Riverdale – s04 ep08 – “Chapter Sixty-Five: “In Treatment” – REVIEW (Spoilers! It’s not going well)

It’s really not going well, people. It really isn’t.

I think I’ve reached it. And by “it”, I mean the point in my life when I got tired of Riverdale and its nonesense.

As I’m writing this it’s 2020! First post I’ve actually written in the new year and I can’t find the will to commit to writing more Riverdale reviews.

I have watched the episode. I did. According to my calendar, I watched it on the 18th of December and I do not remember a single things that happened.

And now that I’ve rewatched it, LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS!



Gina Torres was the star of this episode and I love her. She was incredible, just like she always is.

I miss her on Suits.

More tapes are showing up at people’s houses and it’s creepy as fuck. I’m kind of 100% sure Charles and Chic are behind this.

This week was Therapy Week and… it was a hit and miss.


Betty finally put Alice in her place. I can’t believe Alice had the audacity to treat Betty like that, especially for all the years she behaved badly with her.

After everything Alice has put Betty through the one thing she is worried about is her sex life and her birth control pills.

The more I watch this show the more I am convinced Mädchen Amick is an incredibly talented actress. I absolutely loved her acting when she told yelled at Betty she loved her more than her sister. She is so good.

The scene where she found out Charles was dead in season 2 and went to FP to tell him is still one of my favourite of the entire series. SHE WAS MAGNIFICENT.

Betty finally standing up to her was satisfying and although one therapy session will not solve all the problems, I hope their relationship will improve.

Hearing Betty shout about sleeping in the same bed as Jughead and about the two of them having sex was HILARIOUS! YOU GO, BETTY!


They referenced “The Red Circle” and the only thing I could think of was this:

Risultati immagini per red circle riverdale


This still makes me laugh so hard.

His part is the one that annoyed me the least. I just don’t have the strength to care about him anymore (not that I had it before…)



Veronica needs to get away from Daddy and I am so tired of watching them feud. I am tired of it, just as much as I am fed up with Archie’s boxing.

Her little dance when she was accepted into Harvard was adorable. I hope she gets her way and finally defeats Hiram.

I love seeing her being a badass. That I’m not tired of. More of that please but maybe not directed at Daddy.









I don’t like when people throw your mistakes in your face all the time, but they literally didn’t talk about it. Not even one little hint.


That was an important part of the previous seasons and although he was improved so much and gotten his life together, it did happen. In season 1 Jughead was homeless. In season 2 he lived with Archie because his dad was recovering from his addiction again.

And I love that storyline for FP. I do. He still has his flaws but he has turned his life around. Addressing it would have been a better decision.


One therapy session and Cheryl is cured. Perfectly fine.

This pissed me off so much.

I liked that she realised what she was doing with Jason and the doll was wrong and not just “gothic”.

30 rock eye roll GIF

Liz Lemon is always mood, by the way.

Going back to Riverdale and Cheryl, it was really sad seeing her cry and confront all the horrors of her past. Hopefully, she’ll get some closure.


Also, let’s not forget she and Toni killed a person and somehow disposed of the body. This show is insane.

I’m glad she got some closure with Jason but I hope they’ll expand on this problem.

Hearing about all the summaries of what these characters have been going through is HILARIOUS and RIDICULOUS.

The list of messed up things they went through was fucking insane

I can’t even anymore.

I haven’t written anything about the next episode and I don’t know if I’ll keep going.

Is anyone actualy reading these things? Should I keep going? Let me know please. I’m feeling so unmotivated.

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