Jane The Virgin – s05 ep08 – “Chapter Eighty-Nine” – REVIEW

Ok. Another week another Jane the Virgin episode. In the previous one, we saw Jane say goodbye to Michael and try to reconnect with Rafael after she left for Montana.

I have been saying I’m not completely sold on this storyline, because I don’t see where this is going, especially given that there are 10 more episodes.

Hearing Rafael saying: “It’s too late” broke my heart, to be honest…

I can’t think about it anymore, let’s talk about the episode!

Raf is avoiding Jane and this is torturing her. So she stalks him.


Rogelio’s pilot hasn’t been picked up. So he goes to talk to the executives who want something darker, edgy and with supernatural elements. But the real problem is the age of the actors.

At Mateo’s school things are not going well. He had a meltdown and the teacher informed Raf and Jane that he is struggling with his reading. And it seems like they are starting to talk again.

Petra and JR are back in the closet:

Ellie and Elsa were so cuteeee!!! All worried about Petra! AWWW!

Rogelio and Mateo are literally so similar and it’s amazing. Rogelio is like a 40 year-old man child and he’s my favourite character. Hands down.

Alba and Jorge are studying to pass the immigration interview and Alba is uncomfortable, especially when talking about sex. I feel sorry for Alba! She’s like a teenager, trying to ge over the crush she has on a boy.

Jane and Raf team up to help Mateo and it seems lie everything is working out for them. HE EVEN ASKED HER TO HAVE BREAKFAST WITH HIM!

But Petra discovered that the girl in the bird costume was an accomplice to Milosh. (Turns out she wasn’t though)

Ellie and Elsa still have a problem with JR. Every time Petra mentions her, they make faces.

Jane is still trying to write a proporal for the executives and she tries to make an epic romantic gesture for Rafael and he shoots her down. Hard.

But you and I, Jane… We’re through. So you need to move on

Sure. This did not break my heart. Sure. I’m okay. Perfectly normal. Sure.


joey tribbiani friends GIF

JANE THE DUDE!!! Gina with the beard!!!! LOOOL

Jorge and Alba have their interview and it seems to be going amazingly. And THEY PASS IT! And Jorge…



At the same time, Rogelio is not happy Jane hasn’t written the proposal yet. She gives him a “Ro-morse” basked and all is forgive.

I loved the moment between Xiomara and Alba on the porch. It was such a sweet mother/daughter moment! I loved it so much.

At the Marbella, Petra finds out that the bad man and the red dot on JR’s forehead was all made up by the girls. They want Petra and JR to break up because they saw JR with the gun after she shot Milosh.

But one of Sinrostro’s men has become BFF with Luisa and he wants her to spend more time with the Solano kids.


Honorable Mentions


Justin Hartley’ cameo!!! Yay This Is Us!

Overall, I liked this episode. I liked that everybody told Jane that she was wrong, that she needed to give Rafael some space.

But my favourite people were Alba and Jorge. SO FREAKING CUTE! I can’t deal with it. When they kissed I was like: “YES!! FINALLY!

This episode made me excited to watch the next episode, something that I haven’t felt in the last couple ones.

And I thought it was important to show Mateo as a real kid, who struggles. Usually it’s like: the kid has a problem and by the end of the episode it’s fixed. Here they showed reality and how important it is for parents to listen to their kid’s teachers.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Where do you think this is going?

Let’s talk!

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