The Good Place – s04 ep05 – “Employee of the Bearimy” – REVIEW

And we’re in The Bad Place! And the neighborhood is falling apart! I’m having so much fun watching the Soul Squad trying to improve the lives of these new humans…

… but my heart is breaking for Eleanor’s pain. Kristen Bell was magnificent in conveying the character’s emotions. She is GREAT in this season!

Vicky is still going on about her “acting” and her “method” and she’s the worst. So obviously I love her.

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

Jason is so pretty and so fuking dumb. Instead of being scared he and Michael are in The Bad Place, surrounded by demons and all that is evil, he is scared his relationship with Janet might be different now.

In the neighborhood, Eleanor is hosting a “live life as you did on Earth” and the humans are going to a lake house! But Chidi doesn’t feel like going! Moreover, Derek can’t handle managing the neighborhood on his own.

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

Tahani gets assigned to keep the humans entertained despite feeling like she isn’t doing enough and that she doesn’t have a real purpose in the experiment. I felt sad for her. It’s not a great feeling. She just wants to be useful.

Eleanor tries to keep Chidi in his own apartment so he doesn’t see the chaos outside and she makes up a weird scavenger hunt/puzzle he has to solve and he is delighted!

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

Somehow, Tahani keeps interfering and making things worse: she even kills him and… everything is bad!

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

In The Bad Place, Shawn is hosting a “Torture of the Future” conference and gets on stage and pretends to be Vicky pretending to be Michael so he can get to Janet and free her. They almost fool him until Vicky appears!

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

My favourite part of the episode was definitely Eleanor reassuring Tahani that she is useful and a fundamental part of the Squad.

Shake On It Season 4 GIF by The Good Place

Luckily, Michael, Jason, and Janet manage to escape The Bad Place and go back to the neighborhood! Jason even reassured Michael that he is not a demon anymore, that he isn’t a bad person and it was such a cute moment!

Season 4 Nbc GIF by The Good Place


That is so sad and it broke my heart.

Honorable Mentions

Tahani’s name-drops: None?

Derek is drinking a champagne glass full of scrabble letters.

“Insert me, Coach Man!” – Tahani

In the wall of “Employee of the Bearimy”, there’s a picture of a panda bear! Like… WHY!?!

What in the name of Kevin Spacey’s self-made Christmas Eve video message to try to get back on “House of Cards” is going on here?


Only 8 episodes left and I hate that this is the last season.

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