Is This Show Good now? | The Bold Type Season 4 First Impressions

I’ve been talking about this show for two years now and at first, I did not have that positive of an attitude.

I didn’t like some of the storylines (like Jane never having had an orgasm and immediately resolving the issue in literally one episode) and I thought it wasn’t as feminist and as progressive as they wanted me to be convinced of.

I think I went in with different expectations and when I wasn’t met with them, I lashed out.

That being said, maybe if I watch it again from the beginning (Thanks Prime Video), I might change my mind.

While season 3 exhausted me with its political campaign and all the political activism (which is extremely important and it needs to be discussed more) mainly because so so many other shows were doing the same (AKA “This Is Us”), I’m really enjoying this 4th installment.

I know, right? Shocking.

I obviously liked season 3 as well or I would have stopped watching the show but I’m really looking forward to every new episode!

In the midst of all the fashion-forward dresses and the explicit, in-your-face one-liners of self-improvement, they told GREAT storylines.

I don’t know what happened but in season 3 they found their voice and I’m incredibly curious to see what this next season is going to be like.

Season 4 opens with Jacqueline gone and Patrick being left in charge of the magazine. Sutton is still being supportive over Richard’s decision to leave Scarlet to move to San Francisco, Jane is dealing with Ryan’s confession at the end of last season and Kat is still single and healing from the mess that was her personal life.

They’re being more inclusive, the storylines seem better and… I am really having fun watching it.

I don’t know if all of this is due to my decrease in standards when it comes to Television (Thanks, Riverdale!) but this fourth season looks like it’s gonna be fun!

Are you watching “The Bold Type”? Have you ever drastically changed opinion on a show?

Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Is This Show Good now? | The Bold Type Season 4 First Impressions

  1. I love The Bold Type and always have! I think it tackles such important issues that most shows tend to shy away from, whilst still being able to be funny! I wasn’t the biggest fan of the campaign storyline last season either but I think that might be because Kat is my least favourite of the main 3. Now that everything seems to be back at Scarlett though I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season!

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