Brooklyn99 | s07e06 | “Trying” | REVIEW


Let me start this post by saying how much I loved this episode. Seeing Jake and Amy struggle and yet being on the same team and not letting it break them apart roved how strong their bond and their marriage are.

It was heart-breaking, especially if you think about all that went on with them actually deciding to have a baby in the “Casecation” episode of season 6!

Amy’s disappointed face broke my heart.

It took me a while to write this post because I honestly don’t know what to say. Although it was a bit sad and heart-breaking, it was so funny!

Now let’s get into the episode!

Cold Open

Of course, he does!

Jake and Amy are trying to have a baby and Amy’s overly scheduled way is a bit… mechanical? So Jake proposes “The Jake Way”, which is very ridiculous, spontaneous and romantic.

At his divorce party, Hitchock met a woman whose number he looses almost immediately. But somehow, he has one of her teeth, so he and Scully go around the city trying to find her!

Holt isn’t happy about walking the same route as a uniform officer and Terry, Interim Captain insists on it.

They even fight about philosophy. According to the Captain, “Any French philosophy post-Rousseau is essentially a magazine

While all of this is going on, Charles has brought two guinea pigs to the office, whom he both named Claire for some reason. He got them for Nikolaj’s birthday but he’s allergic (of course) and Terry wants to send them to a lab!

So he and Rosa, who loves animals and despise people, stuck them in a supply closet full of super creepy CPR babies.

But there’s a problem: Boy Claire got Girl Claire pregnant and made a bunch of Baby Claires.

After tying The Jake Way and getting no results, Amy and Jake try The Amy Way.


Months go by and still nothing. Charles and Rosa’s guinea pigs are multiplying SO FAST and The Captain is still on his same route. I loved the montage, by the way! I don’t think they’ve ever done anything like this before!

All of a sudden, Hitchcock is getting married to the toothless lady! And guess what? She’s pregnant. Oh and apparently his brain is not okay… Anyway, Jake suggests trying “The Hitchcock Way“: in every situation, make the worst possible decision!

In Guinea Pigs news, now they’re 600 and they NEED to get rid of them! They just can’t give them to Hitchcock’s weird-ass friend!

Super hammered Jake and Amy try to find different spots to have sex only to end up… well…

There are guinea pig loose in the office, but Rosa and Charles’ nightmare ends with Terry giving all the animals to a lab who will teach them to run mazes.

In the end, Amy is exhausted and done with trying to have a baby. IT BROKE MY HEART. It was sad seeing them so disappointed, hurt and fed up.

It was so heart-warming seeing Jake doing literally everything he can to get Amy pregnant: from wearing those stupid pants to taking 25 different vitamins. For once, she was lost while he was the clear-minded one, he was the rock in her relationship, he reassured her everything was going to be okay. Even if, in the end, everything was not okay. .

I loved this episode. I really did. Season 7 keeps getting better and better. It’s such a rare characteristic in a TV Show: usually, as it progresses, it loses quality, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine has managed to prove over the years. Thank you and I love you.

Please let me know your thoughts on this season in general or even this episode. I’m always ready to talk about Brooklyn 99!

Honorable Mentions

Hitchcock and Scully’s gay cakes: LOOOOOL

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