Jane The Virgin – s05 ep09-10-11 – “Chapter Ninety, Chapter Ninety-One, Chapter Ninety-Two” – REVIEW

I’ve been so busy recently and I haven’t had time to write about Jane the Virgin, especially because this season hasn’t been my cup of tea. I have said this before, but this season and I haven’t clicked.


Alba and Jorge got engaged and then married! I was so happy for her! She truly deserves the best.

Ivonne Coll in Jane the Virgin (2014)

I loved her conversation with Xiomara before the ceremony and the fact that it was Xo who walked her down the aisle. I almost teared up. It was such a sweet moment between mother and daughter.

Living with Alba and Jorge proves itself difficult for Jane, especially because she feels like her grandmother has been renouncing her indepenedence to wait on his hand and foot.

But Alba explains to her that even though she does all of that, there are things that Jorge does for her that she appreciates.

Xiomara and Rogelio

Xiomara and Rogelio are doing fine. She’s waiting to find out of she’s cancer free and Rogelio is busy convincing River to be a part of “The Passions of Steve” and to convince Dina, his former writer to get on board.

But things get complicated when River Fields kisses Rogelio! And Xiomara is really pissed off.

After a big fight, they both realize that it made them feel like before Xo was diagnosed and they get their groove back!

It was so nice to see them talking about it and having an honest conversation about the ways to solve this situation.


Mateo’s diagnosis has been affecting Rafael as well and on top of that, Luisa has come back into town wanting to meet Mateo and spend some time with him.

And that does not fly well with Raf, especially after he finds out Luisa is still connected to Sinrostro.

Rafael is dating again. Which is weird. Really weird. And not just for Jane but for us as an audience as well.


Jane has been dealing with a lot in these episodes: writing her father’s telenovela, writing her own book and taking care of Mateo, who has been diagnosed with ADHD.

On top of that, her feelings for Rafael aren’t going away any time soon. And she finds out her dad paid the publishers to publish her book! That was definitely not okay.

I loved that they shined a light on ADHD and Raf and Jane’s contrasting opinion on the matter. Pretty often, parents are too afraid to take their children to see a specialist. They are in denial or they don’t want to accept that their child needs special attention.

I loved that they de-stigmatized it, the way the episode was constructed, with the narrator always losing focus, was a clever way to represent it.

Sure, it’s hard but that doesn’t characterize Mateo. He is a happy child who has this small issue. That doesn’t mean he can’t lead a great life, especially if he learns how to manage it.

Talking to Petra and helping her realize he needs to stop renovating the hotel, pushes Jane to make the decision of moving out of the house.


In just three episodes, Petra’s world turned upside down. From having to deal with JR and her children’s relationship to JR being offered a job in Texas.

I loved Petra and JR’s honest conversation about parenting and JR’s role in the kids’ life. And it seems like everything is going right for them.

Until it doesn’t.

JR breaks up with Petra, who was planning to propose. And it destroys her.

What I loved more about this entire season was Jane and Petra’s sisterhood. They’re bonded forever, sisters for life and it’s a friendship that will last, no matter who they end up being (nor not being) with.

I am not loving all these decisions the writers have made. Especially now that River Fields seems to be in love with Rogelio. It feels forced and not real at all.

Like I said with the previous storylines… maybe it will pan out in a satisfying and convincing way.

At this point, I can’t see a way it will. But I’m trying so be optimistic and have faith in the writers and producers.

What are your thoughts on these last three episodes? Do you have any theores for where the story is going?

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