Jane The Virgin – s05 ep18-19 – “Chapter Ninety-Nine” and “Chapter One Hundred” – SERIES FINALE 😭 – REVIEW

This was one of the best series finales I have ever seen. It truly is.

Honestly, I won’t be able to write a review like the ones I wrote for the last 17 episodes. I’m too emotional for that.

I’ve started watching Jane The Virgin 2 years ago and I’ve loved every second of it, which is why it’s so sad for me to see it end. That being said, it ended in a spectacular way.

In this last episode, we saw the Villanueva/Solano/De La Vega family face new challenges like Xiomara and Rogelio’s move to New York and Xo’s insecurities about it, Rogelio’s rise to fame in the United States, Petra’s reunion with JR and turning the Marbella into a franchise, Jane’s incredible book deal and the reveal of Rafael’s birth parents.

Even listening to the cast and showrunner talk about how much the show means to them made me emotional. And Rita Moreno reprised her role as Rogelio’s mom!

Like the Narrator (who turns out to be Mateo and MINDBLOWN!!!)


Ah friends, where to start? With the accidental insemination? With the love story? With the heartbreak? With the friendship? With the marriages? With the family? With the career high? With the three women? At the end of the day, those three women. Yes friends, let’s start there since that’s where our story began.

And that’s exactly right. It was a story about a family of three women who supported each other and loved each other deeply. Not only they were Latinas, an extremely important representation for the community, but it was also the bond between them that was special.

In the course of the show, they expanded their family and carved a place for everyone in it.

From the kids,

to Petra as Jane’s sister and Rafael’s friend

Jane The Virgin managed to create a world full of magical realism, love, hope, sisterhood, friendship and most of all FAMILY.

When Alba got up to turn off the light in the living room and remembered all the wonderful moments that happened in that house, I was full-on crying.

I am so glad we were blessed with such a magnificent ending, and not just because Jane and Rafael got married, but because of the long journey it took them to get there and the wonderful family they created along the way.

All of this because Luisa Solano made a little mistake:

I truly hoped you loved this series finale as much as I did.

Goodbye, Villanuevas. I’ll miss you with all my heart.

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