The Good Place – s03 ep04 – “The Snowplow” – REVIEW

And we’re back!

If you haven’t read my review of the 3rd episode check it out here! I’ll be uploading every Thursday talking about season 3 of The Good Place!

Stay tuned!

Michale and Janet managed to escape the judge but… The Doorman’s key is ringing!!! And the Judge isn’t happy:

I have never been this angry in my entire life. Which is the age of the universe!

The Judge

Eleonor doesn’t want to participate in any sort of group activities and after three months, Eleonor is super broke.

So Michael and Janet intervene and get her a lottery ticket. She obvisouly wins (Thank you Janet’s powers!) and Tahani reaction is exactly what you would expect:

Eleonor: I won 18,000$!!

*evertbody cheers*

Tahani: Better luck next time! Yes, sorry! From context I see that is actully a large amount of money.”

Jason doesn’t understand time zones, which leads to this:

Michael and Janet find Tahani a new boyfriend!

Larry Hemsworth!

The fourth Hemsworth brother, who has an inferiority complex and believes he is an idiot.

Six Months later…

Tahani is engaged to Larry and she plans to move back to London!

Fixing baby’s spines is just as important as acting!


We truly don’t deserve this show. Michael brings back his horrible australian accent and a new undercover name: Nathaniel Cookswell.

But as soon as Chidi mentions that the study is coming to an end, Eleonor freaks out and Michael sweeps in, trying to help her.

She gives a speech about keeping the group together but her response is not what she was expecting. She wanted to keep the group together, to keep her friends.

And immediately after they reject her offer, she insults everybody and leaves.

Simone lays from truths on her: Eleonor has never been a part of something worthy and she has never learnt how to.

Michael and Janet are still trying to come up with a plan, resetting the timeline on Earth in the Judge’s chambers.

This is all we have, Janet! We have Chidi and Eleanor and Tahani and Jason, and that is it. If we can’t get them enough afterlife points to get them into the Good Place, then there’s no point in us even being here. We have to try.


But as soon as he opens the door to the afterlife…


Honorable Mentions

The “journalism is dead” jab was so sad.

Trevor’s email about dropping out of the study. Written by Michael: “I’m sad to inform you that I am too ugly and stupid to be in the study and I’m going home to my mommy.”

I always get it.” – Eleonor talking about understanding sex puns. AND SHE AAAALWAYS DOES.

“Heir-B&B” – This show is amazing.

Tahani’s name drops: Giselle Bunchen, Adam Brady.

Another plot twist!!! You can never stay relaxed! Blink and you’ll miss 5 jokes.


I loved how Eleonor reacted. It gave away her entire personality and trashbag way of thinking.

What’s your favourite joke in the episode? And how hilarious is the whole Larry Hemsworth thing? I love it.

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