6 Schitt’s Creek Episodes You Don’t Want To Miss



Honestly, I would like people to come and smack me in the face for sleeping on this amazing piece of television for this long. I’ve seen people on twitter talking about it and I WAITED and WAITED while I should have just hit play and started watching it.

It just got nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy and Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara got nominated for Outstanding Actor/Actress in a comedy! And I’m so proud!

It’s funny, charming, heartwarming, stupid and perfect.

Here are 6 episodes you don’t want to miss:

Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister (season 01 episode 03)

At first, I wasn’t immediately sure this show was for me, but as soon as I saw this episode, I knew I would love it.

It was so ridiculous and over the top that I couldn’t help but fell in love with it. Moira’s unstable personality shone brightly in this episode: she googled herself and she started spiraling.

Alexis and David are just as self-absorbed as you would expect them to be and it stands as a reminder of how far they have come in later seasons, while still remaining themselves.

A great episode. It always makes me smile.

Happy Anniversary (season 02 episode 13)

It’s Johnny and Moira’s wedding anniversary! This episode warms my heart. I loved how they stood up for Schitt’s Creek, Roland and Jocelyn in front of their friends. And the ending. The ending is definitely my favourite part with everybody dancing and Moira and Johnny expressing their love for their children.

It felt like they needed two seasons to grow and, in their own way, being able to feel genuine emotions.

Loved it.

Friends and Family (season 03 episode 12)

The gigantic portrait made me laugh so hard. And the looks between Patrick and David at the Soft Opening!

I thought it was really important for Moira to tell Johnny is time to let go of the painting and moreover, their past.

It makes me happy to see David opening his own store and his parent’s proud look on their face. Absolutely wonderful.

Grad Night (season 03 episode 13)

It’s David’s birthday and Alexis’ graduation night! It kind of broke my heart that both his parents forgot his birthday and Alexis didn’t even tell them when her graduation was! And she didn’t want them to be there! I understand that more than you might think but it still felt sad.

The whole Patrick and David thing made me emotional. It was cute seeing Patrick trying to ask David out on a date and the kiss in the car melted my cold heart. As soon as he said: “Thank you, David.” I lost it.

A beautiful episode that showed a little bit of the Roses’ human side.

Singles Week (season 04 episode 12)

*read as Stefon*

This episode has everything.

From Alexis love declaration to David and Ted’s heart-to-heart and the “I love you” exchanged between David and Patrick.

It was special to me because it wasn’t overly romanticized. Patrick tried to make a show about Mariah Carey and the cup of tea David forgot to bring him. And seeing David so emotional was incredibly sweet. After all the failed relationships and the lack of demonstration of love from his parents, he is not used to people caring about him. I thought it was handled extremely well, with grace and finally a gay couple being happy and in love on television. (Along with my dads, Brooklyn99’s Captain Holt and Kevin.)

Moira singing at Alexis graduation was also adorable and we finally saw her caring for her daughter.

What I love about this show is that no matter how much they change and improve and become better-adjusted people, they still remain true to themselves.

Meet The Parents (season 05 episode 11)

Ok. I cried. It made me so emotional. It was a fantastic episode. I love that there is not homophobia on the show, everybody accepts it as perfectly normal, which is exactly who it should be.

Everything about the episode made me feel happy and warm and content. From David’s lovely intentions to Patrick’s lovely coming out story, this episode will never fail to make me cry.

It’s beautifully written and acted. I love it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite episodes of Schitt’s Creek and please let me know yours!

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10 thoughts on “6 Schitt’s Creek Episodes You Don’t Want To Miss

  1. I so enjoyed reading about your favorite episodes. I can’t think of a single episode that I thought was bad. I too am a strangler in discovering this show! I just found it this year. When started talking about how great the show is there were dozens of people at work that had already been watching.

    My favorite, for at least today, was the Cabernet episode that I finally watched last night. Moire’s talk to Stevie before the final scene brought me to tears. All this time Moire was portrayed at a mother who appears to love herself more than her children, but she spoke to Stevie as a mother would to her blossoming child. She was the mother for Stevie that we are all not sure where she is.

    I can’t wait to see the next season, but with also a sad heart that my new friend are moving on in their careers,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bobbi!
      Thank you for reading and for commenting! I truly appreciate you taking the time!

      That moment with Moira and Steve was incredible. Catherine O’Hara and Emily Hampshire were FANTASTIC!

      I too am pretty sad it’s over, despite having them know about the show for a short period of time. But I’m excited to see where the cast is gonna do in the future!

      I hope you check out some of my other posts about television! Thanks again!


  2. Oh my gosh I should have proofread!
    I am not a strangler as typed! I am have been a straggler in getting on board with the show! Hope they will show reruns!

    Liked by 1 person

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