Westworld Season 2 – Review

Spoiler alert: this review is going to be really short.

I watched it.

I did it.

It took me 4 months.

I did not understand what the fuck was happening.

Visually, it is beautiful. The landscapes, lens glares and colours are magnificent. It’s worth watching 10 hours of this season just to see the cinematography. It’s absolutely magnificent.

The acting is mesmerising. There were parts I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screeen, even though I did not get what was going on.

This is what I think I have internalised:

  • Dolores is now evil
  • Maeve can control other hosts
  • The humans/creators are collecting the data of all the guests (Facebook and Cambridge Analytica style).
  • Bernard is… a host? But not all the time? I don’t know I’m still confused
  • There are more than two timelines (?)
  • There are more universes than the Wild West one.
  • There is a sort of heaven.
  • Half the cast is dead.

Kudos to the actors, directors and the entire production team for creating a great show I do not understand in the slightest.

That’s my ony complaint. The show itself. It is really really hard to follow. Not even reading professional reviewers from The New York Times helped me.

I do not think I’ll be watching season 3 (probably airing in 2020). I can’t do this.

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p.s. I wrote this in August. Then got sidetracked by the Fall Premiere season…


Riverdale – s03e05 – “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape” – REVIEW

[Attention! This post includes spoilers for all episodes of Riverdale and some strong language!]


Good performances, good writing and good directing?!? I am shook.

John oliver this week has blown my mind.gif

In the immortal words of this amazing gif:

Risultati immagini per lili reinhart 100% shook

I’m scared for Jughead

I’m just putting it out there. I am scared for him. I obviously do not think he will get murdered but girl, you are legit going crazy.

Even Betty couldn’t get through him. The game is clouding his judgement and it seems like nothing Betty says can make him stop.

Maybe only this:


Veronica and “Daddy” talking in the dining room… well… I don’t really know what they talked about. I was kind of distracted by Hiram stretching in front of us and by the title of the newspaper Veronica was reading: “The Wall BEAT Journal”. I have two questions:

  1. What 16-17 year-old reads the Wall Street Journal during breakfast?
  2. Ehehehehe BEAT… that’s a funny sound. I thought it was funny. Don’t know why.

I am glad this episode features all the important characters of the show, from Reggie, Josie and Kevin to Sweet Pea, Fangs and Toni.


Then this guy comes back.

2018-11-17 (1).png

Elias? Elia? Something like that. The Season 2 Casino guy. The mobster. Who cares.

All of a sudden THIS fucking happens.



Is he completely brainwashed? Cole gave a good performance and although I may like him a lot and think he is real attractive for some reason, I am not sold on him as an actor. Here he showed range and a believable madness inside of him.

FP was about to tell his son his version of the night his Principal died and Jughead went Full-Boyle:

2018-11-17 (2).png

But contrary to Boyle, we do not get any new deets. PLEASE GIVE US MORE FLASHBACK MATERIAL!!!

And just saying, but I did call it. Tom and Sierra are getting married. Why their children are so against it, it’s still a mystery. I mean, I kind of get it. I am more pissed off about the fact that they lied to Kevin and Josie about playing G&G.

The Casino Guy sneaks Veronica into prison to see Archie and they have sex. Sure, because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Sex with your imprisoned boyfriend.


Veronica still has her horrible wig on. Can’t this show figure out how to make a decent wig? Isn’t Veronica super rich? Can’t she just splurge for one that has a higher quality?

So they plan a prison break. Great.

Now, here is the trashy stuff Riverdale is known for:

Archie is on a date with the warden. Cute.

2018-11-17 (3).png



Now here is the GOOD part of the episode. The parallel between Veronica and her gang trying to help Archie evade and Jughead, Toni, Cheryl, Fangs and Sweet Pea playing in the fictitious “reality” of G&G, which bares a striking resemblance to whatever was happening outside of the bunker.

Joaquin kissing Archie and then stabbing him made me so mad! Why?! Joaquin? WHY? I want to like you so bad! And you make it impossible!!!

2018-11-17 (4).png

Oh and Mad Dog is alive, by the way. I don’t get this show.

As soon as Veronica saw Hiram I did yell:


I want to make a Brooklyn99 “Title of my sex tape” joke but I’ll refrain from it. Too disturbing.

Betty in her Serpent jacket and black attire was probably the best thing about the episode.

2018-11-17 (6).png

So HOT and so empowering, for some reason. She is soo cool.

And she hasn’t cried even once this season! I’m happy for you, girl! You go, Queen!

Ok I have to talk about the fact she’s wearing Jughead’s helmet with the crown on. You guys!!! Super cute 😍

2018-11-17 (7).png

This sequence was so cool and badass!!!

Joaquin, what the fuck?!, though. How can THEY know how to play G&G?

This is all confusing! I need an explanation!

2018-11-17 (8).png

Two power couples! Bughead and Choni! YES, GUYS!

And just like their parents 25 years before, they end up making a pact never to reveal what happened with Archie’s prison escape. Fun.

Now I want you to stand up and clap to Hermione Lodge for summing up Riverdale season 2 in one amazing scene:

Then Kevin, Josie and Reggie decide to start playing G&G and Jughead bows in front of a tree.


Uh! Almost forgot! And the Warden kills himself with the same blue thing-y.

WAIT! And the farm? Have we completely forgotten about the farm? And Edgar Evernenver? What’s the deal with him!?

Anyway, we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode. Damn you, Thanksgiving. All my shows are going on hiatus for the next week. It’s a huge bummer.

I cannot wait to see what the fuck is going to happen. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t harm Jughead. Ship Archie to a different state, let him rot in prison for a couple more episodes. He deserves it for all the shit he pulled in season 2.

I plan on writing a post about all the questions I have and about all that does not make sense. See you next Thursday!

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Riverdale – s03 ep 04 – “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club” – REVIEW

I’m Ok. I’m Ok. No, scratch that.

I am not okay.

What was this episode and most of all…


I have to admit, I was not 100% sold on this. 15% of my brain feared this would be as terrible as the musical episode (whose songs I cannot get out of my head, to be honest. They are so catchy I hate them) but…

I loved it.

Get ready because I will definitely go over the 1.000 words. And most of them will be Cole Sprouse related. I have a lot of opinions.

And right from the beginning, TROUBLE ON THE HORIZON! Alice is in the bathroom waiting for a pregnancy test to show her the results. She’s pregnant, obviously. With FP Jones’ baby.

The scene in the bathroom was so fake! The acting was terrible and Hermione’s reactions were insufferable.

And seeing KJ Apa with dark hair was just weird. Like seeing Cole blonde. It’s just… no!


The group is put in detention: Hermione, Alice, Sierra and Penelope for fighting in the bathroom and FP and Fred for running around the school hallways naked.

Lili Reinhart played Young Alice Cooper beautifully.


She showed another side of her acting, one that she was not able to use while portraying Betty Cooper. Acting as the rebellious bad girl from the wrong side of the track, she was amazing. She really was. The smirks, eye rolls and overall facial expressions were spot on.

And let’s talk about Cole Sprouse for a bit. Like this GIF by dailyrivermale.tumblr.com





I am fucking speechless.

Oh and this? This absolutely killed me.








I totally get it. I mean, have you seen him? The smirk he gives her and her reaction… I do not have the words to comment on all of this.

Then of course there’s THE scene that shows how different and how similar they are to their grown-up version: like Fred wanting to stay in Riverdale and run for mayor and Sierra hating that idea, but ending up doing it later in life.



We see a little bit of FP’s back story, trying to fit in the north side, his dad beating him up and his unwillingness to join the Serpents.

And some weird ass shit with Penelope: apparently, she was “taken in” by the Blossom family as an orphan, became a sort of sister to Clifford and they ended up marrying him!!!


The writers cannot leave this incest/inbreeding thing alone! It’s awful! Just as horrible as FP and Alice having sex where their respective children were sleeping together and Betty and Jughead having sex in Dilton’s bunker, or Veronica and Archie having sex in the show while his father is fighting for his life at the hospital or…

You get it. Ok? Riverdale cannot deal with sex in a normal way.

She hated the Blossoms and she ended up becoming exactly like them. If not worse.

2018-11-10 (1).png

They start playing the game and yadi yadi… But I could NOT watch FP trying to kiss Hermione. I could only see Cole and Camila and it freaked me out.

And was the kiss between Fred and Alice necessary? Are Lili and KJ contractually obligated to make out at least once per season? Why do Betty and Archie have to kiss? It’s…. no. It’s wrong.

They are friends!

Adult!Alice did give the best explanation for this:


I mean… WHAT?! And if you look at the beginning of episode 2, the stool where Alice is sitting is still there!!!

Anyway, The Midnight Club was created! They played dress up, playing characters and going around acting out these quests. And they meet Tom, Hiram, Doiley (?) Senior and Reggie Sr.

But shit goes down in the “Ascending Party”. Courtesy of Hiram Lodge, everybody get high on “fizzle rocks“, apparently the “jingle jangle” (lol) of the 90s. Alice was the only one who did not take any ’cause she pregnant and from this moment on, it all seems like a LSD tripping experience. (Full Disclosh: I do not know what it feels like to be on drugs but I’d assume this is the PG-13/trying to scare teenagers version of it).

“But to this day, I wonder what was in those drugs. Maybe whatever turned us into monsters. Or maybe we had been monsters all along.”

Ok, Penelope Blossom’s dancing was hilarious. I loved it. It was so bad.



And then this chalice thing… With the writings on the wall and the scary creature in the hallway… It felt so supernatural that it kinda pissed me off.

But at the same time…


It’s okay. I’m okay. I’m calm. *breathes in* * breathes out*

And look! The Principal is missing! And Fred Andrews’ dad died, while they were at the party.

So they make a pact, never to speak about what went down that night and that they saw the Principal.

Turns out: the Principal had been dead all along, shoved in a closet under the stairs with blue lips.


A closet that looks suspiciously like the one Jughead was sleeping in in season 1.


First with the Alice and Fred having sex in the same bed Jughead and Betty did (and the billion awkward sex related things on this show) and now this?!


So the Principal is dead, yadi yadi… What interests me is that he was not supposed to be there.

The blue poison was intended for one of them. Somebody was trying to kill them.

NOW shit gets interesting! This is what I’m here for! A mysterious murder mystery with intricate and obscure patterns.

There is a reason True Detective was an extremely successful show and that Riverdale’s show runner decided to use it as inspiration for this season: it fucking works.

Not like Season 2, which was a mess.

Anyway, they “destroy” the game. They scatter the pieces of the game around the town so that no one can find it. (Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t work) and they agree never to speak again about all of this. And speak to each other for that matter.

“After playing G&G it was a return to reality. We went our separate ways and burdened by our guilt, we became different people.”

Ok this was just sad.

Their lives went to shit after that night. They turned into the people they hated and despised.

Before seeing the episode, I would have assumed I would be heart-broken by FP and Alice’s passionate relationship, whereas what was truly sad was Sierra and Tom’s story.

And it makes their affair in season 2 all the more understandable. In fact, I am absolutely thrilled they are together. I have heard there might even be a wedding this season (don’t know if that it actually true, so don’t take my word for it) and I would be ecstatic if it were Tom and Sierra’s.

But one of the most shocking things, is the ending. Of course. They need to get that cliffhanger on and that “is it next thursday yet?” desperate feeling.

Alice makes Betty promise not to play the game, given how addictive as it is. Turns out…

Jughead, Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fang have been playing the game! And Jughead has gone crazy!

2018-11-12 (2).png

2018-11-12 (3).png


I loved it. The writers assured us that they would not separate Betty and Jughead as much as they did in season 2 (which was a fucking crime and I’m still not over it) so I hope she can help him regain his sanity and get that stupid fucking game out of his head.


Almost 1300 words later, this post is over. I went a little bit overboard. And I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the things I want to say.

Hopefully, before Thursday I’ll get another post up because I have a lot of questions. Especially about FP and Alice.

Tell me your thoughts about the episode. Did you love it? What do you think about FP and Alice? How is it possible that Cole Sprouse becomes more and more attractive as episodes go by?

Let’s talk.

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I’m always up for swapping theories and impressions!



Alone Together Season 2 Review

Season 2 of “Alone Together” came out so soon after its first one! And it was just as weird.

Benji and Esther are as co-dependent and awkward as usual. They desperately want to be cool and “in” on all the good stuff, but they so can’t.

They are so inconsiderate of other people’s feeling… just as much as others are. There is the shallowness of Los Angeles, the weird trends, the beauty-obsessed culture.

The entire season came out on Hulu, but I decided to watch it as it aired on Freeform, two episodes at a time.

Last May I wrote about season 1 and I feel like some of the issues are still present. I said:

I really liked some episodes but I think they haven’t found their voice yet. There are good episodes and I can related to them. But… There is something stiff about it.

And the stiffness is still here. I don’t know if I truly get why it is funny.

Maybe it is to those immersed in the LA lifestyle and that witness firsthand behaviours the show is making fun of.

It’s not a bad show. I just don’t get it. I do like the relationship between Esther and Benji: they are there for each other, they have a sort of supportive relationship filled with insults and snarky comments.

They don’t take each other seriously and they sort of support each other even when one of them is going on a tangent about something completely stupid and ridiculous.

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p.s. I wrote this 3 months ago and straight up forgot to publish it!