Suits – s09 ep08 – “Prisoner’s Dilemma” – REVIEW

Only two episodes left. I think my brain is trying to reject this fact because I’m perfectly calm.

I feel sad it’s going to be over but I think I don’t really fully get that there won’t be any more Suits episodes.

Anyway, what has this season become? The first couple of episodes were so good! Donna and Harvey’s relationship was new, it was all a secret, first dates, Louis finding out… and not it’s just plain boring.

Malec is back, by the way. The guy back in season 7 (I think) who hated Harvey with a passion and wanted him gone.

And Sean Cahill is back as well! Cool! (But is it really cool?)

Suits season 9 episode 8 promo

Apparently, it’s the episode where all past character come back to say goodbye! I’m waiting for Scottie to make an appearence! In the midst of all this chaos, Louis’ sister asks for his help with her merger: her former mentor assaulted her 15 years before and now she doesn’t want to merge with him.

I didn’t really like the storyline. I thought it was poorly executed and something that wasn’t treated with the care it deserved. I felt like it was written just to make things with Esther more interesting and that pissed me off. Louis’ accusations against his sister flared up my rage.

Suits Season 9 Episode 8 - Amy Acker as Esther

Ok, I’m gonna try to explain how I see the show: it’s an endless circle of mistakes made by the characters. And you’d think they would learn by the thousand times they screw things up, but no! It’s the same mistake over and over again for 9 seasons.

More complicated shit happens with Harvey and the case. They’re presuming Malec is hiding something and yadi yadi.

Charles Fortsman is back! As well as Mike’s former cellmate Kevin Miller.

(I hadn’t used this GIF is such a long time and I missed it)

Oh and Samantha makes an appearance! To help Louis deal with his sister’s business. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m asleep.

Samantha and Katrina team up to help Esther and BOOM, they figure it out! Women always get shit done. And they push Esther to come forward. “Times have changed.“.

Suits (2011)

But wait! Do you remember Harvey being handcuffed in the trailer!? It happens in this episode! And it was literally nothing! They didn’t totally respect his rights by smashing his phone so… and I’m asleep again.

We all know Harvey is safe. He’s not gonna lose his license.

… because Alex saves him!

But the show is not over! Louis asks Sheila to marry him! Cute!

But when Harvey comes back to the apartment Donna has horrible news:

Lily, Harvey’s mother, had a heart attack and died.

Honorable Mentions



Let me know your thoughts on the episode and whether or not you’re just as annoyed as I am about this.

I don’t understand the reason for having Lily die two episodes before the show is over. I don’t get it. Why would someone do this?

They don’t have the time to unpack everything. They just don’t. Is the final episode going to be longer than 41 minutes? Otherwise, I find it highly improbable for them to have the physical time to unfold all of this in a satisfactory matter.

I don’t know why I’m suddenly expecting a good ending. We all remember how we said goodbye to Mike and Rachel, two of the most important characters. They were treated like shit.

Anyway, episode 9 has already come out so I’m gonna go watch that and try not to pull my hair out in anger.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode and let’s discuss!

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