Suits – s09 ep04 – “Cairo” – REVIEW

This episode was straight out of a FanFiction with amazing supporting characters.

I’m gonna be honest right now: I don’t understand what the hell is going on with Alex. I did not understand what that was. I don’t remember it. It was hard enough to power through season 7 and season 8: I couldn’t bring myself to care.

Let’s see what happens and if I’m able to figure it out.

Alex and Samantha

Alex was involved in something shady back at his old firm: Eight years before, people were also extending inmates’ sentences to make a profit and they killed the guard to cover it up. This firm was involved in it and Alex’ boss framed him and made him look like he was in it as well.

Rosalie, Alex’s wife is definitely not happy with that. She even goes to Samantha to help her get Alex out of this mess.

And Samantha does it!!! WOOOOO!!

I was so sure I was not going to like her character back before season 8 had even aired (rookie mistake) and now I love her. And now she’s part of the Williams family.

Louis & Katrina

Louis’ day doesn’t start off in the best way: he scares to death Susan’s parents because he goes to the wrong conference room: he needs Gretchen back. Because his current srecretary is Norma’s granddaughter!!! So, of course, he hates her.

Katrina is asked to write the “Code of Conduct” for the firm and Louis tries to sneak in his own agenda. Katrina has been underestimated in the last season and I am super glad they are finally giving her a stronger voice and better storylines. In fact, she refuses Louis’ orders and he ends up apologizing to her.

Poor Louis… This season is hard on him.

Donna and Harvey

Ok seeing Donna walk around barefoot in Harvey’s apartment was EVERYTHING. Their domesticity killed me.

But Donna’s dad is in town and she’d like the three of them to go to dinner together and moreover, being able to coexist. But her dad is not that happy. And his doubts about Harvey not putting her first get confirmed when Harvey tries to help him with his personal business.

But there are problems at work: Faye knows about Donna and Harvey’s relationship and she claims that their influence isn’t good for the firm and that Donna has to give up her vote. On top of that, she continues to diminish Donna’s value to the firm.

Now, who’s gonna give up their vote?

Harvey calls his mom to tell her the good news! CUTE.

Donna bringing up Faye’s personal life right to her face was a low blow. It wasn’t what I would expect from her but it showed that in times of trouble, even the all-mighty Donna Paulsen can make mistakes.

I love that whenever there is a problem, they all start yelling and accusing each other of messing up. It’s never calmly talking. It’s always screaming.


A: Harvey, what’s going on?”

H: A lot of things. Some of which you know, some of which you don’t. But I’m gonna tell you what they are and tomorrow morning we’re gonna put a stop to them.”

Alex and Harvey

What the fuck was this?! Who wrote this?! Like… WHAT?!

Risultati immagini per raymond holt I can't even


They add a clause to Faye’s Code of Conduct and BAM! No more conflict.

All of this happens:

I guess… they’re engaged now?

“Mom, meet Donna”


Why is this so cringy?!?! 

I hated it. It was so cringy!!! Oh and Harvey makes peace with Donna’s dad.

Honorable Mentions



I took me so long to write this review. I just didn’t feel like doing it. I’m just telling the truth. Episode 5 is out today so… MIKE IS BACK!!!

That I’m excited to see! I better go watch that now.


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