This Is Us – s04 ep01 – “Strangers” REVIEW – SEASON PREMIERE

“This Is Us” is back and I’m intrigued.

My relationship with the show has varied a lot in recent years: from a person who sobbed like crazy for all the episodes of season 1 and most of season 2, to someone who rolled their eyes at every cheesy line.

While season 3 mostly annoyed me, this season premiere intrigued me and I’m looking forward to the second episode.

deja this is us

In spite of Rebecca and Jack’s very fanfiction-y meet-cute and soulmate connection, I thought it was interesting they decided to show the lives of these three different people we had never met before only to slowly reveal how they were connected to the main characters.

randall this is us

We meet Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), an army vet who is having difficulties adjusting to her life back at home; Malik (Asante Blackk) a teenage single father and Jack (Blake Stadnik) a blind musician who meets a cute waitress.

And slowly, they are revealed to be intertwined to, respectively, Nick Pearson, Desha and… well… Jack is Kate and Toby’s son!

kate and toby with baby jack this is us

I liked this different approach to the season premiere, but I was still bothered by Rebecca and Jack’s overly cute and star-crossed relationship. Just, tone it down.

jack and rebecca meeting parents this is us

Kate and Toby learn that Baby Jack’s vision is still impaired, Nick gets arrested and we get to see how Miguel and Jack meet!

Overall, I thought the episode was good, intriguing and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. Cheesiness aside, I enjoyed it.

Any thoughts? Did you like the episode? Let me know!

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