The Best 5 Episodes From Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

I love Brooklyn99. Just look at my blog (or my Twitter feed for that matter) and you’ll immediately notice how much I’m into this wonderfully hilarious tv show.

It’s the show I turn to whenever I feel any sort of emotion: happiness, hunger, fear, anxiety. It immediately puts a smile on my face.

This sixth season was amazing. I laughed so hard and it definitely made my days better.

Here are my favourite 5 episodes from this season!

Episode 01: Honeymoon

This was a killer season premiere. Halfway through I had tears running down my eyes.

I should not laugh at Holt’s despair but WOW it was funny. And seeing Jake and Amy on their honeymoon was adorable. They are so cute! And their foreplay! COME ON!

This season further confirmed to me that Andre Braugher is PERFECT. He killed it this season. KILLED IT. AND HE DESERVES SOME RECOGNITION!

Episode 09: The Golden Child

When they announced Lin-Manuel Miranda was going to be on the show I screamed.

I loved this episode. He was so great playing Amy’s brother and their dynamic was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And we ended up having this amazing GIF

And then we had another rendition of Heterosexual!Holt and I laughed so much. He is magnificent.

Episode 13: The Bimbo


This episode has a fantastic Cold Open and… it was directed by Joe Lo Truglio!

Seeing Jake, Holt and Kevin interact with each other is always incredibly hilarious.

MARC EVAN JACKSON is back and apparently, it’s take-your-son-to-work day:

There’s PDA in the office, a Harry Potter acappella group and Kevin saying: “My husband is a hot piece of ass.


Episode 17: The Sicko

.CALEB THE CANNIBAL IS BACK!! Honestly, the episodes where Jake was in prison are some of my favourites. They still make me laugh like crazy, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

Boyle can’t comprehend how Jake can be friends with a crazy person like Caleb, Holt is trolling the commissioner in the pettiest way possible and I am here for it.

The first time I watched this episode, I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch.

Episode 18: Suicide Squad

I can’t believe they brought back Wuntch, CJ and The Vulture in one single episode.

This episode was AMAZING!!! From the banter between the characters to the writers acknowledging the fact that Jake’s little hair curl is iconic and that he and Amy haven’t kissed all season, this episode had me in tears again.

I hope you enjoyed reading me gush about this wonderful show.

If you think about one episode of this sixth season, which one immediately comes to mind?

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