazing job they did.

With this, I bid you farewell, The Bachelor. See you in May with The Bachelorette! Go Rachel!

Please cast the male version of Corinne!!!!