Jane The Virgin – s05 ep15-16 – “Chapter Ninety-Six” and “Chapter Ninety-Seven” – REVIEW

I am so late. When I started reviewing all the Jane the Virgin episodes I thought I would have a lot of time, I would explore the show, talk about how the season is flowing and I was so wrong.

I haven’t had a lot of time, I’ve been busy building a website and… well… I started watching Schitt’s Creek. (which I love so so much.)

So I’m going to review both episode 15 and 16 in this article.

Catch up on episode 13 and 14 here, in case you missed them and… let’s go!

This is gonna go very fast, so buckle up:


Turns out, Petra is okay but her mother is in a coma. And she feels nothing.

Jane is inspired and, in just three weeks, she finishes her novel. She is very happy about it and satisfied with what she’s written. On top of this, she is trying to fit into the role of step mother to Petra’s twins… and it’s just as hard as you’d imagine.

Petra has a bunch of really really strick rule and Jane, Elsa and Anna’s first “hang out” does not go according to plan.

Rogelio’s pilot is being tested in front of an audience and… well… it seems like everybody is loving the younger characters rather than the older ones. Getting this show on air is destroying Rogelio and frankly, us as well. I can’t imagine the work that showrunners and creators go through when making television.

On top of that, Darcy is accusing him of not being there for Baby and, to be fair, she’s right.

Luisa tries to get in contact with Rafael for the millionth time and she and Rose’s little minion, manage to get Raf’s password for his safe.

Jane is scared her book might not get picked up by any agents and with an elaborate scheme and Elsa and Anna’s help, she sneaks her book on the desk of Isabel Allende’ agent. This whole ordeal brings Jane and the girls close together but ultimately, it does not work.

I loved Jane playing spies with Rogelio. I love when they insert weird effects and tropes of other genres into the show. It’s so fun and it reminds you that this is a telenovela.

But bad news are coming:

Isabel Allende’s agent read my book. And she passed.


Rogelio ends up leaving River to fight for their pilot alone in order to spend time with Baby and he witnesses her first steps!!! That was so cute!

Going back to Luisa, she and the weird creepy guy from “13 Reasons Why” break into Rafael and Jane’s house, they get piece of tape with Rafael’s faher’s fingerprint on it and it unlocks a safe with A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN IT!!!


Back at the hospital, Petra is about to unplug her comatose mother but she’s worried about her own abilities as a mother and seeing Jane reassure her was the highlight of the episode.

The best part about this season is, hands down, Jane and Petra’s sisterhood and friendship.

It steals the show. I think I’m not the only one saying this but if Jane doesn’t get married to either Rafael

Also, Magda comes back from her coma.


A big and important agent has decided to represent Jane!!! This is where the parallel storylines start: her agent telling her the ending was anticlimactic and that she needs the villain to come back and… Rose escaping from jail.

River Fields, along with Rogelio’s help, is trying to reconnect with her daughter who hates her and it’s touching. She’s trying to redeem heself.

Petra is really excited about an investor coming to the Marbella, someone who could possible turn it into a franchise. The problem is: Petra’s mother Magda is her spiritual advisor. The Marianne Williamson of the situation. (A little “presidential election” joke for all of you political junkies)

Jane and Raf are all over the place because Jane’s agent insinuate the doubt that in the book, someone might have swapped her baby for another one. And this obviously sends them into a spiral.

On top of this, Alba is not happy that Jane wrote the truth about Alba’s virginity and she’s pissed.

Now some good news: Mateo is Jane and Rafael’s son. And Alba changes her mind about what to put and what not to put into Jane’s book. AND she also manages to blackmail Magda into leaving Miami and never coming back!!!

Jane decides to confront Rose in order to get some closure about everything that happened, but back in her sell Rose stabs herself and while on route to the hospital, an orchestrated incident happens and from the back of the van that hits the ambulance, a bunch of people, looking exactly like Rose, start running around to confuse the police.


Luisa had been working with the police! She was a triple agent! And she leads them to Rose, who kills the guy from “13 Reasons Why” and manages to escape!


Two intense episodes! Episode 17 is already out so I’m gonna go watch it… I have already seen some spoilers and I’m freaking out!

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