Jane The Virgin – s05 ep13 – “Chapter Ninety-Four” – REVIEW

I am a bit late again.. Like… Two weeks. At this point, I’m just gonna go with the flow. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even watched that much TV this week. Plus I was on holiday for two weeks and with almost no Wifi so posting was impossible.

I did schedule some stuff, like “Guess What I’m Watching This Summer!” Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4, a commentary on the first season of the smartest dummest show on television: The Good Place and “Some Hot Messes, Emotional Scenes, Great Comedy and MEH Moments – 7 Season Finales Recaps”. Feel free to check them out and leave me your recommendations!
I’ll be talking about episode 13 of Jane The Virgin. I wish I kept reviewing episode after episode but it became impossible so this is where I’m at. Let’s go!


Alba and Jorge are organizing a Games Night with the game “Loteria” and it brings back bad memories for the Villanuevas: Alba and Xiomara got into a big fight playing it back in the day.

Rogelio is having some problems at work with his… well, his tail. He has to wear it to learn to control it for some re-shoots. This “The Passion of Steve” seems like the weirdest show ever created and to be honest, I’d watch it. Xiomara is dodging calls from her oncologist and that’s worrisome.

One of the many things that make this show great is that Rogelio and Alba always speak in Spanish when it’s just the two of them. I love that. I really do.

But Xiomara’s news is a happy one!!!

I have no respect for your privacy. I need to know.


She’s thinking of going to nursing school!!! Just like Alba! But she starts doubting herself and Alba bets her on a game of Loteria, just like they did when Xiomara wanted to audition for a dance competition.

Turns out, it was Xiomara’s dad who cheated: since they were immigrants, what he wanted the most for Xiomara was to have a proper education and have a better future.

But Rogelio pushes her to work harder and to put some more effort into it before giving up.


Petra has quickly become my favourite character on this show and I wish I could be as blunt as she is. She is so bossy and I love her. Her assistant Krishna is back, she catches Raf and Jane going at it and Milos is still threatening her. Life isn’t easy for Petra.

Honestly, my favourite moment ever was Krishna making Petra wait the remaining 90 seconds of her lunch break before accommodating her and THEY DID IT!

They wasted 90 seconds of their packed show of this gag! I love when they do things like these. It makes it all ONE THOUSAND TIMES more hilarious.

But Petra is upset with Jane because she didn’t ask her to be her maid of honor and… yeah! I get where she is coming from! It was a shitty thing to do!

Let’s not forget about Milos! It seemed that Krishna was working with him, but she was playing him!!! Petra and Krishna were in cahoots the whole time!


Jane and Raf are fighting over who gets Petra to be their best man or maid of honor. I had tears in my eyes seeing her crying. It was such a beautiful moment between the three of them.

Jane & Rafael

Jane and Raf are back together, living together and he is almost-proposing and teasing Jane about it. On the other hand, Mateo doesn’t seem that excited to see his parents back together. With an elaborate scheme that involves “Loteria”, Rafael proposes to Jane in front of her entire family (if done to me, I might say no, so future hypothetical person, bear that in mind.).

That being said, Jane’s ring is AMAZING. And I hate all the wedding/engagement bands I’ve ever seen on TV. Maybe with the exception of Amy Santiago’s.

Mateo’s strange behaviour is clarified: he has seen Raf and Jane split up so many times, he doesn’t think it will last, which is why they decide to get hitched as soon as possible.

And Michael is brought up again: Raf asks about Montana and what happened there. And they have a somewhat healthy conversation about it, even if both Jane and Raf are not happy about it in the end.

This last-minute wedding doesn’t feel like it might actually happen: Jane has a stiff neck, a black eye and it’s… not how it was supposed to be like. Seeing Petra wearing the ugly aqua dress Jane brought her was the sweetest thing ever.

She helps Raf realize this is not the reason they should get married, not just because he is afraid she might leave him again.

“I don’t know if I trust you. What if you change your mind?”


I understand why Raf might be angry about Jane exploring the possible residual feelings she might have for a different version of her formerly dead husband, but STOP WITH THIS! We put it behind us a couple of episodes ago!!! I’m so tired of hearing about this! I am glad they took their time exploring it, or it would have been stupid and out of character but the arch is over.

I’m a little confused about this, I don’t know what to think about it. I guess I might have to see how it all comes down at the end.

And the fake wedding in their livingroom officiated by Mateo!!! That was so sweet!!!

I loved this episode. I really really did. I loved seeing Jane and Raf finally talking and expressing their feelings and emotions. I was so happy for Petra and her hotel but most of all, I was so so happy to see how much both Jane and Rafael love her. That was so sweet.

Along with Rogelio and his eccentricity, Petra is definitely my favourite person on the show. I mean, who I am kidding, I love them all but I have a soft spot for the two of them.

As I’m writing this, I’ve already seen episode 14 so I’m not going to stand here and speculate about what is going to happen. But as soon as I’m done with his, I’m starting to write my review of episode 14 so… I guess… see you soon?

Let me know what you think about Jane and Rafael’s trust issues and their rekindled relationship!!!

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