3 Episodes To Make You Feel Less Lonely During Quarantine

Quarantine is weird. Being stuck at home for weeks is weird. I used to talk more about life and what was going on with me, up until the point I didn’t want to share anymore.

But the spread of COVID-19 has left me locked up inside my house for the foreseeable future, which I have discovered isn’t that great for my mental health. But that’s a separate post.

Even though we are apart and not physically together, a sense of community has digitally brought us close, because although in different parts of the world, we are all in the same boat.

This is why I decided to share three TV episodes about being quarantined that will make you feel less alone while stuck inside your house.

You’ve heard it from everybody and you’re probably tired of it, but STAY AT HOME.

Parks and Recreation – Season 5 Episode 13 – “Emergency Response”

Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation (2009)

I felt like this episode was a great metaphor to highlight some of the behaviour of governements around the world.

Councilman Jamm was the arrogant opposition who wanted to instill chaos and push his political agenda, on top of the utter incompetence to take any action while Leslie was the only one trying to keep things in place.

She ended up fictionally killing everyone in Pawnee but that’s not important. Watching Leslie’s videos, starring her in a multitude of really weird characters made me forget everything for 20 minutes.

In times like these, laughter is important.

The Good Place – Season 1 Episode 5 – “Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis”

This was just an accurate representation of what’s like living in quarantine and being allowed to be in contact with a handful of people.

Except that I don’t look half as good as Eleanor! It was a ridiculous and funny episode and highly, highly relatable!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 3 Episode 12 – “9 Days”

Watching Captain Holt and Jake losing their minds while couped up together for 9 days made me feel less lonely and it was hilarious to see them super high on medicine.


This made me laugh and get lost in the absurdity of these situations.

What are you doing to bring some laughter in your quarantine? Anything particular you’re doing or watching?

Let me know and share your tips with everyone!

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