What’s Coming out in August 2019

I’m getting ready for September which is what I call “pilot month” which is why I’m here talking about what is coming back in August! Last year, I talked about most of the new series that premiered and it took a lot of hard work.

So I’m starting early! Here is what my August is gonna look like television wise!

16th August: MINDHUNTER

Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, and Jonathan Groff in Mindhunter (2017)

If you love true crime, series killers and shows set in the 70s, you cannot miss this.

Season 1 blew my mind!

“Mindhunter” is a Netflix show about two FBI agents who travel around the country talking to criminals in the 70s. And yes the fashion is amazing

And this season will also feature Charles Manson. I love crime shows and this is just as dark, creepy and disturbing as you would imagine.

23rd August: 13 REASONS WHY

Dylan Minnette in 13 Reasons Why (2017)


I am not thrilled this is back. A lot has been said on this show, contrasting views and opposite sides have either praised or DEMOLISHED the show. Even I wasn’t immune to the discourse writing not one but TWO articles about it. After season 2 felt me confused and unsatisfied, I do not have any expectations for its third installment.

That being said, I’m probably gonna watch it because people are gonna talk about it and I want to be in the loop.


Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders (2013)

I am so excited about this. I really am. This is a fantastic show and Cillian Murphy is quite attractive. The Shelby family has changed a lot from season 1, from a family of gangsters in Birmingham to Tommy being elected to Parliament.

Name another show with such an iconic cinematography, music and slow-motion effects.

The complexity of the characters and the intriguing stories make this a wonderful piece of British television.

Could not recommend it enough.

25th August: THE AFFAIR

Maura Tierney and Dominic West in The Affair (2014)

I have a complicated relationship with this show. I have raved about season 1: it had such a dark and mysterious atmosphere and, along with the thrilling two point of views aspect, it captured my attention.

It was written in a way I had not seen before and in spite of my hatred for Noah, I kept on watching.

After the mess that was season 3, I was truly blown away by season 4. As a huge fan of Joshua Jackson, I feel in love with him even more. He was extraordinary and Ruth Wilson showed us all once again for extremely talented she is. And Maura Tierney! WOW.

Mindhunter is already out and guess what? I’ll be spending my afternoon watching it.

Are there any of your shows that are coming out in August? What are you most excited to see?

Leave me a comment!

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