Why I’m No Longer Buying Any Makeup

Makeup is expensive. And I do not make a lot of money. With my Netflix and Prime Video monthly payments, plus gas for my car and the occasional treat, spending tons of money for a slightly different shade of a lipstick I already own seems stupid.

That being said, I did just buy a 12€ liquid lipstick, but it was on sale and I only paid 5€!

I can’t resist a bargain!

Aside from everyday essentials like mascara, foundation and powder, I have decided not to buy any more makeup for the foreseeable future.

I already have so many different eyeshadows and so many different lipsticks that I don’t have any space to put them.

The shelf that is reserved for my contact lenses and my makeup is filled with palettes, single eyeshadows, a ton of lip products and foundation shades that don’t match me.


On top of my lack of money, the past week has been the first one of 2020 in which I have been able to wear my normal amount of makeup.

I was so stressed for my exams that I had rashes all over my lashes and my mouth was incredibly irritated: my lips were constantly bleeding and I had a rash on them as well.

So, at least until my birthay, unless I ran out of an essential, I won’t be buying anything.

Let’s see how long I can resist.

What’s the most expensive makeup item you own? I’m curious. Mine is a Chanel lipstick I was given as a present and an Urban Decay Naked 2 Mini Palette.

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