Brooklyn99 – s07e04 – “The Jimmy Jab Games II” – REVIEW


The Jimmy Jabs are back and comparing the first episode with this one was WILD! Jake was pining after Amy and she made all that jokes about knocking him up and NOW THEY’RE TRYING TO HAVE A BABY!

My heart cannot handle this… SO ADORABLE!

The Squad is getting ready to compete with each other, but Jake suddenly gets insecure about his adult behaviour and starts freaking out.

Now, let’s get into the episode!

Straight from the top, Jake thinks he and Amy are gonna have sex in Terry’s office… only to find out that he and Amy are going to a voluntary workshop and he is in charge for the day!

When Terry doesn’t him a lecture, Jake starts douting his rebelious side… I mean, he and Amy just bought a new car. In a rebelious color. Champagne.

shocked gif

Let the games… begin!

Rosa and Holt are having a gay-off and it’s amazing.

Charles decides to host and he turns The Jimmy Jabs into The Greatest The Showman! He gets Debbie to replace him and seeing Charles give a pep-talk to someone who has even less confidence than him is HILARIOUS!

And while Boyle does his 10-minute opening number, Jake makes a bet with Hitchcock: if Jake wins, Hickcock will do his paperwork for a year, if he loses Hitchcock will get his car.

BAD BOY JAKE IS ON THE LOOSE! Just like Charles’s private parts!

This reminded me so much of that episode of Parks and Recreation where we find out that Jerry had the biggest penis the doctor had ever seen. All of this was amazing!

Amy is pissed that Jake bet the car and that she is going to miss the seminar. Poor Amy!

Bad Boy Jake

We meet Dorothy! Scully’s medicine box! And we learn more about Rosa and what’s going on with her life: Jocelyn broke up with her and she’s not taking it well.

IN THE MEANTIME, AMY SACRIFICES HERSELF FOR JAKE AND THEIR CAR! and then Jake goes and melts my heart!!!!


But don’t worry, Jake is still pretty irresponsible!

Even though everything he did, he did it for his wife!

This episode was so so fun! I loved Jake being his immature self again, I loved Charles’ costumes and Debbie’s self-deprecating remarks!


The episode is not over! In the end, like everything Charles does, it goes to shit: his encouragements to Debbie end up with her stealing guns and cocaine from the evidence room!


Honorable Mentions

Thank you Officer Mark! Bye Officer Mark!

“My brains are made of brains!” – Rosa Diaz


And last but not least, THIS LINE!

Did you like the episode? What was your favourite moment? Let me know in the comments!

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