This Is Us – Season 3 – REVIEW

I’ve been watching “This Is Us” since its premiere 3 years ago and althought this season hasn’t connected with me, I still tune in every week to watch what happens to the Pearson’s family.

I’m not much of a “negative reviewer”. If I don’t like something, I just won’t talk about it. Why put out negative energy into the internet, especially when it’s such a perfect place!

But I also want to be honest. And this season hasn’t clicked with me. I wrote the exact same thing in the mid-season review:

I don’t know why but this season isn’t clicking with me. I don’t feel connected to the show and at times I roll my eyes so hard!
It’s incredibly cheesy and it feels like it’s constructed around these fake feelings and it annoys me. 

It’s a bit harsh. I know. But, no matter how much I try, I can’t make a connection with it.

Still in love with Sterling K Brown and still head over heels in love with Tess’ coming out story.

BUT, as much as I love Sterling K Brown and his amazing performance, I was so angry at Randall. Especially in the “R&B” episode and the whole political campaign.

He acted in such a selfish way. I wasn’t expecting that from him. Characters have flaws and showing a 3-dimentional personality is important but to me, it didn’t really reflect the person he was in season 1 and 2.

But that led me to find a new favourite character: BETH. I love her. I love Beth so much.

PLEASE GIVE SUSAN KELECHI WATSON MORE SCENES! SHE’S AMAZING. I want to see so much more of her in season 4.

I connected with her so much and I admire her character. She was so strong, independant and realistic. I love how she stood up to Randall, she decided not to bend the knee and fight for what she wanted.

I loved it. She’s exactly the person I think about as a strong, positive female role.

I thought Kate’s storyline with the pregnancy and the baby was going to make me feel so much… but it didn’t. I didn’t feel anything. And it’s not me. Give me anything involving children, pregnancy and I’ll cry like a baby.

Graduation is a difficult topic for me, especially given my complicated relationship with university.

But in this episode, I finally connected to the show again. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and I got super angry at Randall.

Toby’s excitement for Kate’s graduation gave me so much joy. He wanted her to have the best possible day. Also, Mandy Moore’s performance was amazing and I can’t help but admire Rebecca’s strength.

I’m thinking about the reasons why I don’t really like Kevin, and that may be because sometimes I see myself in him, I see the ugly parts of me in him and I can’t deal with them. It’s an ongoing theory I have been thinking about…

Speaking of Kevin, I loved him and Zoe. I thought they were so similar and they have fantastic chemistry together. But I knew they were going to break them apart. It was obvious it was going to happen. I was not shocked at all. I was sad about it, but not surprised.

Not in the least.

I’m curious to see what’s going to happen in season 4. Both the storylines in the future, Rebecca, Nicky and Kevin’s children.

I’m into the mystery and they’re doing a great job at keeping us on our toes.

Do you have any theories about season 4? What would you like to see? Whose’s storyline did you like the most in this season?

6 thoughts on “This Is Us – Season 3 – REVIEW

  1. I agree that this season didn’t connect with me as much either. Last season I cried a little like every episode but this season I don’t think I cried at all.
    I didn’t love the Beth/Randall drama but I do think it was well done. Both of them had faults, so I didn’t side with one over the other too much. But hopefully we’re done with that because I missed seeing them be happy and sassy.
    I didn’t connect with the Jack wartime parts much. Maybe because they weren’t too related to the family, or maybe because they were kind of boring, but I was glad that they didn’t go on all season.
    I’m still looking forward to more of the show, though. It’s still enjoyable and I’m very curious as to who Kevin procreated with!

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    1. Exactly.
      I am looking forward to discovering more of their personalities, especially when the Big Three where little.
      I really want to know who Kevin had kids with as well!
      I was sad he and Zoe broke up but as soon as she said she didn’t want kids, I knew they were over.
      I mean, the show has been renewed by NBC for 3 more seasons so we’re in for a journey!
      Thanks for commenting as always!


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