Suits – s09 ep01 – “Everything’s Changed” – (FINAL) SEASON PREMIERE ðŸ˜­

This is it. The last Suits premiere. A couple of days I talked about how much I was not ready for it to be over and now it’s here.

And it’s weird. It’s really really weird.

I’ve been waiting for Harvey and Donna to get together for YEARS and now that they are, it’s weird.

And given the title, I’ve been singing to myself “Everything has changed” by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift FOR DAYS and I can’t stop.

But before I get started, if you’re not caught up, you can check out my reviews of season 7 and season 8!

First of all, I started freaking out as soon as Gabriel Macht’s said: “Previously on Suits“.

And the song. THE SONG. By a wonderful band called: “Cigarette After Sex.”


It’s literally the night of, when we left off in season 8 and… honestly, what the hell was that dialogue? Did they take it verbatim from a poorly written FanFiction?

Allow me to demonstrate:

D: Say it again.

H: I looked around, and you weren’t there. I’m here now.

Donna and Harvey


But never mind, it’s all heart-eyes looks and witty remarks about their own sexual performance until Louis arrives, doesn’t understand the actualy reason why Harvey was there and the episode finally starts.

Apparently, all the [let me see if I can guess the name correctly] Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams clients are leaving them due to Robert being kicked out of the bar.

And Samantha is not super thrilled about it. While everybody is saying that they should take down Zane’s name, she’s the one pushing for keeping it up.

They even go talk to Caldor, the rival asshole who used to work with Robert and they try to sweet talk as many people as possible.

Despite all the effort, nothing works.

Before I forget, the scene where Harvey and Samantha are at the hockey stadium with Caldor and, I guess, she pushes him on the plexiglass, which was fake as hell.

That made me cringe just as much as all the lines spoken by Harvey and Donna to each other. And the conversation that followed:

H: I’ve gotta say, I’ve never seen you like that before. I thought you were gonna kill him.

S: If you hadn’t been there, I just might have.

Harvey and Samantha

Ehm… What? Like… what was this? Go back and watch the scene. It did not look this intense, so hold your horses, writers.

AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST BATHROOM CONVERSATION OF THE SEASON: Alex trying to convince Louis to persuade Harvey to take down Robert’s name from the wall.

Then Harvey lies about where he went the previous night, about needing to be alone after Robert left them. And it will bite him in the ass for some stupid reason.

Louis is dealing with A LOT: nobody wants to be an associate at the firm and they are in deep shit. He even calls professor Gerard. (Hello, Stephen Macht. Good to see you again.) But he’s not helpful. At all.

Harvey and Samantha fight, we see Katrina for the second time and now she’s confronted by Sheila (who is really pregnant, by the way).

S: I have to admit, when I look at you I see myself. Though, more attractive with far less sexual magnetism.

K: Why would you say that to me?

S: Because I’m starting to care about you, and truth to be told, your beauty’s a turn-off.

That whole conversation was weird on a whole new level: they both love Louis so much and despise each other.

Harvey is venting to his girlfriend and she’s setting him straight. God, he is helpless.

I’m not hitting a woman.


I rolled my eyes so much that Liz Lemon would have been proud of me.

Immagine correlata

Samantha threatens to quit unless the name stays on the door and Harvey gives Caldor 10 of his clients.

I loved the moment between Donna and Samantha. That was great. A moment of solidarity between two very different women who are at odds with each other. It was really nice.

Now let’s get back to Darvey for a second: they’re back in Mike and Rachel’s apartment. Harvey has been paying rent and posing as a tenant so that, if they decide to come back, the apartment is ready.

Which is actually a nice gesture!

Harvey is all poetic and philosophical and ready to express his feelings. It’s kind of nice seeing him so soft and emotional. It reminds me of season 5, which was AMAZING.

I’m finally where I’m supposed to be



But wait! PLOT TWIST!

A lady appears out of nowhere and basically tells Louis he has to sign this document and give her full control of the firm!





Honestly, I don’t know. I feel about Harvey and Donna together. I’m like: FINALLY!!! But also like… it’s weird!!!

I think it might be because of Sarah and Gabriel’s close relationship and how awkward I would personally feel if I were in their shoes. And also because it’s new. We’ve not seen them interact on an intimate level before, aside from The Dream sequence.

Maybe I just need to get used to it, like I did when I was watching Castle and Beckett and Castle got together.

I don’t know… it’s strange. I’m loving it, bear in mind. I love that they are finally happy and together and in a healthy relationship.

I’m curious to see how this is going to affect the show and the rest of the season.

Any thoughts on the episode?

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