Brooklyn99 – s07e02 – “Captain Kim” – REVIEW

Two episodes of Brooklyn99 on the same day. In my Chandler Bing voice: “Could I BE more happy?!”

Season after season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine manages to reinvent itself and still get better and better. Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher have excellent chemistry and this episode is further evidence that they make one of the best duos on TV.

These “Reverse Roles” and the shift in the Nine-Nine’s power dynamic makes all the more interesting. Holt as an Uniform Officer is hilarious and it’s just as funny as seeing him lose him mind at the beginning of season 6.

Now, let’s get into the episode!

A new Captain is coming to the Nine-Nine!

Arguably, my favourite was Bill Hader’s character Seth Dozerman along with C.J.. And how can we forget The Vulture? They were all so bad, so naturally Jake is suspicious of her.

Yes! A woman! An Asian American woman named Captain Kim, who seems to be the nicest person on the planet! I fell a little bit in love with her as well!

But my favourite part of the episode was Badass Charles and Rosa’s his leather jacket. (which fits him like a glove).

And let me just say: Confident!Charles was attractive. He really was.

The new Captain wants to have a chat with everyone and she immediately wins everyone over, aside from Jake and Holt who are not buying it.

Captain Holt’s “Mmmmms” made me laugh so hard: Annoyed!Holt is hilarious and his playful and less serious side comes out.

The new Captain invites everyone to her house for a party and let’s just say that things do not go very well.

Amy immediately senses Jake and Holt are plotting something and she’s not gonna let them ruin the party:

And can we just talk about the aftermath of Jake’s snooping around? The slow-mo, Hitchcock and Scully crying over the ruined chairs and Jake’s horrified face were EVERYTHING.

Turns out, Captain Kim wanted to work at the 99 because she was a fan of Holt and everything he had done! But all that happened was too much for her and she left.

I’m so interested to find out who the new captain is going to be. I thought Captain Kim was here to stay but that’s clearly not the case.

Honorable Mentions

Charles pointing out Jake’s weird sexual innuendo? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

But was oon as he takes it off, he’s back to normal Charles

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