2019 Movies I’d Like to See

I am not a huge fan of movies. A fun premise for a blog post titled: “2019 Movies I’d Like to See”.

It’s true. I enjoy a good movie, even a stupid one but according to my records, I have seen 12 new movies, some of them even at the cinema!

Although I might not be the go-to person for movies, I have a couple of new releases I’m so incredibly excited about.

I need recommendations so please let me know two movies you’ve seen and loved this year!

Let’s find out what’s on my list!

IT Chapter 2

Risultato immagini per it chapter 2 poster

Bill Hader.

That’s the main reason I wanted to see this movie at the cinema, even though I didn’t end up going.

I’ve heard critics praise his performance in his film and, since my love for Bill has only grown more and more intense in the past years, I felt like it was my duty as a loyal fan to go and see it.

Because, guess what, Horror? Not my genre! I get jumpy and I gasp so… No. Jordan Peele’s Get Out terrified me and I knew that if I was ever to watch this in theatres, I would be watching through my fingers.

That being said, I can’t wait for the DVD to come out and I know I’ll watch it: with the volume almost turned off, but I’ll watch it.


Risultato immagini per hustlers poster

Another celebrity-induced ingfilm: Lili Reinhart.

I like her. I think she has become a good actress: she pulls off all that crap they make her say on Riverdale (check out my weekly reviews because I have a lot of fun with them…), so I have full confidence in her.

And Jennifer Lopez looks amazing in it. But on top of that, it’s a movie that empowers women, even if the women in the story are criminals.

Here in Italy, it comes out on November 7th and you know I’ll be there!

Downton Abbey

Risultato immagini per downton abbey poster

As a fan of Downton Abbey, I’ve been waiting for this since the second it was announced.

Following the lives of these amazing characters has been a joy and I am truly looking forward to seeing how their lives turned out.

And if they don’t show it in its original language, I won’t watch it. I will not go to the cinema and watched it dubbed.

I will not do it.

Not now not ever.

Frozen 2

Risultato immagini per frozen 2 poster

It’s a kid’s movie. I know. But I really enjoyed Frozen when it came out and I really want to see what happens next.

Again, hopefully, they’ll show it in English or I’ll be forced to wait until the DVD comes out.

Any recommendations for me? And which movies have you particularly enjoyed this year?

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