The Good Place – s03 ep05 – “Jeremy Bearimy” – REVIEW

Another Thursday, another review of The Good Place!!!

I just saw the San Diego Comic-Con panel of The Good Place and I cried. I cried like a baby. The standing ovation for Mike Schur brought me to tears.

Also, I talked about season 1 and season 2 of this wonderful show AND you can also check out my reviews of episode 1-2, episode 3 and episode 4 of season 3!

Now let’s press play and watch “Jeremy Bearimy”

In episode 4 we saw the humans busting Michael and Janet, getting a glimpse of the magical door and their conversation about the afterlife.
I loved the story Michael came up with:

My name is Special Agent Rick Justice and this is Lisa Frenchy-Fuqua. We’re with the FBI. And all of you are in grave danger.


He even messes up Janet’s fake name! But no matter how many lies Michael and Janet invented, the humans still didn’t believe them.

Even though he has significantly changed in the course of season 2, Michael is still a demon and it shows.

Serious question… Should we kill them? […] I could kill them right now. You know, it would be easy. Their bodies are very poorly made. They’re mostly goo and juice. You just take the juice out, and then they’re dead.


In the end, they end up telling the humans the truth and explaining how time works in the afterlife. On Earth, time moves chronologically, one event after the other: in the afterlife, it moves in a way that happens to look like the name “Jeremy Bearimy”.

Risultati immagini per the good place jeremy bearimy

Chidi is not handling it well. When he asks Michael what the dot on top of the “i” stands for (which is Tuesdays and also July. And sometimes it’s never.) he is done.

This broke me. The dot over the i. I’m done.


William Jackson Harper’s delivery was amazing. It really looked like he was shocked to his core.

After the humans realize they’re doomed and they’ll end up in The Bad Place, they go a little bit crazy. While Michael and Janet write their manifesto about this experiment and everything that went down, the humans are off dealing with their own existential crisis.

Risultati immagini per the good place jeremy bearimy bar

The writing of the Manifesto was hilarious. Watching Janet’s face while Michael types super slowly and can’t find the letter “h” made my day.

Eleanor ends up a bar and she finds a wallet: the problem (for her) is that she can’t take the money and leave the wallet. So she does the right thing and tries to track down the owner. And it all goes wrong. He tells her a story about how his daughter’s drawing inside the wallet helps him deal with the stress of his job. It makes her even tear up a bit.

Manny Jacinto and Jameela Jamil in The Good Place (2016)

Tahani basically wants to donate as much money as she can without getting any recognition or praise.

“Hello, madam! Are you poor?”


Tahani is just so out of touch and I love her. After listening to Jason talk about how that much money would have totally changed his life back in Florida, she really goes mad: she wants to give all her money to Jason. And the banker is not having it.

“We’re technically supposed to shut down the bank if anyone from Florida even walks in.”


At the same time, Chidi is going through a lot.

William Jackson Harper in The Good Place (2016)

“God is dead. God remains dead, and we have killed him. “Who will wipe this blood off us? “What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent?” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882.


Chidi shops half-naked, gives his card to the cashier and… one more vital thing:

William Jackson Harper in The Good Place (2016)

WILLIAM JACKSON HARPER IS RIPPED!!! Also, he tries to make chilly and ties the episode all together:

In the end, they start accepting their fate and they come back to Michael and Janet’s office to talk to them. Michael’s face when he saw them was EVERYTHING. He was so excited!!!


and Janet freaks out.

Eleanor suggests they work together to try and put some good out in the world and help other people get into the good place.


Season 3 Jason GIF by The Good Place
Season 3 Eleanor GIF by The Good Place

Honorable Mention

Tahani’s name-drops: Kevin Cosner, James Cameron.

“…no more Spider-Man movies. There’s way too many Spider-Man movies! Too many dorky little twerpy Spider-Men.” – Honestly, Eleanor. I agree. Although, I have seen the new one and it was good.

Eleanor even mentions the bees disappearing! Mmmm… she reminds me of someone!

My chilly babies” – I love Chidi.

I hope you like the review! And don’t forget, a new one next Thursday!

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