Jane The Virgin – s05 ep17 – “Chapter Ninety-Eight” – REVIEW

I have already seen some spoilers and honestly, I’m shocked. I have said it over and over again: I should not be shocked. This is a telenovela so things like these happen all the time. I just can’t see them, apparently.

I better stop talking because I promised myself this was going to be a brief review.

Like we saw in the last episode, Rinrostro has escaped from prison and Jane is obviously worried. I would be too if there was a woman at large who had a personal vendetta against me and who had kidnapped my child!

She even starts seeing a therapist who taught her a trick to calm herself down.

And while Raf finds working with Petra particularly challenging, something comes up with Jane’s book: Michael never signed his life rights so she has to get in contact with him.

Turns out, he is in Miami and with Charlie! And she’s pregnant!

I was so happy to see Haley Lu Richardson again! She is ADORABLE!

And Jane and Michael finaly say their real goodbye.

Rogelio is trying to convince Darcy to move to New York with Esteban and Baby so that he can be there for her while she grows up. But Esteban has basically become a crazy person: he has commited of being a spiritual being to help people.

Rogelio tries his best to convince Esteban not to quit acting and move on with his career.

But bad news are coming: JR’s mother died. And Petra is not sure if she should go to the funeral or not.



Rose wants Jane call Luisa and tell her to come back to Miami to go to Rogelio’s show’s launch party, otherwise she is gonna start killing people she loves.

Rose jeopardizes Jane’s career: her editor told her someone was offering 25.000$ for the book and Rose rejected it.

They go the launch party for Rogelio’s pilot dressed as Aliens because… you know… it’s called “This is Mars”.

They get to the roof and finally Rafael shows up!

Thankfully, Luisa shows up and saves the day, by throwing Rose through a whole on the floor and she gets impaled on the tale of a gigantic statue of Rogelio’s character.

And the nightmare is over! Estaban and Darcy were playing Rogelio so that he would offer Estaban a job on This is Mars but most importantly:



Honorable Mentions

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez!

I’m curious to see what Charlie asked Jane to take out of the book.

I can’t believe there’s only one more episodeeeeee!!!! I am not ready to say goodbye to this amazing show!!!!

I better go cry in the bathroom for a while.

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