Why LGBTQ+ Representation is Essential and 5 Queer Couples that Make us Believe in Love

In recent years, television has become more and more diverse. New characters have been introduced to us, people with different backgrounds, stories and experiences.

More stories are being told, more people are getting to share them with the world and we get to learn.

Seeing yourself represented on TV is extremely important, especially for young people who might be struggling with figuring themselves out and learning who they are. Being able to deeply connect with someone who, even if it’s just in a story, is going through something similar is fundamental. Both in regards to mental health-related issues (like it happened to me) or your own sexuality.

TV can teach you to open your mind to different cultures, different styles of lives and, moreover, to be receptive to those that we mistakenly believe to be so distant for us.

This is why seeing members of the LGBTQ+ community on screen is essential, as well as healthy and normal relationships between queer people, that debunk prejudices and pre-conceived ideas.

The following couples are all examples of great relationships that make us believe in love. We have all heard heteronormative love stories, but now it’s time for the queer ones.

Petra and JR (Jane The Virgin)

Rosario Dawson and Yael Grobglas in Jane the Virgin (2014)

It was such a joy to see Petra’s journey to explore her sexuality with JR and the normal, healthy and domestic side of them.

There was never a hint of judgment from the rest of the characters, they played a fantastic couple, even in a crazy world like Jane the Virgin’s.

Elena Alvarez and Syd (One Day At a Time)

Isabella Gomez, Sheridan Pierce, and Marcel Ruiz in One Day at a Time (2017)

Correctly representing queer teenagers falling in love can be a tricky thing but the One Day At a Time writers nailed it.

They talked about gender pronouns, sexuality, sexual fluidity, and gender non-conforming people.

I loved everything about their relationship. It was the cutest thing ever and I’m so glad we’ll get to see more of it in the upcoming 4th season.

Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker (Modern Family)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet in Modern Family (2009)

I have a soft spot for Mitch and Cam: back in 2013, when I started watching the show, I had never seen a Tv show with a gay couple in it. Here in Italy, there weren’t gay characters (and I don’t think there are any now). We didn’t even get Will and Grace. And if we did, I never saw it. It was just not talked about it.

I had a very very basic knowledge of the queer community, simply because I didn’t know any gay people and I was 16.

And yet, welcoming Mitch and Cam into my life opened my mind and I’ll be forever grateful.

Patrick Brewer and David Rose (Schitt’s Creek)

Risultato immagini per patrick and david schitts creek

Although I have just started watching Schitt’s Creek this past summer, I have fallen in love with Patrick and David and especially with how their story was told.

David’s pansexuality and Patrick’s discovery of his homosexuality were perfect. I loved it. They showed two people in love, in an environment without judgment and with so much love.

No matter the adversities they faced, they still loved each other and still liked each other. One of the most lovely and supportive and loving relationships I have ever seen on television.

Truly breathtaking.

Captain Raymond Holt and Dr. Kevin Cozner, Ph.D. (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Risultato immagini per Raymond holt kevin cozner

My dads. My weirdly formal and uptight dads. Kevin and Raymond are my TV dads and I want them to adopt me.

Their shared and extremely specific interests, along with the unbelievably difficult hardships they have had to face, they still make it through. They worked on it, tried to make it work, even when Kevin said: “Will you excuse me?” instead of “Please, excuse me.”

They make you believe in true love and I think I might like them more than Jake and Amy. THERE. I SAID IT.

Which other couples would you add to this list? Share them by writing them in the comments down below!

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