The Good Place – s03 ep07 – “A Fractured Inheritance” – REVIEW

In the last episode, we left off the Soul Squad in Bucarest with the news that Eleanor’s mother is alive.

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Let’s go meet Kamilah Al-Jamil and Donna Shellstrop!


Tahani is not being her best self: she is waiting in line and she’s about to meet with her sister, who is making omelets and calling them art.

And Tahani is not having it.

She apologizes to Kamilah for how she had treated her in the past and in return, she doesn’t even acknowledge it. She’s really mean! She reminds me of my own sister. But even Chidi gets bewitched by her.

But when Tahani destroys her omelet station, she and Chidi end up in handcuffs.

Rebecca Hazlewood and Jameela Jamil in The Good Place (2016)

She tells him how her parents were a team and they had always pitted her and her sister against each other, making them compete for everything. They drove a wedge between the two of them, completely destroying their relationship.

A separation that was reflected in Kamilah’s art.

“I’m going to hug you because I love you. And you feel just as alone as I do.”


I loved this moment. It was amazing.


Apparently, Eleanor’s mom had faked her own death! And now she’s living in Nevada. She had to disappear because she bit 30.000$ on a charity auction to go on a date with Gene Simmons, outbidding everyone by 29.800$, and couldn’t pay.

I love this show. This stupid joke is the exact reason I love this so much.

Eleanor is pretty pissed when she discovers that her mom stole her fake identity (that she herself had stolen) and moved into a big house with her rich boyfriend. Obviously, Eleanor thinks her mom is running a scheme even if she swears she isn’t.

And Eleanor’s gonna take her down, even if it means stabbing her step daughter’s toys.

Eleanor wants Michael to seduce her mother:

“Fine. New plan. You casually mention that you’re rich and seduce Donna. […] First things first, do you have a penis?


Michael even tried to use a “Dad Voice” to stop Eleanor from unmasking her mother’s scam. But turns out, Donna’s boyfriend’s Dave knows everything about her past.


I loved her so much when I was younger I was so excited they mentioned her.

Eleanor finally yells to Michael the real reason she’s angry: she wanted to have a mom that was there just like Donna is for her stepdaughter. She said she was capable of changing, she just didn’t want to change for her. Which is deeply sad.

BUT WAIT, because Eleanor was partially right: Donna was hiding some money, just like she suspected, just in case everything blew up and she had to skip town.

Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Good Place

Just like Tahani and Kamilah, Donna and Eleanor had an honest conversation about their relationship, which was very nice.

Michael drops another bomb on her: in the Afterlife, she and Chidi fell in love and she even told him she loved him.

Followed by the best ending of an episode EVER:

Season 3 Podcast GIF by The Good Place

Honorable Mentions

NAMEDROPS: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon

Michael and Dave-The-Architect’s relationship is HILARIOUS. They’re bonding over being architects.

Season 3 Art GIF by The Good Place

Jason is so dumb and I love him. And look at Janet’s face!!!

I truly loved this episode, especially Tahani and Kamilah’s part. I empathized with it a lot.

Anyway, I love this show. It’s so stupid and so funny. It’s been great watching the episodes again and looking at all the details.

See you next Thursday!

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