How To Live a Better Life Online

The internet can be a difficult place to be in. No matter how many hilarious memes and gifs there are.

I go online to relax, learn more about my interests and interact with people who have similar passions. Over the years, I’ve curated the feeds of all my social media accounts so that they give me as little anxiety as possible.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your life on the World Wide Web.

Unfollow People. Ruthlessly

Risultato immagini per unfollow button

If someone’s feed is making you feel anxious or tense, block them for a while or simply unfollow them.

Detect whatever is problematic for you and get rid of it. As much as I like watching aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts with perfect lighting and perfect people, sometimes all the fake happiness gets to me and I just need a break.

I like following people who show their day-to-day life. I don’t care for glamour. So I either unfollowed or blocked all these accounts and I’m definitely happier.

Stay Away from Drama

My personal twitter is full of accounts that I actually like and enjoy. I follow people whose feeds I WANT to read or whose new alert I am GENUINELY interested in.

On the other hand, my blog twitter is a mix of everything and everyone. I am not selective and sometimes it drives me insane.

Don’t get into drama. Stay away from it because it leads to nowhere and it will make your experience on the platform unbearable.

Be Kind

There’s no reason to be snappy or arrogant. Share your opinions and your thoughts without imposing them on other people.

Be kind even to those who are rude, it throws them off their rhythm.

Risultato immagini per john mulaney throw him off his rhythm
Risultato immagini per street smart john mulaney

These are some of the things I do to lead a healthier life online. What do you do? Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments so you can help others!

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