Brooklyn99 | s07e08 | “The Takeback”| REVIEW


Lies, deception and a whole lot of singing are what embody the perfect episode with Joug Judy, and bringing him back always makes me smile.

Craig Robinson isn’t the only one who is back! Nicole Byer is reprising her role as Trudy Judy! It’s Doug’s bachelor party and Jake, after throwing a fit because he wasn’t invited to the wedding (cc: Cold Open), attends the celebrations. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Rosa and Terry are dealing with Captain Holt being back and a piece of paper that is missing from his office.

Now, let’s get into the episode!


Rosa, Terry and Holt

While Terry was interim Captain, he moved things around in the Captain’s office and apparently, a business card with a piece of gum stuck to it has gone missing.

And Holt is not happy. And Rosa is not afraid to distance herself from Terry. This is amazing. Terry is not one of my favourite characters and for a second, everybody making fun of him made me happier.

Terry starts freaking out and we find out a relatively non-surprising thing about Rosa:

Terry wants to recreate the card from a selfie he took. He almost tricks Holt into thinking he had magically found the business card, but the Captain tells them why it was so important for him: it reminded him of his first case and his own personal failure for not solving the case.

So Rosa and Terry give him a punch of business cards of the people who helped him over the years. One mistake doesn’t make Holt the cop that he is. 30 years serving the community do.

Charles, Amy and Hitchcock and Scully

The precinct is finally able to get a new vending machine and Hitchcock and Scully are the two best people for the job.

Charles is proposing a shellfish one and one that serves octopus balls, which nobody obviously wants and Hitchcock and Scully are on it: their commercial style pitch and dialogue are AMAZING and so so bad.

They get a vending machine that makes pizza… that immediately breaks and causes a blackout.

Jake and Doug Judy

Jake calls up Doug and they meet at his favourite place to paint pottery! He has a new job, standing behind white people testifying before Congress so they don’t seem so racist.

Judy invites him to his bachelor party in Miami and gives Jake a criminal alias so he can blend in with his friends.

Trudy is about to blow Jake’s cover, but the only thing she’s interested in.. is seeing butts. But after a typical Jake/Doug karaoke song, they find out Judy’s friends stole 10 million dollars worth of diamonds from a Russian oligarch in the hotel!

Doug’s criminal friends find out that Jake is a cop but, afraid of getting arrested and mostly ruining Doug’s bachelor party, they make up an elaborate heist to put the diamonds back.

In a crazy montage that shows Jake getting stuck under Doug’s patent-pending blanket for smushing, they manage to reverse the heist.

For the whole episode I thought it was weird Jake went along with it. I said to myself, isn’t he supposed to be a cop?

Turns out: he had called the cops! And they arrested Judy’s friends.

But it’s all water under the bridge as Doug asks Jake to be his best man! This was all planned by him! His fiancé, a federal judge 🤯, doesn’t want his criminal friends at the wedding and for him, it was easier to set all of this up rather than telling them not to come.

Honorable Mentions

Let Jake eat his bagel!

Mark Cuban guest stars!

Turns out… Jake is THAT bitch!


I like this episode, it was fun seeing the dynamic between Jake and Judy again. It always brings a smile on my face. The storylines B and C here okay, nothing that great but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed them. It’s probably the only episode of season 7 with weaker underlying storylines but Holt and Rosa teaming up against Terry was fun.

Did you like the episode? What’s your favourite Jake/Judy moment?

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