Riverdale – s04 ep11 – “Chapter Sixty-Eight: “Quiz Show” – REVIEW

It took me more than a week to watch this episode. I don’t know why but I kind of regret it because I had a blast watching it.

So fun! Moreover, I want a sparkling dress like Veronica had. And a physique decent enough to wear it.

THIS EPISODE WAS INSANE. And full of Bughead moments! Now, I want to briefly talk about Archie and get it out of the way because this guy bums me out.


Frank is “borrowing” money from Andres Constructions, we figure out where former Sheriff Keller has been up to and… there’s a fight?

My brain shut down during most of the Archie parts of the episode.


My babies had a lot going on in this episode.

I never wanted this much to punch Jughead in the face before.

You dummy, you don’t sell Betty’s story without talking to her before!

One thing that didn’t make sense to me was when Betty accused him of telling her about Yale only after they had had sex… I don’t know why but it made me sad. It was a sad thing to say.

I thought it was a nice touch to have them fight and argue only to have them come back together, stronger than ever after they cleaned the air. Jughead coming home to console Betty after she freaked out on her father’s grave was perfect: it showed how strong and solid their relationship is, in that even if they’re arguing and mad at each other, they can put that aside during difficult times.

They admitted their mistakes and apologized for the hurtful things they had said to each other.

I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Also, as soon as Brett messed with Betty, Jughead was like:

Archie Andrews No GIF by Netflix Philippines

and immediately challenged him to a duel.

This is Russian Literature level of crazy!

Pushkin Style

Oooh! Look at my cultural references! I feel fancy!

Anyway, all of good in Bughead-land.

Uh! I almost forgot. I hate everything that has to do with Jughead’s pretentious prep-school and I hope this storyline ends ASAP.



I never knew I missed this relationship until I saw this episode: Camila and Madelaine have great chemistry together and it was so fun to see Veronica and Cheryl team up, get into business together and defeat Daddy.


They are the perfect pair to take on Hiram: they are both not afraid to cross some lines and get theirs hands dirty to achieve their goal.

You go, ladies! Fight against Daddy and the patriarchy!


First things first… Fangs is back! Sweet Pea’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Kevin goes on a date and it turns into a… fetish/porn-ish/tickling (YES I SAID TICKLING) photoshoot?

Confused Parks And Recreation GIF

For a moment Kevin had the self-awareness of realising creepy things always happen to him, but then he went along with the whole things so…

I get that this season’s tag line is the title of the 1989’s movie “Sex, Lies and Videotapes” but, along with Brett recording Betty and Jughead having sex, this is the creepiest thing that’s happened this season.

I don’t get this.


Do they really want us to believe Barchie is a thing!? COME ON!

My question is: where has Jughead gone? I think he’s “playiing dead” to fool someone… Maybe Charles?

Have they forgotten about Charles and Chic? BECAUSE I HAVEN’T!

Honorable Mentions

Both Betty and Hiram smashed things with a sledgehammer and it was hilarious. I want my own personalised one to break things.

Turns out, Betty didn’t get into Yal because of her dead father. At least according to Charles, so we’re gonna have to take that with a pinch of salt. Still don’t trust the guy.

Jughead took his hat off the moment he walked in their room and I know it was a logistical move because it would have disrupted the scene, but it was a very cute gesture.

So, any thoughts on the episode? I am confused by this and slightly worried about Bughead. I don’t know why but I still am!

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