What’s Coming Back in September 2019 – The Good Place, Modern Family, A Million Little Things and more!

Ah, September is here.

Ironically, it’s one of my favourite months of the year: it’s Pilot Season Premiere.

Even though school is back, responsibilities are hanging over your head and the summer weather is slowly turning colder, you can count on your favourite TV shows coming back for another season. That is if they didn’t get cancelled. But that’s a whole other thing to deal with.

In September, a lot of networks shows come back and I could not be more excited.

Last year I did something that I would not recommed doing. I watched almost every single pilot that premiered and wrote a review about it. I did it. I really did. I posted everyday from Sept. 20th to Oct. 11th. There were days I posted three reviews. And don’t get me wrong:

It was fun.

But this year, I don’t feel like I have the time and the pilots that are premiering this year look like shit.

But aside from that, I am really looking forward to discovering what some of my favourites character are up to.

Here is what I’ll be watching in the next couple of weeks!

SEPTEMBER 6TH: Travels With My Father

I was so excited for this! Seeing Jack and Michael travel around the world is hilarious. From the looks of it, this might be its last season and I’m so sad it’s over. But it’s a gem. Don’t miss out on it and go watch it now on Netflix. Then come back and finish this article, please.

SEPTEMBER 16TH: A Little Late With Lilly Singh

I can’t believe Lilly has a talk show on NBC! I’ve been watching her for a long time and I’m intrigued to find how what this show is going to be like.

And FINALLY! A female late night talk show host!

SEPTEMBER 20TH: Criminal

David Tennant in Criminal (2019)

My main man David Tennant is back and no matter what the show is about, I’ll watch it.

SEPTEMBER 23RD: The Good Doctor

I’ve talked about The Good Doctor before and my appreciation for the diverse cast. I haven’t finished season 2 yet. I’m missing 5 episodes. Before checking on my app I really thought there were more.

I’m just tired of medical dramas. Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, New Amsterdam, The Good Doctor and these are the ones that I have seen and currently on air.

I’ll probably finish it as soon as Prime Video makes it “available in my current location”. I paid for the service and if you add a new season, I want to see it. If it’s not available, don’t fucking add it! Nevermind. Let’s jump to:

SEPTEMBER 24TH: Black-ish, The Resident and This Is Us.

I can’t wait for Black-ish. I love this show so much. On the other hand, I’m as excited for The Resident and This Is Us. Check out my thoughts on The Resident and other season finales if you want to know more.

I hope I’ll connect with This Is Us this season. It was difficult for me to go through season 3. I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed season 1.

I guess we’ll see.

SEPTEMBER 25TH: Modern Family and Single Parents

This day isn’t happening. It just isn’t. Let’s just skip it.

I can’t believe Modern Family is ending. I am in denial. I won’t talk aobut it.

I am excited about season 2 of Single Parents! It love the dynamic between the kids and the adults! It’s just a fun show. I can’t wait to find out where the story is going..

SEPTEMBER 26TH: A Million Little Things, Grey’s Anatomy, Superstore, The Good Place.

I am in as much denial about Modern Family ending as I am about The Good Place. I have reviewed every single episode of season 3. Please check them out. I had a blast doing it.

I just can’t believe the show is over. I just can’t.

What I’m really excited about it A Million Little Things and Superstore, two wildly different shows that kept me glued to the screen last year. If you haven’t already, check them out.

Grey’s Anatomy… I probably won’t watch it. I’m 23 episodes behind. I don’t know anything about what happened in the last season aside from one episode, just because everyone on twitter was talking about it.

Maybe if I’m sick in bed, I’ll binge it. I just can’t deal with it anymore.

SEPTEMBER 28th: Saturday Night Live

I’m here for the political sketches and Kate McKinnon. It’s that fun show I can watch on Sunday between chores. I know Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge will host so I’ll definitely be there for that.

Woah, this was long.

What shows are you most excited for?

Let me know!

Tweet at me, find me on Tumblr or send me an email.



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