Suits – s09 ep02 – “Special Master” – REVIEW

I’m so late with this but I was so busy working that I haven’t had time to do anything else. You guys, creating a website is hard work!

I’m still not over what happened in the last episode and seeing Harvey and Donna being all flirty and loved up with each other still feels surreal.

A lot happened in the episode and it’s not just Darvey related.

Let’s go!

Katrina & Samantha

A guy who served with Samantha in the military, wants to sue his company because of nepotism and he turns to her.

Two episodes in and we’ve seen Samantha in the ring twice. And now she wants to leave… wait, is it Specter Litt Wheeler Willimas now?

Anyway, she goes against Faye’s orders and ropes Katrina into helping out her friend, who suffers from PTSD and won’t get a diagnosis.

She tries to fight for him and so she sets up a corporation tooffer him a job. And to me, it’s shady as hell.

And we discover that Samantha was beaten as a kid. Wow! Can’t she just catch a beak?


I absolutely LOVED the scene at the bowling alley with Louis. That was so much fun! And seeing Dulé Hill tapping gave me Psych flashbacks! I miss that show a lot!


Louis is all over the place in this episode and I feel for him. But all is good because Gretchen is back! I love this woman!!!

BENJAMIN IS BACK!!! What a throwback!!! He is so funny! I loved his relationship with Mike back in the day!

The Admiral- sorry… Louis wants Benjamin to find some kind of loophole in the Bilaws they can use to get rid of her.

And he is on a roll, he is ruder than ever and a total asshole. He even talks to the paralegal, a conversaton that ends up only embarassing him.

This new-found friendship with Alex is adorable. They are so similar and yet so different.

The fact that Louis asked Donna about “Harvey’s style” which made everyone uncomfortable.

Faye finds out about Benjamin’s illegal hacking and she insults him in front of the entire firm. And she ambushes him in his car and strips him of his title of Managing Partner.

Donna and Harvey

The whole Louis in his speedo bit was hilarious! His Man-kini! And he didn’t understand what they were trying to tell him!

See? This is what I’m talking about! Like, how did he even make it through law school?


Poor Louis.

… but what was that all about? We have: banter, banter, banter, TRUTH BOMB: Donna and Harvey are together, happiness, “I have something to tell you. We have a problem.”, end of scene.

Ehm… priorities?! Maybe first you tell them the bad news, then you offer to show them your bathroom. 

But hey, this is Suits. It’s meant to be dramatic.

Faye should be the antagonist of the season and yet… her arguments actually make a lot of sense! This law firm has been acting shady since episode 1!

She is asking why Kessler is leaving and they are in deep shit because she wants to meet him in erson. I loved the exchange between her and Donna: it felt like they were figuring each other out, getting to gist of the other person… it was a cool scene, full of subtle smiles and looks. 


I love that they were talking about the future of the firm and suddenly it’s all about sex. I love them. 

Harvey goes to talk to Thomas Kessler and here goes another honest conversation about his feelings for Donna and their relationship. Long story short, he’s gonna stay with the firm only if Harvey becomes his lawyer.

K:Who is Donna to you?

H: She’s the most important person in my life, Thomas. And she knows it.

K: When?

H: The night I was cleared.

Kessler and Harvey

But he comes by the office, talks to Donna and all of a sudden, he’s backing out. He can’t deal with it. So to avoid the interview, Donna tells Faye the truth about their relationship.


Honorable Mentions



I’m very excited to see where this is going. Faye’s character is really interesting and weirdly enough, the voice of reason and ethics. I’m 100% sure this is going to change in the following episodes.

How much did you love the Darvey banter and all the Louis scenes?! HILARIOUS!

Thanks for reading!

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