Jane The Virgin – s05 ep14 – “Chapter Ninety-Five” – REVIEW


And they’re planning their wedding! After a rocky start, this season seems to be back on track and I’m really excited to see these last few episodes… There are only 4 left! I cannot handle this!!!

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Rogelio is super stressed about this pilot “This is Mars” not being picked up and he is screaming at his agent; while Xiomara is fully invested in his nursing career. To foment his followers and his base, Rogelio has decided to live stream his life on Instagram for everyone to see. To hell with privacy!

Xiomara suspects something is wrong with Rogelio’s heart when she hears how irregular it is. And it turns out, she was right. He was so stressed for his pilot that his heart acted out a big. But he is okay and he realizes he should stop filming:

“It was an important reminder that life is short. And precious. More than a career or fame. What truly keeps my heart beating is the people I love. Which is why I’m signing off and letting this pilot thing go. It’s in the hands of God… and the studio executives.”


But he doesn’t mean it. He just wants his pilot so bad! But all of this is almost overshadowed by Xiomara’s news!



Petra is extremely happy the hotel is hers again and she wants to convince a famous Chef to collaborate with the Marbella now that, in the words of Petra:

“It’s all mine. Mine. All mine. YAY!”


She asks Rafael for help and it seems that they are interested in working together. She even gives him back his office! He’s gonna keep his real estate job and also work with Petra. But it does not go as planned and they get into a big fight.

I love that Petra blossomed into a fierce and competent business lady, so much better than Rafael. TAKE THAT, RAF!

But it’s not over for Petra! She makes peace with Rafael but her mother is back again and I’m not happy.



Wedding planning has started! And Jane and Raf seem to be on top of everything! Jane’s best friend Lina is in town and I’m so excited to see her again! She is studying fashion and she is Jane’s matron of honor and fashion consultant!

And she drops a huge bomb on Jane: She has been trying to have a baby with her husband and they can’t. So she asks Jane to donate some of her eggs to her.

And it’s a big decision. A really big one.
And when she tells her family, they’re not super thrilled. But as Rafael tells her:

“It’s your body. It’s your choice.”

So, of course, Jane has a gazillion of questions about it and Lina’s answer seem vague and not that well thought through. It’s hard for her to let go, understandably. On top of that, Mateo tells people she’s expecting a baby and then they try to explain to him the situation in terms that a child would understand.

Jane wants to tell the truth to the possible-future baby as soon as they can understand it, so that they don’t suffer like she did when her own father showed up out of the blue.
In the end, Lina decides not to go through with it as not to ruin or complicate the friendship between them.

Going back to the wedding planning, Rafael is not even going to make the meeting with the minister and the man is not happy. Some shenanigans happen but the most important thing is that Rafael tells Jane that he doesn’t want any more children.
He hasn’t overcome his insecurities and by telling Jane he might not want any more kids, he is afraid he is jeopardizing their future together. But…

“I told you. There are no dealbreakers. We’re getting married.”


But don’t worry. The narrator reassures us one of them might change their mind someday. So it’s all good! And they find their officiant: ALBA!!!

Honorable Mentions

Ok, the ad for Justin Baldoni’s glasses collection was blatantly obvious and… I would have hated it if the glasses weren’t so gorgeous.




I liked that they showed flashbacks and memories of the past season. I had almost forgotten everything that happened and seeing it again reminded me of how far they have gone.

I am scared something has happened to Petra. I am truly terrified. I love her so much and if anything happens to her, I’ll be devastated. And no, I have not watched the trailer for the next episode. I want the element of surprise.

I am not ready to let this show go but this season proved that it was time. It was time to let it go, right when it was still good.

Have you got any theories about it? Do you think something bad happened to Petra? How can they tie up all loose ends in just 4 episodes?!

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